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Nick machinery specialized in hydraulic machinery,Hydraulic Baling Machine for Waste Material, baler application, waste paper Balers ,baling machine, baling press, recycling baler, Baling Presses & Balers, hydraulic baling press, baler, balers and also shredder ,crusher , Double Shaft Shredder,Tyre Crusher,Shredder,Copper Wire recyclingMachine, Heavy Crusher ect ,packaging machinery equipmentdevelopment, production, sales, service as one of the environmental protection products company, Our products are mainlyabsorbing Germany ,European and Americantechnology, products has already exported many countriesand regions at home and abroad. The company adhering to the "To change made- in-China in the international market influence" of the target as the prerequisite, to ensure that the "Products service maximization,Customer benefit maximization" asthe enterprise production policy, mainly on waste paper, waste plastics, scrap metal, fiber, agricultural straw recycling industry,it‘s for enterprise to providing convenient,fast, safe and economic solutions,now we have after-sales service center like India, Dubai, Australia, and so on and well received by users.
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  • Scrap metal balers are mainly used in recycling and processing industries and metal smelting industries. Various metal scraps, steel shavings, scrap steel, scrap iron, scrap copper, scrap aluminum, aluminum shavings, disassembled car shells, waste oil barrels and other metal raw materials can be squeezed into rectangular, cylindrical and other qualified furnace materials in various shapes . It is convenient for storage, transportation and recycling.
    Shaanxi Nick Machinery Co., Ltd. direct sales products: scrap metal baler, scrap metal shearing machine, scrap metal vertical baler, scrap aluminum baler, absolute factory direct sales, not exaggerated. Metal balers have diversified specifications and favorable prices.
    The main advantages of scrap metal baler are as follows:
    It has a large material box, the internal width of the material box is 0.9 meters, the front and rear length is 1.5 meters, the depth is 0.6 meters, 0.9*1.5*0.6 meters, and the packing block specification is 300*300*550-700 mm, and the rear push cylinder squeezes forward. Packing, the maximum pressure is 400 tons, the packing and Block Press speed is fast, the front-turning packs out, the double-sided scissors, the operation is simple and convenient, considering the customer's long-term high-efficiency operation, equipped with a large oil tank and an air-cooled radiator to ensure long-term hydraulic oil If the temperature is not too high, the equipment can operate normally. The investment is small, the efficiency is high, and it is favored by the majority of users.
    Characteristics of scrap metal baler
    1. The way of package delivery: turn the package forward to make a block.
    2. Wear-resistant plates are provided in the material box, which is more durable.
    3. The upper gland is equipped with a lock, and the block forming effect is better.
    4. With power distribution box, using energy-saving pure copper wire motor, which greatly saves electricity costs for users.
    5. The operating valve adopts an advanced large-flow integrated block valve body, which has a good pressure-holding effect.
    6. Hydraulic drive, select manual or PLC automatic control system
    7. No foot screws are required for installation, and diesel engines can be used as power in places without power.

    The scrap metal baler produced by Nick Machinery has a simple structure and is hydraulically driven, which improves production efficiency and reduces manpower input. The price is reasonable. Welcome to buy. 86-29-86031588

  • The gantry shearing machine has changed the development direction of the entire recycling industry, freeing up the labor force and continuously achieving high profits. The accuracy required by the gantry shearing machine, the toughness of the blade, etc. are all very demanding. Only a good product will last for a long time, and the product price will also change with the social economy. Gantry shears can be customized for customers according to the actual materials recycled and reused by customers, and make unremitting efforts for customers to more efficiently recycle domestic waste.
    Scrap steel has always been a topic often discussed by people. Now the processing of scrap metal has not only used traditional processing methods, but the amount of scrap steel recycled every year is constantly increasing, and it will jump from one turning point to another turning point. It can be said that there is a new breakthrough in the market every year. It is also because of this market background that equipment such as gantry shears will appear and show their talents in the utilization of scrap steel. Tianjin Shunda gantry shearing machine has a wide range of applications. The gantry shearing machine is mainly used for scrap steel, metal recycling, and metallurgy. The gantry shear is a good helper for material recycling, improving efficiency and increasing profit. The gantry shearing machine is simple and convenient to operate, and the high-quality gantry shearing machine is fast and has a long service life. As the country attaches great importance to environmental protection, domestic environmental protection projects continue to increase. Since its birth, the gantry shear has quickly swept the market. Its effective treatment and recycling of scrap metal has been well received by many new and old users. It has made important contributions to the environmental protection cause of our country. Among many environmental protection projects and equipment, the gantry shear has a unique advantage. Its sales in the market continue to increase, it has been praised by users, and it has achieved rapid development.
    Gantry shears, also known as gantry shears, automatic feeding of the silo, automatic cutting, adjustable length of the cutting material, remote control, convenient operability, labor saving, high cutting efficiency, approximately cut every day About 30-90 tons, with a wide range of cutting materials, it is one of the necessary equipment for the future development of the scrap steel recycling industry. The manufacturer sends someone to install and train the staff.

