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Waste Paper Baling Machine
Waste paper baler is a compression and baling equipment used to compress waste paper items and domestic waste, industrial waste, plastics, films, pasture, straw, cotton, iron filings, aluminum filings, scraps and other recycled fluffy waste products. It is mainly used in the recycling processing industry and metal smelting industry. By adding loose materials into the packing cavity, the pressing mechanism performs reciprocating hydraulic pressure to form parts.
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    Vertical Hydraulic Balers
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    1 Set
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Product Description

Waste paper baler is a piece of machinery commonly used in the recycling industry, specifically designed to compact and package waste paper, cardboard, and other types of compressible materials for transportation and storage. These machines are important in the paper industry, packaging companies, printing industry, and waste treatment facilities.
The working principle is to use a hydraulic system to perform high-pressure compression on the waste paper placed in the packaging chamber to significantly reduce its volume, and then bundle it with binding materials such as metal wires or plastic straps to form a regular rectangular or cubic compression package. piece.
Waste paper balers are generally divided into two types: horizontal balers and vertical balers. Horizontal balers have the characteristics of smooth operation, easy maintenance, and high compression force, while vertical balers occupy a small area and are suitable for places with limited space.

This kind of machine not only improves the recycling efficiency of waste materials, but also helps reduce waste storage space and transportation costs. It also plays a positive role in environmental protection because it promotes the recycling of resources and reduces the amount of landfill waste. 



Hydraulic power

150 Ton

Cylinder out-diameter


Cylinder inner-diameter


Oil tank Capacity


System Pressure


Open Door way

Manual *2 door

Packaging sizeL*W*H

1100*750*440 mm

Feed opening size/L*H


Chamber Size L*W*H




Bale weight

200-280 Kg

Voltagecan be customized/




Machine sizeL*W*H



9800 Kg

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Q1: Will the performance of the waste paper baler decrease when handling wet paper?
Yes, the performance of the waste paper baler may decrease when handling wet paper. Because paper with higher moisture content can cause bonding and clogging issues, affect compression efficiency, and possibly damage the internal components of the baler. It is generally recommended to keep waste paper dry for best baling results.
Q2: What should I do if the hydraulic system of the baler fails?
If the hydraulic system of the baler fails, you should first stop it for inspection and diagnose according to the operation manual or contact professional technicians. Possible problems include hydraulic oil leakage, pump failure, cylinder damage, or oil line blockage. Regular maintenance and cleaning of hydraulic systems can prevent some problems from occurring.
Q3: How to ensure the service life of the waste paper baler?
In order to ensure the service life of the waste paper baler, regular maintenance and inspections should be carried out, including cleaning the residue in the baling chamber, checking the function of the lashing device, checking whether the hydraulic system is working properly, and timely lubrication of moving parts. At the same time, operators need to use the equipment correctly in accordance with operating procedures to avoid damage caused by overload operation or improper operation.
Q4: What should I do if the waste paper baler makes noise while working?
If the waste paper baler produces abnormal noise during operation, it may be caused by wear, looseness or lack of lubrication of mechanical parts. You should first check whether each component needs tightening or lubrication, and check whether any parts are damaged and need to be replaced. If the cause of the noise cannot be determined, contact maintenance personnel for inspection in time.
Q5: What is the reason for insufficient compression force of the baler?
Insufficient compression force of the baler may be caused by a drop in pressure in the hydraulic system, such as damage to the hydraulic pump, leakage of the oil cylinder, or insufficient hydraulic oil. In addition, aging or damage to the high-pressure oil pipe may also cause the compression force to weaken. The hydraulic system needs to be inspected and problematic components repaired or replaced.

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