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Shaanxi Nick Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd is a company based in Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, China. The company specializes in the development, production, sales and service of hydraulic Baler ,Scrap baling machine ,Recycling Baler and Compactor machinery and equipment as part of their commitment to environmental protection.we have an area of more than 5000 square meters, with advanced production equipment and strong technical strength. They have more than 50 employees, including senior engineers and technicians.In terms of annual production, Shaanxi Nick Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd can produce more than 100 sets of hydraulic baling machines per year and 500 sets of packing machines. Their products are sold well in China's major cities and are also exported to many countries and regions around the world.The company's main products include hydraulic baling machine for waste material, plastic Baler machine, automatic tie Baling Press,Crusher & Shredder etc. These products have been widely used in various industries such as waste management, logistics, food processing, chemical industry and so on.In addition to their core business, they also have a complete R&D, production, sales and service system.
Our products are mainlyabsorbing Germany ,European and Americantechnology, products has already exported many countriesand regions at home and abroad. The company adhering to the "To change made- in-China in the international market influence" of the target as the prerequisite, to ensure that the "Products service maximization,Customer benefit maximization" asthe enterprise production policy, mainly on waste paper, waste plastics, scrap metal, fiber, agricultural straw recycling industry,it‘s for enterprise to providing convenient,fast, safe and economic solutions,now we have after-sales service center like India, Dubai, Australia, and so on and well received by users.

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  • The plastic baler machine is a tool commonly used in the logistics,warehousing,and transportation industries.It can effectively bundle goods with polyester or PP baler bands,ensuring the stability of goods during transportation and storage.The operation steps vary slightly for different models and usage scenarios of baler machines,but the basic operation method is roughly as follows:Choosing the Right baler Machine:Manual baler machine:Suitable for small goods or mobile operations.Automatic baler machine:Suitable for binding lightweight items,such as automatic binding machines.Semi-automatic baler machine:Requires manual winding of the baler band,then the machine completes tightening and securing.Preparations Before Operation:Inspect the equipment:Ensure the equipment is intact,with no loose fasteners or damaged wires.Environmental safety:Ensure the surrounding environment is safe to avoid injury to people and goods.Preparing the Power and Hydraulic Systems:Insert the power source:Connect the equipment to the power socket and turn on the switch.Install the baler band:Thread the baler band through the guide wheels and drive wheels,securing it on the bracket.Starting the baling Operation:baler method:Pass the baling band through the forklift holes of the pallet,wrap around the goods to be packed once,with the shorter part below and the longer part above,overlapping.Tighten the baling band:Use the right hand to press down the tightener lever,hold the end of the baling band with the left hand and insert it into the pressing plate clamping position,then release the lever.Locking and Cutting:Diagonally thread the steel buckle through the double straps,lock the steel buckle with the baling clamp,and finally quickly press down the lever to cut off the excess baling band.Recycling Operations:
    Recycle the baler band:After baling,remove the excess baler band from the equipment,press the recycle button to roll it up,preventing it from getting stuck or damaging the equipment.Maintenance:Safety precautions:Avoid using the equipment in moist,high-temperature,or extremely cold environments.Keep clothing clean during operation and avoid long sleeves from contacting rotating parts.Regular maintenance:Carry out regular inspections and maintenance on the equipment to maintain its good working condition and service life.

    The operation of a plastic baler machine is not complicated and only needs to follow the steps of preparation,operation,and maintenance.However,special attention must be paid to safety matters during use to ensure correct and safe operation.
  • The vertical hydraulic baling press is a common baling equipment widely used for compressing and baling recyclable items such as waste paper,plastics,and straw to facilitate transportation and storage.The correct method of baler operation is crucial for ensuring the effectiveness of baling and the safety of machine operation.Details are as follows:

    Preparation Check Power Cables:Ensure the three-phase power cables are correctly connected to avoid motor reversal which could cause the oil cylinder to malfunction.Add Oil:Fill with No.46 anti-wear hydraulic oil to about 10CM from the top of the tank to ensure good lubrication during machine operation.Clean Work Area:Keep the work area clean to prevent debris from interfering with operations and potential safety hazards.Loading Materials Uniform Filling:Fill the inner box evenly to avoid excessive height differences that could cause machine deformation or cylinder breakage.Prevent Leaks:Ensure all materials are inside the hopper to prevent extrusion deformation due to material leakage.Start Baling Start Motor:After starting the motor,let it idle for 30 seconds before pressing the handle to work,checking if the motor is functioning normally.Press Plate Operation:Once the press plate is fully lowered,it must return to its position.Stop applying pressure when the motor noise increases.Strapping Operation Open Door Check:Confirm that the rope slots in both the upper and lower pressing rows are clear to facilitate subsequent baler operations.Horizontal and Vertical baler:Use an alternating horizontal and vertical strapping method to form a well-patterned package,increasing baling stability.Completing Strapping Buckle Wire and Eject Package:After compression molding,perform wire threading and buckling operations,followed by ejection to complete the baling process.

    Operating a vertical hydraulic baling press for baler requires meticulous procedures.From preparation,loading materials,starting the bale,to baler operations,each step is important.Users should not only follow the correct operational procedures but also pay attention to safe operating practices and regular maintenance to ensure stable operation of the equipment and extend its service life.Through detailed explanations of the above steps,users can use the vertical hydraulic baling press more effectively,improving the efficiency and quality of item packaging.

  • Plastic baling machines are devices used for baling loose items such as plastic bottles and waste plastic films to facilitate transportation and recycling.Proper use of plastic baling machines can effectively improve work efficiency and reduce transportation costs.The specific operation steps are as follows:
    Equipment ClassificationVertical Plastic Bottle baling Machine:The operation process of this type of baling machine is relatively complex,requiring the use of a handwheel locking mechanism to open the equipment's discharge door,empty the baling chamber,and line it with baling cloth or cardboard boxes.Close the compression chamber door while opening the feeding door to add plastic bottles through the feeding door.After filling,close the feeding door and perform automatic compression via the PLC electrical system.Continue adding materials after compression reduces volume,repeating the above operations until full.After compression molding,open the compression chamber door and feeding door again to strap and tie the compressed plastic bottles.Then execute the push-out operation to complete discharging.Horizontal Plastic Bottle baling Machine:The operation of horizontal baling machines is relatively simple.After checking for any anomalies,start the equipment and feed directly or via a conveyor.Once the plastic bottles enter the compression chamber,press the compression button to stop automatically once compression is in place.Repeat the feeding and compression operations until the required baling length is reached,then press the bundling button.Upon reaching the bundling position,press the baler button for automatic baler and cutting,ending one package.Specific Operations Manual baling Machine:Suitable for the packaging industry of round or irregularly shaped objects such as steel pipes and coils.It uses a manual tensioner and manual bite buckle together,mainly relying on manual operation to complete the baling process.Fully Automatic baling Machine:Suitable for multiple industries such as food,medicine,and hardware.The operation is simple,without the need for manual strap insertion,and activation methods include point motion,manual,continuous shooting,ball switch,foot pedal switch,etc.Just press the switch to automatically complete the baling.Semi-Automatic baling Machine:Requires manual insertion of the baling belt before the machine automatically completes the baling process of gathering,bonding,cutting,and discharging.Its feature is the integrated circuit design,with a new circuit controlling the entire baling action and hot head temperature,making it easy to maintain.PrecautionsPower Wiring:Ensure the power supply used by the machine is correct,using a three-phase four-wire system,with the striped wire serving as a grounded neutral wire for leakage protection. Operational Safety:Do not put your hands through the strap path or touch the heating element directly.Maintenance:When not in use,rewind the belt in the storage compartment to avoid deformation next time; regularly clean the surface of the belt-feeding rollers; unplug the power when not in use; lubricate components timely.Working Principle baling Process:The object to be packed is located in the middle of the baling machine,the right top body rises to press the front end of the strap tightly,tightens the binding strap,then the left top body rises to press the lower layer of the strap in place,the heating element extends between the two straps,cuts the strap,completing one working cycle.Troubleshooting Cutting Fault:If the steel strap cannot be cut off,check whether the cutter is worn,and replace it if necessary.Pneumatic Issues:If the buckle clamp's pulling force is insufficient,check whether the clamping block connecting hole or connecting pin is worn,and replace it if necessary.