    Since Nick's mechanical gantry shears, people have begun to re-use or re-smelt scrap metal. It is one of the ideal equipment for the metal recycling industry and casting workshop charge processing. You are welcome to come and buy: www.nkbaler.net

  • Metal balers are mainly divided into two types: one is horizontal metal balers, and the other is vertical metal balers.
    The horizontal metal baler mainly bales materials such as scrap steel, and has the characteristics of high baling pressure and high density of bales. It is suitable for packing light and thin materials, car racks, waste steel bars, etc. The disadvantage is that the packed bales have high impurity content, a lot of pollutants are generated during the smelting process, and the rate of molten steel is low. Since 2016, the environmental protection requirements have been relatively high. The factory no longer buys iron bales, and now it is more popular to use small or medium metal balers to pack bales with a size of about 300*300 mm, which is more used for crushing or shearing.
    Vertical metal baler is mainly suitable for packaging waste aluminum, stainless steel, aluminum, cans and other materials. The materials are compressed by vertical downward pressing and tied with iron or aluminum wire. The advantage is that it is convenient to load and unpack. It is faster, no other impurities can be added in the bale, and the purity of the smelting is relatively high. The disadvantage is that the filling needs to be repeated 3-5 times. Artificial filling or conveyor belt filling. The vertical metal balers have large bins, and the bins for packaging waste aluminum mainly have the following specifications: 1.1*2 meters, 1.1*2.2 meters, 1.1*2.3 meters, 1.1*2.4 meters, 1.1*2.6 meters, etc., according to The user requires the production of different specifications of the material box. The pressure of the downward pressure cylinder ranges from 200 tons to 350 tons.

    Nick Machinery is a manufacturer specializing in the production of metal balers, which can be customized according to your packaging requirements, space size, and budget constraints. You can contact us for more information in order to recommend the best packaging solution for you. You are welcome to consult www.nkbaler.net

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  • The quality of the hydraulic oil selected for the waste paper bailer press directly determines whether the cylinder can play a big role.
    Sometimes it is necessary to disassemble the cylinder. Do you know the correct method?
    1.Use appropriate disassembly and assembly tools correctly to avoid damaging the waste paper bailer press by violently hitting,and never use a hammer to hit the working surface of the parts.

    2.If it is necessary to strike,you can use a copper or lead hammer,or add a soft liner between the work object and the hammer head.It is not allowed to take a measuring tool,a knife instead of a hammer,and a blunderhead or chisel instead of a wrench use.

    Therefore,you must pay special attention to the method when disassembling the hydraulic cylinder.If you need it,you can contact our Nick Machinery. We have dedicated after-sales personnel to serve you wholeheartedly. 


    Phone: 86-29-86031588

  • There are two types of abrasion phenomena for horizontal waste paper compacting baling Machines,one is adhesive wear and the other is normal wear.Do you know their causes and specific performance?

    The so-called adhesive wear is the phenomenon that the material on the contact surface is transferred from one surface to another due to solid phase welding at the contact point. When the horizontal compacting baling Machine is welding,the temperature at the real contact point presents two different conditions,which may be greater than or not greater than the melting point.

    The second is normal wear and tear.All the wear and tear that occurs within the stipulated promise will be attributed to it.In the initial stage of wear and tear,the appearance of conflict will have corresponding roughness.In general,the smaller the real contact surface,the faster the wear will be.When the appearance of the parts is gradually flattened,the horizontal waste paper compacting baling Machine has entered a normal and stable wear stage.
    When customers use the waste paper compacting baling Machine,they must regularly repair and maintain the equipment and solve the faults in time to improve production efficiency and extend the service life of the equipment. If there is any unclear point in the maintenance,please call the after-sales telephone number of Nick Machinery:86- 29-86031588 for consultation.
  • Factors of unstable output of waste paper bale compactors:
    1.The direct influencing factors of the production efficiency of the waste paper bale compactors:the type and specifications of the bale compactors,the output varies with different models,and the different specifications directly determine the production efficiency of the bale compactors.The production efficiency of the conventional waste paper bale compactors is higher than that of the bale compactors with a door at the discharge port.
    2.The production of horizontal waste paper bale compactors is also inseparable from the cylinder performance of the bale compactors.The performance of the cylinder determines the stability of the bale compactors.To ensure the production performance of the bale compactors,you must choose a bale compactors manufacturer with exquisite cylinder production technology.

