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  • Biomass pellet machine is a professional equipment that presses waste straw into biomass fuel pellets or feed pellets. Hydraulic waste paper baler, also known as strapping machine, strapping machine or strapping machine, uses strapping straps to bind products or packages, and then tighten And the two ends are combined through the hot melt bonding method of the heating iron.

    The function of the waste paper baler is to reinforce the packaged goods, so that the goods will not be scattered due to inadequate tying during the transportation process and storage, and the tying should be uniform and beautiful. The molding quality of the biomass pellet machine in the waste paper waste paper baler factory is closely related to the setting of various parameters of the biomass pellet machine with the moisture content of the raw material. In addition to mastering precise operation control methods, we also need to pay attention to the moisture content of raw materials processed on behalf of others.

    The moisture content of the raw material of the biomass pellet machine includes the influence of too low specific gravity: the moisture content of the raw material of the waste paper waste paper baler factory is too low, which is not conducive to the plasticization and heat transfer of lignin, and it is not easy to form. Nick brand waste paper hydraulic baler is recognized by many customers with its high-quality qualifications and professional technology according to everyone's actual needs, and is trustworthy.
  • 1. It is forbidden to adjust the machine parameters privately during use.
    2. During the operation, it is forbidden to extend fingers and other parts of the body into the heating and transmission parts to avoid safety accidents.
    3. The operator is strictly prohibited from sleeping or playing with mobile phones during the operation.
    What are the advantages of the small waste paper baler for users?
    The advantage of the small waste paper baler relative to the user is that it can be customized according to the user's different selection needs. From design to processing and production, customers can participate in it, which can better meet the needs of customers and is more suitable for many waste recycling stations. , Cardboard Balers & Compactors ,Use by carton manufacturers.
    Features of small vertical waste paper baler
    1. Mainly applicable to garment factories and waste recycling stations.
    2. Hydraulic configuration: low-noise hydraulic circuit system, using imported and domestic high-quality components to ensure quality and reduce costs, the performance of the whole machine is stable.
    3. Simple structure, low failure rate, simple and quick maintenance.
    4. Easy installation, no need for foundation reinforcement.
    5. Feeding method: manual feeding is adopted.
    Application range of waste paper baler
    The waste paper baler is more commonly used in the packaging of waste paper such as domestic waste, industrial waste, processed scraps, straw, cotton and other relatively fluffy waste products. It can greatly reduce the occupied volume of waste products, facilitate transportation and storage, and reduce transportation costs.
    The purpose of semi-automatic waste paper baler:
    It is mainly suitable for the packing of loose materials, such as compressed packing of waste paper edges, cartons, straw, wheat straw, straw, and beverage bottles. for more information ,please visit :www.nkbaler.net 

  • 1. The direct influencing factors of the production efficiency of the waste paper baler: the type and specification of the baler, the output of different models is different, and the different specifications directly determine the production efficiency of the baler. At present, many people in the market choose the size of 1100×1250× With the size of 1700, the weight of each package can reach 1300kg-1500kg. If calculated according to 6-7 packages per hour, the output can reach 10 tons in one hour. So size, pressure configuration, etc. are very important
    2. The production of waste paper baler is inseparable from the performance of the oil cylinder. The performance of the oil cylinder determines the stability of the waste paper baler. To ensure the production performance of the product, you must choose a manufacturer with exquisite cylinder manufacturing technology.

    3. The operation convenience, control performance and low failure rate of the waste paper baler control system also determine the baling operation efficiency.

    4. The quality of the hydraulic oil selected for the waste paper baler, which directly determines whether the cylinder can exert a great effect, and also directly affects the failure rate and service life of the cylinder. We use Kunlun hydraulic oil, which greatly achieves the performance of hydraulic baler.

    Shaanxi Nick machinery equipment can supply many kinds of baler machine 
    Waste paper baler machine ,plastic baling machine ,metal press ,sawdust bagging machine ,rice husk baler machine ,rag bagging machine ,tire baler machine ,used cloth baling machine ,and many kind of strapping machine ,compactor ,baling press machine as so on . 

    For more information ,please visit : www.nickbaler.net or www.nkbaler.com 
    even you can send us whatsAPP:00 86 15021631102 to free talk and inquiry as any  time .

  • 1. It is necessary to conduct regular monthly inspections of all parts of the equipment, including the transmission parts and cylinders. We need to check the looseness of the screws or nuts in each part in detail.
    2. Regularly clean up the horizontal waste paper baler to remove all the remaining waste paper materials. It is important to note that in order to ensure the safety of humans and machines, we must ensure that the power supply is disconnected when cleaning up the waste paper baler. And use a relatively clean cloth to wipe. Also pay attention to the lubrication and maintenance of the transmission system and the parts of the end seal bearing.
    Waste paper baler

    1. The waste paper baler should be well fixed during installation: because the machine is running fast, uneven ground may shake the machine in vibration and cause safety hazards to the operators. Therefore, the ground must be kept flat, and the machine must be installed according to the instructions to keep the machine stable. When the machine is running, it is prohibited to touch the moving parts of the machine with your hands.  
    2. Electrical safety of the machine: ground the power supply of the machine to avoid electric shock caused by improper operation. There must be an automatic shutdown device for the power supply, so that the machine can automatically stop when there is an electricity problem to avoid electric shock and other conditions.   

    3. The cleaning of the machine: the waste paper baler often uses packaging cartons, etc., so it will be blocked by debris after a long time. Sometimes it will cause the machine to run poorly, cause damage to the machine, and reduce the service life of the machine. The machine should be cleaned regularly, and lubricating oil should be regularly applied to the parts that need lubricating oil.  

    4. The operator of the machine should do a good job of protection, such as wearing gloves, and prohibiting the head and hands from reaching the inside of the machine. Non-machine operators should keep a distance from the machine as much as possible to prevent damage caused by material splashing. 
    5. Check the machine before use, and run it for a while: after use, turn off the switches according to the steps.  
    6. Do not disassemble the protective cover of the machine at will: It is prohibited to disassemble the protective cover during the operation of the machine, and non-operators or technicians are not allowed to disassemble the protective cover of the waste paper baler at will.
  • After the busy farming period, a lot of crop stalks are piled up on the countryside and roadsides, occupying too much storage space, and it is not environmentally friendly or hygienic. In winter, it is a kind of fire and it is a serious fire hazard. The hydraulic straw baler is used to pack these straws, these unfavorable factors are completely solved, and the long-term troubles of these problems in the production and life of farmers are eliminated. It is an effective tool to reduce the burden on farmers and change the rural environment.

    The Nick Company hydraulic straw baler puts the straw into the feed port and then hydraulically compresses it. When the straw reaches a certain density in the fuselage, it will be automatically squeezed out, so that the straw bales are not scattered, and the formed straw bales are small and compact. It is compact, and the straw bales are loose inside and outside, with good air permeability, which is convenient for transportation and storage. Since the promotion and use of this machine, it has played a huge role in solving the pollution caused by straw recycling, rural straw burning, and straw utilization. The baled straw is convenient for loading and unloading and transportation, and the carrying capacity is increased by 2-3 times, which can save labor and transportation costs by more than 50%. It solves the inconvenience caused by ultra-high and ultra-broadband in transportation. It is deeply loved by farmers. It is a good helper for our farmer friends to make a fortune.For more information ,please visit: www.nkbaler.net
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