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White Paper Horizontal Baler
White paper horizontal baler is a device used to compress large amounts of paper into blocks for easy recycling. The machine has a horizontal compression chamber that exerts strong pressure on the paper through a hydraulic system or mechanical drive, compressing it into blocks of a preset size. This kind of baler is often used in offices, printing plants, recycling stations and other places. It can effectively reduce the volume of paper, save storage space, reduce transportation costs, and help environmental protection.
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Product Description

White paper horizontal baler is a mechanical device specially designed to compress lightweight materials such as paper into blocks. It is commonly used in recycling bins, printing plants, offices, and other places where large amounts of paper waste need to be processed. This baler features a horizontal compression chamber that efficiently handles large volumes of paper, compressing it into blocks that are easy to store and transport.
The working principle of the white paper horizontal baler is to apply pressure through a hydraulic system or mechanical drive to compress the input paper to a preset density. Compressed paper blocks are often bundled or packaged to maintain their shape and facilitate handling. Such machines are often equipped with automatic or semi-automatic control systems that can adjust compression strength and cycle time according to operational needs.
Benefits of using a white paper horizontal baler include improved space utilization, since compressed paper blocks take up much less space than uncompressed paper; reduced shipping costs, since more compact blocks reduce the number and expense of transportation; and environmental protection , because the compressed paper blocks can be more easily sent to recycling points for reuse.

In short, the white paper horizontal baler is an effective tool for processing paper waste. By compressing paper, it not only improves processing efficiency, but also contributes to resource recycling and environmental protection.






Bale size



Material  type

Scrap Kraft paper, Newspaper,

Cardboard ,Soft Film


Material density



Feed opening size



Main motor power



Main cylinder




12-15 ton /hour


Main cylinder force



Max. system working force



Mainframe weight(T)

About 25 tons


Oil tank



Mainframe size

About 11×4.3×5.8ML×W×H


Tie wire line

4 line φ3.0φ3.2mm3 iron wire


Pressure time

≤30S/ (go and back for empty load)

Chain conveyor technology




Conveyor weight

About 7 tons


Conveyor size



Conveyor motor


Cool tower

Cool tower motor

0.75KWwater Pump+0.25Fan

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Q1: What materials are the white paper horizontal balers mainly used for?
The white paper horizontal baler is mainly used to compress and pack paper, including office paper, newspapers, cartons, cardboard and other paper materials.
Q2: How does this baler work?
This machine compresses the input paper into blocks through a hydraulic system or mechanical drive. Pressure is usually applied by a movable compression plate, which pushes the material towards a relatively fixed end, forming a compact mass.
Q3: What are the benefits of using a white paper horizontal baler?
Using this baler can significantly reduce the volume of paper waste, save storage space, reduce transportation costs, and contribute to environmental protection because it promotes the recycling and reuse of paper.
Q4: Is the operation of the white paper horizontal baler complicated?
Most white paper horizontal balers are designed with user-friendly interfaces and are relatively simple to operate. They may contain automatic or semi-automatic control systems that allow operators to easily set compression parameters and initiate the packaging process.
Q5: What work is required to maintain a white paper horizontal baler?
Maintenance usually includes regular cleaning of the compression chamber, checking whether the hydraulic system and mechanical components are working properly, keeping electrical connections in good condition, and replacing any worn parts in a timely manner. Proper maintenance can ensure long-term stable operation of the equipment.

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