    3.The quality of the hydraulic oil selected for the bale compactors equipment,the quality of the hydraulic oil directly determines whether the cylinder can play a large role,but also directly affects the failure rate and service life of the cylinder.To ensure that the bale compactors production must use high-quality genuine No.46 anti-wear hydraulic oil.

    4.The operating convenience,control performance and low failure rate of the hydraulic waste paper bale compactors control system also determine the baling efficiency of the bale compactors.
    The NKW100Q series of waste paper bale compactorss produced by Nick Baler Company are fully automatic hydraulic waste paper bale compactorss,which are quick to pack out,simple in structure,low in failure rate and easy to clean and maintain.They are your best choice.
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  • Standardization is an important means to ensure the quality of baler equipment. Standardization is closely related to the management of the quality of the baler equipment, and the use value of the baler equipment reflects the quality of its quality. From the perspective of quality management, quality management refers to a series of processes from market research to packaging machine R&D and production to inspection and testing to after-sales service. Is it completed with reference to the corresponding standards or procedures? Is there a corresponding reliable and complete quality system Guarantee it. The process of standardization is through the formulation and implementation of standards to achieve the manufacturer's business objectives of improving the quality of the baler equipment, so as to ensure the quality of the baler equipment, reduce production costs and improve work efficiency. Standardization is the basic basis for communicating with Baler manufacturers to organize modern collaboration and production. If a Baler manufacturer does not have a set of strict standards as a management basis, and our production and sales links are not regulated by standards, then various tasks are destined to be difficult to carry out, and production activities and related production operations, sales and other activities are also not available. Normally, so the Baler machine manufacturer should carry out scientific management, it is necessary to carry out standardized management of the business activities of the Baler machine manufacturer according to the law of market economic development and the law of production technology development.

    After more than ten years of development, Nick Straw Baler has formed its own management characteristics to keep up with the market.
  • The role of waste paper baler in our production and life should not be underestimated. Because of its excellent performance, it can effectively improve work efficiency, so it has been unanimously recognized by consumers. With long-term use, the wheels of the baler will be damaged. Why? Let Nick Machinery solve the puzzles for everyone!
    1. In the process of daily use, the wheels will be damaged due to the attack of the waste paper baler. During the balanced operation of the wheel, it will not be affected by frictional resistance. Wheels and rolling bearings are not easily damaged. Once external working pressure is applied, the rolling bearings will be destroyed.

    2. During the packaging process, the waste paper baler pins are affected by the driving force during operation, and frictional resistance will cause the wheel to deform or even be destroyed. Therefore, when the baler wheels and rolling bearings are running, be sure to pay attention to this problem.

    3. The sharpness of the blade position of the baler determines the service life of the equipment wheel.
    4. The product quality of wheels is very important. Choosing rigid ball type rolling bearings is very easy to cause damage to the wheel. Therefore, it is the preferred standard to use needle roller bearings to replace rigid ball type wheels. In addition, the total supporting area of the wheel needs to be increased. .
    5. When the waste paper baler is packing, it is necessary to ensure the smoothness and smoothness of the road surface.
    The reason for the damage to the wheel of the waste paper baler is here for everyone. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you have other doubts, please feel free to contact us www.nkbaler.com.
  • When metal castings are cut,the chips account for about 20% of the weight of the castings,up to about 30%. Recycling aluminum scraps in the machining process of products can reduce production costs and has good economic benefits.The following points should be considered for aluminum scrap recycling:

    1.When the workpiece of a certain material grade is processed,it should be collected in time to prevent metal chips from mixing.When recycling,all metal chips in the chassis of various machine tools participating in the cutting should be cleaned up.

    2.The recycled metal scraps should be stacked in the designated bins strictly according to the grade classification and classification,and the type and brand of the metal scraps should be marked.If possible,they should be remelted in time to avoid mixing numbers.

    3.Avoid mixing metal chips with debris,cotton yarn and other debris.

    Nick brand scrap metal baler is safe,reliable,low power consumption,economical and reasonable,easy to use,simple to maintain and operate,and is a good helper for your production.
  • First of all, the speed of the beverage bottle Baler machine: The manufacturer must decide the speed of choosing and purchasing the beverage bottle Baler machine according to their own requirements and combined with the previous production line, sum up and consider the perfect match of talents, and achieve real optimization, rationalization, and uniformity .

