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  • In the factory workshop, what we consider most is how to clean and maintain the equipment daily.
    The same is true for Indian waste paper baler products. Correct maintenance and use procedures can extend the service life of the baler. This can also reduce the occurrence of steps and improve the efficiency of the enterprise.
    Today we will tell you some important steps in cleaning.
    1. Dust of equipment. Some investigators and maintenance personnel reported that a large part of the machine failures were caused by the failure to clean up the dust of the equipment, which caused the equipment to fail to operate normally. So cleaning up the dust is very important for the machine.
    2. We also need to maintain the connection and transmission parts of the machine, mainly to lubricate the parts to make the machine work better. Because people may not pay attention to these aspects in the process of use. The equipment administrator did not have time to maintain the equipment and caused the equipment failure.

    3. The user does not care, although there is no clear specification, but the user needs to operate the specification when using it. Read more and understand the manual, do not solve the fault by yourself, please ask professional personnel.

    Daily maintenance of the hydraulic baler can effectively extend the service life of the baler and make the baler work better for you.

  • Seriously studying the status quo of waste paper resource utilization, existing problems and solutions are a major issue facing the development of the current paper industry. The waste paper automatic baler currently covers a wide range of industries, and the demand is constantly increasing. The new industry of waste paper baler has quickly occupied the current important machinery industry for waste paper processing in my country. The shape of the waste paper automatic baler produced by us Beautiful, easy to operate, easy to maintain, high safety factor, fully automatic waste paper baler is currently with good rigidity and stability, has been widely used in waste paper factories, waste recycling companies and other units and enterprises. The packaging categories of waste paper automatic baler are mainly waste glass bottles, waste paper, waste cloth, waste plastic film, waste foam plastic and wood. Among them, waste cotton and linen textile packaging materials can be used as high-quality paper; wood can be reused according to its quality, even if it is not recycled, because its basic cellulose is easy to rot, decompose and be absorbed by the soil, there is no residue, and it will not give The environment is harmful.

    NKBALER waste paper baler has simple structure, stable performance, safe and reliable, simple operation and strong applicability. Welcome to purchase.

  • In the process of people's production, life, and industrial and agricultural production, a large amount of waste paper and waste will be generated. These waste products are recycled for centralized processing and reuse. In order to save space and save transportation costs, waste paper needs to be squeezed before recycling and transportation. Pack. The current waste paper baler needs manual filling, opening, bundling, and unPress into a bale. The Press efficiency is low. Moreover, the current baler is pushed out from the new bale at the rear to the exit and then bundled with steel wire. Press is carried out during the pushing process. It is easy to be scattered, resulting in the need to rework, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive.

    The automatic waste paper baler includes a baler main body and a feeding device. The specific mechanism of the baler main body includes a material channel, a material inlet, a main hydraulic system, and a binding device. The material channel is a horizontally long rectangular frame structure with one side of the material channel The upper end is equipped with a feeding port, and the main hydraulic system is installed at the transverse end of the material channel on the feeding side. The main hydraulic system of the automatic waste paper baler includes a main hydraulic cylinder for laterally squeezing the material in the material channel.

    The other end of the frame is the outlet of the baler, and the outlet of the baler is coaxially installed with a strapping device. The feeding device is arranged outside the material channel on one side of the feeding port. The feeding device is equipped with a timing belt driven by a stepping motor. The timing belt is uniformly spaced with a plurality of feeding plates to transport materials at a uniform speed from bottom to top.

  • This equipment belongs to a fully automatic straw compression baler. The equipment completes the whole straw scrap baling through the cooperation of the stroke switch and 4 hydraulic cylinders. It only needs to connect the bag, cover the bag, and tie the mouth manually. The equipment is divided into collection box, compression box, discharge port, main pressure head, side pressure head, push pack pressure head, hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic valve, electrical appliances and other components. The equipment enables the collection box to continuously supply materials, which increases the efficiency of the equipment. The collection box of the equipment can observe the amount of material to prevent material blockage. The Baler process is to transport the materials to the Baler box of the Baler machine through the conveyor belt delivery system.

    The main cylinder pushes the compaction horizontally-the side cylinder longitudinal compaction-pushes the Baler head to push the block into the Baler bag. The parts return to their positions to continue the next working cycle. The whole process is done in one go, and it can be switched to semi-automatic or manual at the same time. The entire packaging process only takes 1 minute. In contrast, the unit packaging cost of the vertical baler is low, but the production efficiency is low; the horizontal straw baler has a large investment, but the production efficiency is increased by 10 times, the pressure is large, and the weight of the bale is large, which can make up for the shortcomings of equipment investment . Therefore, it is recommended that friends who need a straw baler to choose the equipment according to their actual situation.

    NKBALER is a professional manufacturer of hydraulic machinery and equipment, specializing in providing straw balers, straw briquetting machines, etc. Tel 86-29-86031588, looking forward to long-term cooperation with you.

  • 1. The machine should be installed indoors, or in a shed with good rainproof ability, and placed on a flat and solid concrete floor.
    2. The work site should be equipped with a 380 volt three-phase power supply, an air switch with leakage protection function (should have sufficient capacity), and reliable grounding.
    3. Use a wire with sufficient capacity to connect to the machine, and the voltage drop shall not exceed 10%.
    4. Pay attention to the height signs on the road during transportation, especially when entering gas stations, bridge holes, wires, etc.

    5. When loading and unloading, the center of gravity should be determined, and the forklift or crane should be used for unloading without tilting.

    NKABLER hydraulic baler is easy to operate, reliable in quality, easy to install, etc. It is worthy of your trust.
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