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Small Grass Baler
Small baler is an agricultural machinery used to pack loose straw, wheat straw, pasture and other crop straw into bundles. It compresses straw into regular-shaped bundles through picking, conveying, compacting, bundling, etc., for easy transportation and storage. Small balers have the advantages of simple operation, high efficiency, and labor saving, and are widely used in agricultural production.
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    Vertical Hydraulic Balers
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    1 Set
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Product Description

Small baler is an efficient and practical agricultural machinery and equipment. It is mainly used in fields to collect, compress and bundle loose crop straw such as rice straw, wheat straw and pasture. It usually consists of a picking device, a conveying device, a compression device and a binding device. When working, the picking device first picks up the straw on the ground, and then sends it to the compression chamber through the conveying device. Under the action of the compression device, the loose straw is compacted, and finally the binding device uses plastic belts or wires to tightly tie it into a specified shape. Size and shape of bundles.

Small balers are small in size and flexible in operation, and are suitable for use in small plots of farmland or areas with complex terrain. It can effectively improve the utilization rate of straw, reduce environmental pollution caused by burning straw, and at the same time save farmers' manpower and material resources, and improve agricultural production efficiency. In addition, the packaged straw can also be used as feed, organic fertilizer or biomass energy for various purposes, which has important economic value and environmental significance. Therefore, small balers play an increasingly important role in modern agricultural production.



Hydraulic power


Packaging size L*W*H

600*400*350-600 mm

Feed opening sizeL*H




Bale weight


Voltagecan be customized




Machine sizeL*W*H




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Q1: What are the most common problems when small balers are working?
The most common problems include blockages, loose strapping, equipment overheating or the machine suddenly stopping working. These problems can be caused by too much moisture in the straw, improperly adjusted balers, insufficient maintenance, or operating errors. Regular inspection and maintenance, as well as correct operation and use, are keys to avoiding these problems.
Q2: What should I do if the small baler is blocked during operation?
If the small baler is blocked during operation, you first need to turn off the power of the equipment, and then carefully check each component according to the instructions in the operation manual, especially the pickup and conveying pipes that are prone to blockage. After clearing the blockage, check again to ensure that no other foreign matter remains before restarting the machine. To prevent similar problems from occurring in the future, regular maintenance and cleaning of the baler is necessary.

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