    Mastering the operation methods of plastic baling machines can not only improve work efficiency but also ensure operational safety and extend equipment lifespan.It is recommended to choose the appropriate model of equipment according to specific needs and strictly follow the operation guide for operation and maintenance.

Lndustry solutions MOER+

  • We need to pay attention to the problems that we need to pay attention to in the production process of the straw hydraulic baler. In the process of research and development of the straw hydraulic baler products, one should be customer-oriented and investigate the various needs of customers for the straw hydraulic baler, such as Some customers need a low-bed semi-automatic straw hydraulic baler if their items are relatively small, and some customers’ packaging goods are relatively large in size, so we will choose the horizontal baler system with arrows. At the same time, we also need to pay attention to the impact of the market and policies, and adjust product strategies in a timely manner.

    The current policy is to change the mode of the enterprise to adjust the structure and eliminate low-capacity and high-polluting products. This is the direction indicator for our straw hydraulic balers. Therefore, we need to upgrade the straw balers. Like digital and intelligent development, production research and development --- automatic straw baler products. As a commonly used packaging machine, the products produced by the straw hydraulic baler play an important role in downstream packaging. We are not only the products produced, but also the research and development from the market perspective and the customer perspective. The price of the straw hydraulic baler is so Only straw hydraulic baler products can be welcomed by the market and customers.

    NKBALER straw balers have experienced more than ten years of development and have formed a variety of models to keep up with the market. 86-29-86031588
  • The bales produced by the straw baler are compact, neat and beautiful, which can greatly reduce logistics costs. They are used in cotton production areas, textiles, shopping malls, garment factories, waste materials recycling industries and other various light industrial industries. The company's indispensable production equipment. The straw baler manufactured by NKBALER can be adjusted according to the customer's requirements, and the customer is the management center to produce the fully automatic baler machinery and equipment suitable for the customer.
    Product features:
    1. At the level of switching power supply, according to the application of the natural environment and its regulations, the straw baler can be divided into two types: single-phase electricity and three-phase electricity. Customers can choose according to specific switching power supply standards to further improve purchase efficiency.
    2. The size of the box, that is, the size of the raw materials contained in the equipment. Generally, the size of small and medium-sized is 1200x800x900MM. Naturally, with the further development trend of technology and the main production force, the size of the box can also be processed according to customer regulations and design plans. The development of craftsmanship takes into account the settings comprehensively, so that it can better meet the manufacturing requirements.
    3. The production and manufacturing methods can be divided into manual and automated technologies. The key includes feeding, actual operation, and outsourcing. Customers can select according to the total output regulations, productivity, etc., and improve the available indoor space of machinery and equipment.

    The size, model, and specifications of the machine and equipment of the straw baler are complete, and customers can specify different feeding directions, outgoing load volumes, dimensions, etc. according to the on-site design plan.

    The main purpose:
    The straw baler can be applied to all light foaming and loose raw materials such as waste paper, straw, wheat straw, straw, waste cardboard, tree roots, waste packaging bags, plastic bottles, etc.
    NKBALER professionally provides: straw baler, waste paper baler, garment baler, tire baler, etc., which can be customized according to your specific needs. Our sales hotline 86-29-86031588
  • Fully automatic Baler machine is an indispensable Baler equipment in modern life, and its application range is very wide. So in the daily purchase process, how to buy more cost-effective?
    As there are many brands of fully automatic Balers on the market, it is recommended that you try to cooperate directly with the manufacturers. On the one hand, all products of regular manufacturers have passed quality inspections, and product safety does not need us to worry about. Secondly, the prices of products sold directly by manufacturers should also be more cost-effective. If it is a long-term wholesale, you will definitely be able to enjoy discounts, etc., so that wholesale is more favorable.
    Finally, you can also use the Internet to measure which model of automatic Baler has higher sales and whether the price is reasonable. Only by comparing various aspects can you choose products with higher cost performance.