    Beverage bottle Baler machine is used to knead and sturdy beverage bottles and similar products under normal conditions, and package them with special packaging tape to greatly reduce the volume, and then achieve the purpose of reducing transportation volume, saving freight, and adding benefits to enterprises. The introduction of advanced technology and advanced technology of similar products at home and abroad.

    Secondly, the accuracy of the beverage bottle packaging machine: the labeling process is attributed to the final packaging process of the product. The quality of the labeling is directly related to the appearance and marketing of the product. The labeling accuracy is high, the printing effect is good, the label is flat, not wrinkled, and does not bubble. It is a symbol of high-quality products, otherwise the product level will be reduced invisibly.
    Finally, the stability of the beverage bottle packaging machine: a good beverage bottle packaging machine requires reasonable mechanical structure design, regular layout of various lines, stable component structure, and high mechanical and electrical quality to ensure that the machine works normally under long-term high-load conditions. , The long-term stable work of the beverage bottle balers can reduce the maintenance and repair costs of users, and can satisfy the reasonable production requirements of users, and bring quality assurance to manufacturers and a leap in output value.

    In the final analysis, the important factors that affect the labeling quality and stability of the beverage bottle balers are the control system and the motor system. Now most manufacturers of beverage bottle balers in Asia and even the world use stepping motors combined with PLC program control.

    Nick Baler is committed to the production of balers, with a complete range of features, such as reasonable design, beautiful models, convenient operation, and accurate accuracy. In the future, it will continue to research and innovate to better serve consumers and make consumers more assured.
  • The Corn stalk straw baler has developed rapidly in China's packaging industry, and the Corn stalk straw baler has become an indispensable item for many companies, so what is the future prospect of the Corn stalk straw baler? Today we will talk about the future development prospects of Corn stalk straw baler.
    Technological process is an important index basis for measuring whether an enterprise has the ability to improve its predecessors, whether it has market competitiveness, and whether it can continue to lead its competitors. With the rapid development of my country's Corn stalk straw baler market, the application and R&D of core production technology related to it will surely become the focus of attention of enterprises in the industry.

    Understanding the research and development trends, process equipment, technology applications and trends of the core technology produced by the Corn stalk straw baler at home and abroad is very important for companies to upgrade product technical specifications and improve market competitiveness.

    China's Corn stalk straw baler industry started more than 20 years later than developed countries, but in recent years, China's Corn stalk straw baler enterprises have continuously strengthened their self-improvement, and coupled with the strong support of the government, China's Corn stalk straw baler enterprises have achieved certain results in the packaging industry. Grades,

    By referring to a large number of patent documents, a systematic introduction to the technological progress of the Corn stalk straw baler is provided. Through specific investigations and the collection of powerful technical information and related information, the company provides customers with the core technology application status of Corn stalk straw baler products, technology development, Information on various aspects such as process equipment support and high-end technology application is very useful for enterprises to understand the production technology and development status of various hydraulic baler products.
  • This is NKW160BD Horizontal baler machine for pet bottles purpose,and delivery time India,Chennai city .

    the bale size is 1000*1000 *1700mm,the bale weight is 780kg with pet bottles ( very clean) .

    if any require,kindly contact with me:008 1502163 1102 

    Shaanxi Nick machinery equipment can supply many kinds of baler machine 
    Waste paper baler machine,plastic baling machine,metal press,sawdust bagging machine,rice husk baler machine ,rag bagging machine,tire baler machine,used cloth baling machine,and many kind of strapping machine ,compactor,baling press machine as so on . 
    For more information,please visit:www.nickbaler.net or www.nkbaler.com 
    even you can send us whatsAPP:00 86 15021631102 to free talk and inquiry as any  time.

  • This NKW160BD Horizontal Baler to Kuwait.with 1100*1250*1700mm ,

    bale weight 1250kg for cardboard paper purpose .

    Waste paper baler is an environmentally friendly equipment. As a material processing equipment, what are its advantages? In recent years, the development of waste paper baler can only be described as soon as possible

    this machine bale size :1100*1250*1700mm ,bale weight 1200-1300kg ,capacity is 8-10 ton per hour .

    for more information ,please visit : www.nickbaler.net or www.nkbaler.com even you can send us whatsAPP:00 86 15021631102 to free talk and inquiry as any  time .

  • Multifunctional Horizontal Baler mainly for waste paper, cardboard boxes, newspapers, pet bottles, cardboard boxes, etc. those materails send to the corresponding packing station for packing treatment, and then recycled again.its is become an indispensable part of the daily life of every citizen.

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