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NKB220 Silage Bale Wrapper
NKB220 silage baling and wrapping machine is the latest product developed by Zhengzhou South Africa Company. It can automatically wrap silage on round bales. Its performance is stable and the price is reasonable, and it is well received by users. This equipment has the following features: imported knotter, stable performance of the whole machine, high bale rate, easy to pull, and equipped with a cutter, which can smoothly cut off the remaining straw stubble in the field.
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    Straw hydraulic briquetting machine
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    1 Set
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    1 year after sale
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Product Description

NKB220 Silage Bale Wrapper is an agricultural machinery and equipment mainly used for making and packaging silage. This machine combines the functions of baling and wrapping to complete silage preparation with high efficiency. The following is a detailed description of the NKB220 silage baling and wrapping machine:
1. Functionality: This machine has automatic baling and wrapping functions. It can quickly tie straw, pasture and other raw materials in the field into round or square bales, and wrap them with plastic film for easy storage and transportation.
2. Structural design: NKB220 Silage Bale Wrapper generally consists of a picking device, a conveying device, a bundling device, a wrapping device, a hydraulic system and an electronic control system. The whole machine has a compact design and is easy to operate and maintain.
3. Picking ability: Equipped with an efficient picking device, it can pick up scattered straw during travel and transport it to the baling position.
4. Baling efficiency: It has an efficient baling system that can compress a large amount of straw into regular bales in a short time, improving operating efficiency.
5. Wrapping performance: The wrapping device can quickly and tightly wrap the bales with plastic film to ensure the sealing and freshness of the bales during storage.
6. Easy operation: The use of advanced electronic control system makes the operation easier and also improves the accuracy and reliability of the operation.
7. Adaptability: Due to its good maneuverability and adaptability, the NKB220 Silage Bale Wrapper can operate in different terrain and plot conditions, including small plots and irregularly shaped farmland.
8. Applicable materials: In addition to common corn straw, this machine can also process other types of crop straw, pasture, etc. to make it into silage.

In summary, the NKB220 Silage Bale Wrapper is one of the ideal equipment in modern agriculture and animal husbandry. It not only improves work efficiency, but also ensures the quality of silage and provides high-quality feed resources for the animal husbandry industry. 



bale sizeL*W*H


Feed opening size/L*H


Packing materials

Wood dust ,Rice husk,Corn cob

Output capacity





380 50HZ/3Phase( can be design)


Plastic bags/woven bags



Machine sizeL*W*H


Feeding Way

Twisted dragon feeder



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Q1: What are the main functions of the NKB220 Silage Bale Wrapper?
The main function of the NKB220 Silage Bale Wrapper is to automatically complete the picking, baling and wrapping of straw, forage and other crops to produce sealed silage.
Q2: What are the advantages of using NKB220 Silage Bale Wrapper?
The advantages of using the NKB220 Silage Bale Wrapper include improving silage preparation efficiency, ensuring feed quality and freshness, reducing labor intensity, adapting to different plots and crop types, and improving storage and transportation convenience.
Q3: How many people are required to operate the NKB220 Silage Bale Wrapper?
Normally, the NKB220 Silage Bale Wrapper only requires one person to operate and manage it. It has the characteristics of a high degree of automation, which reduces manpower requirements.
Q4: What should you do if there is a problem with bundling or wrapping?
First, stop the machine for inspection to see if there are any blocked or damaged parts, and conduct troubleshooting according to the guidance in the user manual. If you cannot solve the problem by yourself, you should contact the manufacturer or professional maintenance personnel for maintenance in time.
Q5: Is the maintenance and upkeep of the NKB220 Silage Bale Wrapper complicated?
Not complicated. As long as you perform regular maintenance according to the maintenance manual provided by the manufacturer, such as cleaning, lubricating key components, replacing worn parts, etc., you can maintain the good working condition of the machine and extend its service life.

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