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Waste Paper Hydraulic Baler Machine
Waste paper hydraulic baler is an environmentally friendly equipment specially used to compress and process various waste paper and cardboard. It drives the pressure head through the hydraulic system to powerfully compress the waste paper and pack it into blocks of specified sizes to facilitate subsequent transportation and recycling.
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    Full Automatic Hydraulic Baler
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Product Description

Waste paper hydraulic baler is a device used to compress and pack paper waste such as waste paper, cardboard, and cartons. It is hydraulically driven and uses the up and down movement of the hydraulic cylinder to compress waste paper into blocks of specified shapes and sizes for easy transportation and recycling. The waste paper hydraulic baler has the advantages of simple operation, high efficiency, and space saving. It is widely used in waste paper recycling stations, paper mills, packaging plants and other industries.
The main components of the waste paper hydraulic baler include the hydraulic system, compression chamber, pressure head, discharge port, etc. When working, put the waste paper into the compression chamber, start the hydraulic system, and the pressure head moves downward to compress the waste paper. When the pressure reaches the set value, the pressure head stops moving and the waste paper is compressed into blocks. Then, the pressure head moves upward, and the waste paper block is discharged from the discharge port. The entire process is completed automatically without manual operation, which greatly improves work efficiency.

The advantages of the waste paper hydraulic baler are its high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection. Through compression and packaging, the volume of waste paper can be greatly reduced, transportation and storage space can be saved, and transportation costs can be reduced. At the same time, waste paper is easy to recycle after being packaged, which is conducive to the recycling of resources and reduces environmental pollution. Therefore, the waste paper hydraulic baler has broad application prospects in the waste paper recycling industry.






Bale size



Material  type

Scrap Kraft paper, Newspaper,

Cardboard ,Soft Film


Material density



Feed opening size



Main motor power



Main cylinder




12-15 ton /hour


Main cylinder force



Max. system working force



Mainframe weight(T)

About 25 tons


Oil tank



Mainframe size

About 11×4.3×5.8ML×W×H


Tie wire line

4 line φ3.0φ3.2mm3 iron wire


Pressure time

≤30S/ (go and back for empty load)

Chain conveyor technology




Conveyor weight

About 7 tons


Conveyor size



Conveyor motor


Cool tower

Cool tower motor

0.75KWwater Pump+0.25Fan

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Q1: What should I do if the waste paper hydraulic baler makes too much noise when it is working?
Excessive noise may be caused by worn or loose internal parts of the machine. Machines should be inspected for abnormally worn parts, make sure all parts are tight, and lubricate moving parts to reduce friction. If the problem persists, it is recommended to contact professional maintenance personnel for inspection.
Q2: What should I do if the baler does not have enough compression force to compress the waste paper to the expected density?
This could be due to insufficient pressure in the hydraulic system or a damaged seal causing a pressure leak. First check whether the hydraulic pump is working properly, then check all hydraulic lines and joints for leaks. If the seal is found to be damaged, it should be replaced in time.
Q3: What should I do if the compression efficiency of the baler decreases?
The decrease in compression efficiency may be caused by excessive hydraulic oil temperature or oil contamination. The temperature and cleanliness of the hydraulic oil should be checked regularly to ensure that the hydraulic system is working within a suitable temperature range, and the hydraulic oil should be replaced or filtered regularly.
Q4: How to deal with paper jams when the baler is working?
Paper jams are usually caused by uneven feeding or foreign objects in the packaging bin. The machine should be stopped, foreign objects in the packaging bin should be cleaned, and waste paper should be distributed evenly during feeding to avoid paper jams caused by excessive accumulation.
Q5: How to extend the service life of the baler?
In order to extend the service life of the baler, regular maintenance should be performed, including cleaning the machine, checking and tightening loose parts, replacing worn parts, and keeping the hydraulic system clean and working properly. At the same time, the instructions should be followed during operation to avoid overload operation.

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