    In order to ensure the packaging effect of the fully automatic baler, it is recommended that you pay attention to the quality of the equipment while pursuing price concessions.

    NKBALER hydraulic baler has stable performance, reliable quality, affordable price and high cost performance. Welcome to buy. 86-29-86031588

Latest Case

  • Waste paper baler is the industrial equipment of carton box and carton baler used at this stage. The waste paper baler has high working efficiency, simple operation process and easy application. Long-term application of waste paper baler will undoubtedly lead to its damage.
    How can we ensure its long-term application? It is necessary to formulate a management system for the elimination and maintenance of the Baler, and record the maintenance status of each Baler. In terms of the work of the waste paper baler, the cabinet countertops should be clean and tidy before or after the application; the transmission belt of the waste paper baler should also be clean and tidy; the waste paper baler also has prefabricated components that are easily destroyed.
    In addition, when using a fully automatic waste paper baler, the operator should pay attention to the application of the carton baler from beginning to end. If the carton Baler has abnormal noise or all difficult problems, everyone should cut off the power as soon as possible to avoid production accidents. When adjusting the waste paper baler, it is not necessary to adjust the temperature too high, otherwise the packaging and bonding of the carton baler will be destroyed.
    After the long-term application of the waste paper baler, everyone's operation should moisturize all the prefabricated components of the carton baler to ensure that all the prefabricated components can work normally. During the maintenance of the carton Baler, the personnel in the production line should try to record the difficult problems of the mechanical equipment every time, so as to facilitate future inspection. When operating the carton Baler, the production line operators should pay attention to the carton Baler as much as possible and do not need to put their hands in the mechanical equipment when working to prevent harm.

    Due to the working experience of using waste paper balers and how to apply them for a long time, in fact, after purchasing waste paper balers, everyone’s good way is to formulate the operating procedures for the coefficient of performance of the carton balers, so that they can be more reasonable. Local application of waste paper balers to ensure the long-term application of our carton balers.

    NICKBALER has a group of R&D teams with strong technical force and experienced after-sales service team, committed to escorting your normal production. https://www.nkbaler.net
  • The photoelectric switch automatically recognizes whether the material is full of oil and completes the automatic action;
    The effective dual-hydraulic platform cutter head design scheme improves the rate of paper-cutting waste paper baling and increases the service life of the cutter head;
    The unique anti-dropping design scheme prevents the occurrence of ladder-shaped bags and makes the lumps more beautiful and generous;
    The main oil cylinder of the waste paper baler adopts the design scheme of the turret support frame and the ball inner hole, which can remove the torque of the function on the machine tool spindle, and significantly increase the service life of the skeleton seal;
    Install unique wire binding equipment to reduce equipment failure rate and facilitate cleaning, maintenance and overhaul;
    The use of differential protection technology makes the Baler rate faster, thereby improving work efficiency and saving output power;
    The inlet and outlet of the waste paper baler fluctuate and shrink in four directions, and then automatically distribute the working pressure on all sides, which can be universally applied to the reduction of a variety of different components;
    The length of the package can be set at will, the waste paper baler records the packaging value, and the waste paper baler is convenient for the staff to use;
    Common faults are diagnosed by themselves and automatically indicated to increase the probability of inspecting waste paper Balers;
    The standard power circuit layout of the waste paper baler, the illustrated actual operation markings and the complete component markings, are easy for operators to understand and improve the probability of maintaining waste paper balers;
    The waste paper baler adopts the hydraulic transmission system imported from Taiwan to make the equipment more reliable and durable;

    The waste paper baler does not require special site infrastructure construction, which makes the installation and operation convenient and easy.

