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  • With the continuous development of society,everyone has paid more attention to environmental issues,and environmental protection has become a part of life.Environmental protection is not only for the world and the earth,but also for ourselves.However,the current environmental pollution is also increasing.Waste paper, mineral water bottles,plastics,etc.are everywhere.At this time,the use of environmental protection equipment such as waste paper baling press equipment is very important for disposal.

    Simply using recycling and non-processing methods to dispose of these garbage will occupy too much accumulation space and also require transportation costs and manpower.Therefore,in order to reduce transportation costs and dispose of it,waste paper baling press equipment is needed to help in this case.Waste paper baling press has become a mature packaging equipment and has been applied to the field of environmental protection.Waste paper baling press equipment has also become Important equipment for large-scale packaging of raw materials.
    Nick's waste paper baling press includes various types,you are welcome to visit our company website for details.www.nkbaler.net.
  • Fully automatic waste paper baling press,no need to insert the belt manually, the trigger mode is divided into a touch,manual,continuous hitting,ball switch,foot switch,photoelectric sensor switch,press the switch to automatically complete the packaging,convenient and fast,suitable for single machine large quantities produce.

    The automatic waste paper baling press has good rigidity,durability and stability,beautiful appearance,convenient operation and repair,and low cost of equipment basic engineering.It is widely used in all kinds of waste paper factories,waste recycling companies and other units and enterprises.It is a good equipment to improve labor efficiency,reduce labor intensity,save manpower,and reduce transportation costs.

    Advantages and packaging functions of the automatic waste paper baling press:

    1.It can automatically feed and detect, and the packages can be discharged one after another,and can also be completed manually.It can be used for waste paper,cardboard boxes,newsprint,etc.,waste plastics,PET bottles,plastic films,Packing of loose objects such as turnover boxes and straws is good for packing.

    2.The utility model has fast packing speed,saves time and electricity,low failure rate,high degree of automation,does not require manual care,saves labor,and has high reliability and long service life.
    Nick brand hydraulic baling press is a professional company engaged in the development,production,sales and service of hydraulic machinery and packaging machinery.It is a good partner for your cooperation. 
  • After the items are compressed and bundled,they are easy to store and stack and reduce transportation costs.
    Today,Nick will give you a detailed explanation of the important hydraulic components of the automatic waste paper compacting baling Machine-the scope and precautions for use of the one-way valve,and the specific functions of the one-way valve.
    1.Application occasions.
    In the hydraulic system of the automatic waste paper compacting baling Machine,the one-way valve is widely used.It is commonly used in the following situations:used at the outlet of the hydraulic pump to prevent the hydraulic oil from flowing back;used to isolate the connection between the oil circuits to avoid the oil circuit Interference with each other;as a back pressure valve;as a bypass valve.
    2.Precautions for selection and use:

    When selecting a check valve,in addition to selecting the opening pressure reasonably according to the needs,it should also be noted that when the flow through the check valve is much smaller than the rated flow,the check valve sometimes vibrates.The smaller the flow,the greater the opening pressure.High, the more gas in the oil,the easier it is to produce vibration.

    Recognize the direction of the inlet and outlet during installation,and do not install it wrong,so as not to affect the normal operation of the system.It is mainly to install a check valve at the outlet of the pump.You should also pay attention to it.If the inlet and outlet of the check valve are installed reversely,the hydraulic pump may be damaged or the motor may be burned .
    Nick Machinery's pressing technology and finishing technology have reached the international advanced level.The fully automatic waste paper compacting baling Machine produced by it has been far ahead,with reliable quality,stable performance and high cost performance.It is a good assistant for your company's production.

  • In today's society,more and more people advocate the reuse of environmentally friendly resources,so various materials are used more and more.Many plastic bottles have a high secondary recycling value.There are more and more garbage in life and production.The recycling of recyclable materials such as waste plastics,plastic bottles,waste books,cardboard,etc.,enables them to enter the energy market for secondary use.In the process of recycling these waste materials,the waste materials are designed to facilitate sorting and transportation.Produce by operating in such an environment.

    It takes many years for a big tree to grow,and it only takes a few minutes to cut it down! The paper industry is an industry that consumes a lot of natural resources.How the paper industry takes the future is related to the construction of a harmonious society in my country.We must cherish every piece of forest resources.
    Nick Company is a professional company focusing on the development,production,sales and service of hydraulic machinery and equipment.With its own strength,it contributes to China's environmental protection.
    Do some strength to contribute to China's environmental protection cause.
  • Over the years,many waste paper compacting baling Machine manufacturers have lost their way in the wind and rain, and some waste paper compacting baling Machine manufacturers have even closed down.I vaguely remember that many closed companies were full of enthusiasm when they opened.
    The biggest reason for closing is to pay too much attention to sales.In the past few years, there may be no problem, but the more you do,the more you will find that your products are selling less and less.Because you have not made progress,the products of other manufacturers have surpassed yours.Sooner or later this kind of enterprise will decline!

    If an industry wants continuous development and advancement,it needs continuous R&D and innovation by the company.The society is progressing and the products must be constantly updated.Only by creating products suitable for the market with the development of the times,can it stay in this big wave.In an invincible place. 

    In recent years,Nick Machinery has paid more and more attention to research and development,innovation,and constantly receiving new opinions from customers,creating more suitable products for customers,a well-known brand in the waste paper compacting baling Machine industry.

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