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  • There are always problems with the machine,and when the waste paper bale compactors is sick,it is just like a human being.If you don't pay attention to maintenance,there will be minor problems,and sometimes in the production process there will be miscellaneous phenomena.In order to make this "good helper" serve us better,we have to deal with its problems.Without minor problems,it will not only be vigorous,but also work efficiency will be greatly improved.
    We will prescribe the right medicine from four aspects to solve the problem of waste paper bale compactors:
    1.Daily overhaul and maintenance of waste paper bale compactors,and lubricate key equipment;

    2.Production is inseparable from the performance of the oil cylinder,which determines the stability of the waste paper bale compactors.To ensure product performance,choose a manufacturer with exquisite cylinder production technology;

    3.The quality of the hydraulic oil selected,which directly determines whether the cylinder can play a large role,but also directly affects the failure rate and service life of the cylinder;
    4.The convenience,control performance,and low failure rate of the control system also determine the package operation efficiency.
    Nick Machinery's waste paper hydraulic bale compactors is also constantly working hard to innovate and develop,and produce suitable different characteristics of waste paper hydraulic bale compactors for major manufacturers.

  • Today we introduce in detail the core hydraulic components of the waste paper baler-the scope and precautions for use of the check valve,and the specific functions of the check valve.
    In the hydraulic system of the waste paper baler,the one-way valve is widely used.It is commonly used in the following occasions:used at the outlet of the hydraulic pump to prevent the hydraulic oil from flowing back;used to isolate the connection between the oil circuits and prevent the oil circuits from interfering with each other;Used as a back pressure valve;Used as a bypass valve.

    2.Precautions for selection and use:

    When selecting a one-way valve,in addition to selecting the opening pressure reasonably according to the needs,special attention should be paid to the work.When the flow through the one-way valve is much smaller than the rated flow,the one-way valve sometimes vibrates,and the smaller the flow,the opening pressure The higher the oil,the more gas in the oil,the easier it is to produce vibration.
    Recognize the direction of the inlet and outlet during installation,and do not install it wrong,so as not to affect the normal operation of the system,especially when installing a check valve at the outlet of the pump,you should pay more attention.If the inlet and outlet of the check valve are installed reversely,the hydraulic pump may be damaged or the motor may be burned out.
    The small waste paper baler NK8060T15,NK20A and other products produced by Nick Baler are small in size,easy to operate and safe,and high in efficiency.Welcome to inquire 86-29-86031588.
  • The serious problem of marine pollution has caused people to pay attention to the problem of marine garbage and garbage disposal on ships.For marine garbage recycling programs,each has its own advantages.Such as:using ocean currents to eliminate garbage,establishing submarine fish farms,underwater garbage landfills,and using garbage to build artificial islands.
    So,how to deal with garbage on board?

    In order to ensure that the ocean is not polluted by any rubbish,at present,ports all over the world have agencies to collect ship rubbish.Advanced ships are equipped with garbage chambers,and the garbage produced by the ships can be sorted,collected,packaged,and then vacuum compressed by a dedicated marine garbage compressor.Or directly compress the volume and store it in storage,and wait until the ship docks for processing,so as to protect the marine environment and prevent the occurrence of ship diseases.

    At sea,no plastics,including garbage with plastic packaging,such as disposable lunch boxes and plastic garbage,are allowed to enter the sea.Plastic garbage cannot be burned in the ship's incinerator for garbage.Plastic garbage must be disembarked by the dock cleaners to the ship collection belt after the ship arrives ashore.Residues after incineration of ordinary garbage must also be put into garbage collection bags.When the quantity is large,and the volume is large,it can be compressed and stacked with a marine garbage compressor.Then send it ashore for disposal.
    The Nick brand marine Baling Machine is small in size,high in efficiency,automatic out of the package,and equipped with an emergency stop button to make the operation safer.
    If you are interested or have questions about the marine Baling Machine,please open our company's website: www.nkbaler.net,or call:86-29-86031588
  • Plastic bottles are the most common domestic waste in our daily lives,especially large supermarkets,shopping malls,stores,etc.,which have to deal with a lot of plastic bottles every day.
    In everyday households,plastic bottles left over after shopping are also very common.

    When dealing with plastic bottles,most people will throw the used plastic beverage bottle packaging beside the trash can outside,but over time,there will be too much garbage around the trash can,which affects traffic and also affects the appearance.

    As everyone knows,plastic bottles actually have more use value:plastic bottles can be processed again and recycled again,which not only saves resources,but also protects the environment.A lot of plastic bottles are needed to recycle.
    The plastic bottle Baling Machine produced by Nick can be used to pack plastic bottles,squeeze and compact waste cartons,and solve the problem of fluffy plastic bottles and inconvenient collection.The packaged bales can reach 250-350kgs/piece,and the output per hour 6-8 packs,which greatly solves the problem of plastic bottle collection and improves economic efficiency. 

  • Do you know how to use plastic Baling Machine?

    1.The branch power supply of the machine and running at the same time with other machines will not only damage the function of the machine,but also overheat the plug and socket,which may cause fire.

    2.The ground terminal of the machine must be connected to the ground.There is a risk of electric shock if it is not connected to the ground wire or not fully connected.

    3.The cross-sectional area of the wire using the extension cord is 0.75m㎡ and less than 10m.Using a cord outside this range will not only damage the function of the machine,but also overheat the plug and socket,which may cause a fire hazard.

    4.When installing or Baling super work,please be sure to use gloves,protective glasses and masks.If it is not used,it may cause injury or harm to health.

    5.This machine is a Baling machine that uses Baling belts on the objects to be packed.Do not use for other purposes.Packed objects refer to items that need to be packed.Do not put your hands or body close to the main unit.

    6.Do not remove the panel,cover,door and other parts while using the machine.When the parts are removed,it will not only cause the machine to malfunction,but also easily lead to ginseng accidents.
    7 Do not modify the machine.
    8.Do not place the power cord in aisles such as forklifts,or avoid direct pressure on the power cord and other places.Once the outer skin is damaged or disconnected,there is danger.
    9.Do not use wet hands to plug in and out the power plug,there is a danger of electric shock.

    10.Baling items with water or moisture may cause electric shock.

    11.When not in use,the plug on the socket must be unplugged.The insulation is degraded,causing electric shock or fire due to leakage.
    12.When the heating plate is at a very high temperature,please do not put combustible materials around the back of the machine,as there is a risk of fire.
    Nick brand plastic Baling Machine has good rigidity,toughness and volatility,beautiful appearance,convenient operation and maintenance,safe and energy-saving,and low investment in equipment foundation engineering.It can better serve you.
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