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  • Following the advancement of science and technology, the use of automated and intelligent machinery and equipment continues to prevail in the market, and it is highly sought after by the majority of users and major enterprises. It is necessary to continuously transform and innovate our own waste paper hydraulic baler products. Only in this way can we gain a foothold in the market and have our own reputation in China.
    1. At present, 60% of the material used in papermaking in some developed countries is waste paper, and its recovery rate is as high as 72%. my country's paper industry is now experiencing a period of rapid development of demand. Demand reduces reliance on imported materials, and waste paper baler relies on domestic raw materials. It is necessary to make every effort to improve domestic wood pulp production, as well as waste paper recovery and utilization rate.
    2. Make every effort to develop a resource-saving and environmentally-friendly economy. The use of waste paper to produce a variety of paper and cardboard can reduce deforestation and waste paper waste. The energy consumption, water consumption, chemical consumption and waste paper pollution load of waste paper pulp are also much lower than that of virgin fiber pulping. , This is a green project that saves resources and protects the environment.

    3. How to improve the utilization rate of waste paper, the widespread implementation of waste paper baler, the use of it is very important. The waste paper baler can pack loose waste paper, which is conducive to the transportation of waste paper, thus achieving the problem of waste paper utilization rate. With continuous development, the demand for waste paper balers is also increasing, so domestic manufacturers of waste paper balers must further improve the quality.

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  • Following the frequent use of modern production companies, the continuous improvement of small waste paper baler price manufacturers has facilitated the development of commodity packaging markets. In order to get used to the requirements of different conditions, small waste paper baler price manufacturers are actively exploring the practical needs of the market. As well as the development trend of the future of the profession, in order to obtain a small waste paper baler price manufacturer that can produce suitable shopping malls, it will make a huge contribution to the prosperity of domestic shopping malls.
    Most of our large-scale waste paper baler price manufacturers are imported high-end equipment from abroad, starting late, and professional knowledge in this area is relatively scarce.

    Some of the advanced skills introduced are difficult to digest at a time, and of course it is difficult to invent higher values. To a certain extent, manufacturers of small waste paper baler prices are in a dilemma. Most of the equipment in our country is to buy foreign advanced equipment first, and to study it in your own field. This is only superficially imitating others and it is difficult to surpass others. This also requires us to continuously learn professional common sense in all aspects. Keep speeding up your progress, and only in this way can you achieve better development.

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  • In the future, the packaging machinery industry will cooperate with the trend of industrial automation, and technological development will develop in four directions:
    One is the diversification of mechanical functions. Industrial and trade products have become more refined and diversified. Under the changing circumstances of the general environment, packaging machines that are diversified, flexible and have multiple switching functions can meet market demand.
    The second is the standardization and modularization of structural design. Taking full advantage of the modular design of the original model, the waste paper automatic baler can be converted to the new model in a short time.
    The third is intelligent control. At present, packaging machinery manufacturers generally use PLC power load controllers. Although PLC is very flexible, it still does not have the powerful functions of computers (including software).

    The fourth is the high-precision structure. Structural design and structural motion control are related to the performance of packaging machinery. They can be completed by high-precision controllers such as motors, encoders, digital control, power load control, etc., and the product extension is appropriately extended to the packaging of high-tech industries. Equipment direction research and development.

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  • At present, there are a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises in our country, and balers occupy the main economic market. However, most small and medium-sized enterprises do not have enough funds and technical strength. They cannot easily use foreign assembly line models. Experts on this issue suggest that they can be large-scale Enterprise services provide it with the development of parts production mode. If the solid packaging industry wants to continue to develop and grow, it must make breakthroughs in the following three aspects:
    First: Enterprises should open up a new situation for product export
    Our country's packaging technology is moderate, the packaging price is low, and the quality and appearance of the packaging products are in line with the economic development of developing countries. It is conducive to our export of our equipment to these countries. In the future, developing countries will become our important export markets.
    Second: companies must improve the technical content of their products
    If an enterprise wants to be invincible for long-term development, it must have its own core technology. Toward the development of intelligence, information, and networking, we learn from emerging foreign technologies to make the quality of our equipment meet the internationally prescribed standards, and gradually improve the performance of the equipment. Improve the R&D and innovation capabilities of enterprises, create new brands and seize the opportunity to enter the international market.
    Third: companies must strengthen the R&D and innovation of new products

    Our country should learn its technology from the aspects of similar packaging machinery in foreign countries, and the packaging machine should study its technology to create its own new products. Although most of our country has introduced or learned from foreign technology development in various industries, we should analyze its technology and absorb technology that is conducive to the development of packaging machinery in my country, and encourage innovation and development.

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  • For a long time, using steel as a rare metal means that traditional raw materials have made a great contribution to promoting the rapid development of my country's economy.
    There are many waste steel processing equipment used in the tiger head shearing machine sales market, such as metal baler, tiger head shearing machine, metal material vertical baling machine and so on. But they all have their own distinctive characteristics.
    Metal balers and metal material shears are currently widely used in the market. Because of their low price and easy operation, they are accepted by many consumers, but their low work efficiency has virtually improved network operators’ Cost fees make it lose its core competitiveness in the industry.
    1. Independent research and development of tiger head shearing machine, own brand, invention patent of tiger head shearing machine, perfect technology;
    2. It occupies a small area and the demand for Hutou Shearing Airport is low;
    3. Fully enclosed shearing material box, high safety coefficient of tiger head shearing machine; super large feeding port, enough to promote objects;
    4. Tiger head shearing machine cuts quickly, integrates various working conditions, intelligent operation, low cost and high efficiency;

    5. The cutting material limit is low, and the tiger head shearing machine has a wide coverage of material promotion, continuous feeding and continuous cutting.

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