    NICKBALER has a group of R&D teams with strong technical force and experienced after-sales service team, committed to escorting your normal production. https://www.nkbaler.net
  • 1. The high-pressure thick-walled oil cylinder adopts high-pressure resistant oil cylinder with good sealing performance and does not release pressure all the year round. Imported sealing ring does not leak oil and is durable.
    2. The material compartment has a wide range of space, and can add stainless steel for more compressible weight, and the other size can be customized.
    3. Hydraulic pressure plate, thickened pressure plate, can be packed with a large weight, and the effect is better and more tidy.

    4. Handle switch, push the pressure rod inward and automatically push it down, pull the pressure rod outward and automatically lift it upward, which is more reliable.

    Nick machinery waste plastic baler closely follows the market dynamics, better service to new and old users. https://www.nkbaler.net
  • In the past, waste paper, waste plastics and other waste would be burned and buried, resulting in worse and worse environmental quality and more serious air pollution. So how can we solve this problem?
    According to the support of the country and industry, the hydraulic baler was born. The emergence of the hydraulic baler provides new solutions for waste products such as waste paper and waste plastics.
    The hydraulic baler has a high frequency of use and a wide range of applications. It can not only pack and compress loose materials such as waste plastics and waste paper, but also pack crop products such as corn stalks and wheat stalks.
    At the same time, the equipment also has the advantages of reliable performance, stable power, simple operation, safety and reliability, and convenient maintenance.

    Since the advent of the hydraulic baler, the incineration of waste paper, waste plastic, waste straw and other waste materials has been decreasing year by year, which not only protects the social environment, but also improves social and economic benefits, which can be described as killing two birds with one stone.

    NICKBALER specializes in the production of hydraulic balers, with a long history of mechanical production and processing, advanced production equipment and a strong technical team.
  • The pressure oil of the waste paper baler flows directly back to the oil tank through the overflow valve and the return pipe, and the oil pressure will not continue to rise. Therefore, the valve also functions to provide overload protection for the system.
    The oil sucked by the hydraulic pump of the waste paper baler from the fuel tank is filtered by the oil filter to remove impurities and dirt to prevent the valves in the system from being blocked.
    Most of the power of the waste paper baler is provided by the hydraulic pump, so the hydraulic pump pressure standard is strict.
    The pressure oil output by the hydraulic pump of the waste paper baler enters the lower cavity of the hydraulic cylinder through the left ring groove of the throttle valve and the reversing valve spool along the pipeline.

    Under the action of the pressure oil of the waste paper baler, the piston moves upward to push the mechanism to achieve a lifting action.

    Nick mechanical waste paper packer, meet the needs of the energy saving.https://www.nkbaler.net
  • In the rapid operation of my country's commercial economy, the baler plays an important role, especially in the logistics of major enterprises and emerging industries, which is obvious to all. The development process of my country’s industrialization is getting faster and faster, which has greatly improved people’s living standards. Therefore, the demand for commodities is also continuously increasing, which has higher requirements for efficient production of enterprises. Enterprises need to have continuous market supply. For this reason, in the transformation of modern production of enterprises, efficiency has become the pursuit of major enterprises, and if you want to achieve this goal, how can you lose the credit of the Baler? Well, it is one of the most powerful assistants for enterprises to realize the rapid circulation of commodities.
    The baler plays an important role in the market circulation of enterprise goods. With its bundling and Baler work, it can be very convenient to pack the goods together in large quantities, and through the fixing effect of the Baler belt, it not only facilitates the transportation industry , It can also make the company's products reach its destination safely, and show the best posture of the company's products for people in different regions, thus winning the trust of many consumers. Facing the fiercely competitive market atmosphere, ordinary balers cannot meet the demand. For this reason, technical research has become an urgent problem in the baler industry. With the accelerated process of my country’s industrialization and the use of innovative thinking, my country’s packaging machine technology has been greatly improved. The fully automatic packaging machine is the most powerful proof that it has realized the automated production mode of modern enterprises. After the operation, the automatic Baler machine can realize automatic Baler work, which can save a lot of manpower, and make people's Baler work easier, thereby creating an active working atmosphere for people, which is also more conducive to Pleasant workers' mood, so that work efficiency can be effectively improved.

    In high-efficiency production, if the rapid circulation of commodities cannot be realized, it will be futile. Only by enabling corporate commodities to quickly enter the commodity market can corporate commodities occupy a strong position in the competition. Therefore, High-efficiency production requires high-efficiency Baler work. This also shows the importance of fully automatic Baler machine in the production of modern enterprises. It not only brings greater help to the production of enterprises, but also helps Enterprises win more profit margins, thereby bringing us more and better products and enriching our lives.

    NICKBALER automatic baler is not only the representative of baler technology, but also the major companies and people's lives in an inseparable packaging machine. https://www.nkbaler.net
  • In the normal application of hydraulic baler, hydraulic baler is more prone to common problems. The adverse effects caused by slight vibration can destroy all the normal use of the hydraulic baler. So how to solve the vibration problem of the hydraulic baler? Next, Nick Machinery will explain it, I hope it can be helpful to everyone.
    Hydraulic baler
    1. The hydraulic baler should be installed and disassembled strictly in accordance with the regulations when manufacturing or overhauling. When installing, make sure that there is no air pollution and water seepage.
    2. Pay attention to tightening the joints of industrial equipment pipes. Wipe the gasket with vegetable oil during the entire tightening process to avoid deviation and damage of the gasket, and strictly avoid leakage at the joint.
    3. When tightening the connecting screws of each part, tighten them with a symmetrical force. When tightening the screws, they must pass through the corners to avoid flange deflection. In addition, please note that the sealing gasket should be symmetrical, and double-layer gaskets are not allowed.
    4. The oil inlet and outlet pipes in the oil tank of the hydraulic baler should be kept at a certain distance to avoid foaming at the oil suction port and noise in the hydraulic oil pump. Of course, you can also lift the baffle in the fuel tank of the car to separate the oil suction port and the oil return port.
    5. Avoid secondary pollution when removing debris from the oil filter. The removed filter element should be scraped off with an air pump and cleaned with a diesel engine. If the filter element is seriously polluted, you can consider disassembly and assembly. Also pay attention to whether the volume of the filter is sufficient.
    6. The hydraulic filter element must ensure that there is enough vehicle oil, and ensure that it is not lower than the mark line of the oil level gauge. If the remaining oil volume is too low, it will cause the oil pump to run dry and damage the work of the hydraulic oil pump. Otherwise, the oil pump may be seriously damaged.

    7. The hydraulic press commonly used in hydraulic baler belongs to the external control leakage type. In this case, the product should be installed in the pump. One is to maintain a certain working pressure, and the other is to avoid backflow of oil.

    If you are interested in our baling machine, please contact our staff! 86-29-86031588
  • The waste paper baler is used to squeeze waste paper and similar products under normal conditions, and pack them with special packaging tapes to greatly reduce the volume, so as to reduce the transportation volume, save the freight, and increase the benefits for the enterprise. The introduction of advanced technology and advanced technology of similar products at home and abroad.
    The main problem that should be paid attention to when selecting hydraulic cylinders for waste paper baler: Choose a reasonable structure.
    A reasonable structure is to ensure that the hydraulic cylinder can meet the necessary conditions for the normal operation of the hydraulic system. The structure of the hydraulic cylinder is selected on the basis of full analysis and reference to similar waste paper balers.
    Consider the standardization and serialization of hydraulic cylinders. As long as the parameters of the hydraulic cylinder use standard values ??as much as possible, the specific structure should be designed according to the structure recommended in the hydraulic engineering manual as far as possible, and some accessories should be selected as standard parts.
    For cylinders with long piston rods, try to withstand the greatest load under tension as much as possible. When it is under pressure, it should be checked for stability to avoid the pressure instability of the piston rod.

    Reliable and reasonable sealing and dustproof device. Sealing and dustproof devices should not only consider their reliability, but also friction and life. The hydraulic cylinder of the waste paper baler with higher requirements should be equipped with buffer and exhaust devices. Consider the problem of thermal expansion and contraction.

    Choosing Nick Machinery hydraulic baler, independent hydraulic system, servo system control, is the best choice to help you solve and recycle waste. https://www.nkbaler.net


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