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  • When we buy a metal briquetting machine, we often pay more attention to the quality and price of the equipment. After using a high-quality, cost-effective equipment for a period of time, there are many problems. How exactly is this caused? All this is caused by not paying attention to after-sales service. Now we will introduce in detail what effect the after-sales service has on the metal briquetting machine.
    After-sales service includes not only the installation, commissioning and technical training of the metal briquetting machine, but also the maintenance and troubleshooting during use, as long as the problems in the production process are within the scope of the after-sales service. Many people think that after installation and debugging, there will be no major problems and production can be done. In fact, the metal briquetting press is a type of hydraulic press, and maintenance has a greater impact on it.
    Installation and commissioning affect the performance of the equipment and whether the equipment can be produced normally and quickly. It is generally carried out by professional technicians of the manufacturer. After the installation and commissioning, the metal briquetting machine manufacturer must provide technical training to the operating control personnel to train them How to operate the equipment, how to maintain the equipment, only after they master these skills can they start working. During the production process, always check the operating behavior of the operator and whether the metal briquetting machine is maintained in accordance with the requirements. If there is a malfunction, it should be reported. The minor problem can be solved by itself. If you can't find the cause, you should contact the manufacturer for help. Don't disassemble the equipment at will.
    The importance of after-sales service far exceeds the quality of equipment. When purchasing equipment, the manufacturer must provide after-sales service. During the production process, the operation control and maintenance personnel must be inspected. It is a must in the production process of the metal briquetting machine. The work to be done.

    Nick Machinery has been engaged in the production and sales of scrap metal briquetting machines for more than 10 years, and has perfect after-sales service. If you encounter any problems in use, you can contact our after-sales staff at 86-29-86031588, and our staff will answer you as soon as possible.

  • When it comes to second-hand metal chip briquetting equipment, everyone's first feeling is: unreliable quality, unguaranteed service, unreliable and other words, is this really the case? As a professional metal chip briquetting machine manufacturer, we can only say that it is not necessary. For those who do not understand, it is recommended to buy brand new equipment. For those who understand the equipment, they need to be cautious. Below we will introduce the hidden problems of the second-hand metal chip briquetting machine.
    1. Equipment quality: As the second-hand metal chip briquetting machine has been used for a period of time, it is impossible to determine whether the hydraulic components such as the equipment cylinder, hydraulic pump, and hydraulic valve are worn or damaged. If you buy it and use it for a period of time, it may malfunction, and the maintenance cost is very high. High and requires professionals. It is recommended that professionals check the usage when purchasing, and then decide whether to purchase.
    2. Equipment price: As there are more manufacturers of metal chip briquetting machines in my country, and there are no special regulations on equipment prices, the price of second-hand equipment is even more difficult to say. When buying, you should find professionals in this area. According to the service life and use of the equipment The situation determines an approximate price.
    3. Equipment service: The metal chip briquetting machine is a kind of hydraulic press equipment, which is a new equipment in recent years. It needs professional skills to operate it, and it needs regular maintenance in the later period. The purchase of second-hand equipment, installation, commissioning, and technical training all need to be solved by the customer, and there is no guarantee for repair or replacement of parts if failure occurs later. It is recommended to find the manufacturer and explain the situation. The manufacturer will generally provide paid services.
    4. Benefit protection: The purchase of second-hand metal chip briquetting machine is not guaranteed. No matter any problems in the future, the buyer needs to bear it. It is possible that the equipment you spend tens of thousands of dollars to buy is just a pile of scrap iron.
    5. In terms of normal production time: The equipment needs to be disassembled, transported to the customer site, and then installed and debugged. It usually takes 15-30 days, while the new equipment can be produced normally in only 3-4 days.
    Second-hand metal chip briquetting machine is not impossible to buy, but you need to understand the equipment and have professionals. Many second-hand metal chip briquetting machines with guaranteed quality and good maintenance are still available for purchase. Although the price of second-hand equipment is lower than that of new ones, it is recommended that you buy brand new ones for long-term and later investment considerations.

    Nick Machinery's metal briquetting machine has guaranteed quality, reasonable price, and perfect after-sales service. Welcome to buy www.nkbaler.net

  • We all know that the quality of metal chip briquetting machine is very important. It affects equipment performance and customer experience. There are many domestic manufacturers, but there are few manufacturers with guaranteed equipment quality. As a professional metal chip briquetting machine manufacturer Business, let’s introduce how to improve the quality of equipment.
    After summarizing, the factors that affect the quality of the metal chip briquetting machine are: the manufacturer's technical strength, processing capacity, quality management system, after-sales service quality and company management philosophy.
    The technical strength of the manufacturer determines whether the design of the metal chip briquetting machine is reasonable, especially the hydraulic system, which affects the stability and service life of the equipment. Manufacturers are required to have a certain technical foundation and innovation ability, and can give a reasonable design plan to the requirements of customers; after the plan is formulated, it is processing and assembly. Many parts require precision processing, otherwise it will affect the performance of the equipment; There must be a strict quality control system in the production process, which requires the quality supervision department to strictly control the quality; after the equipment is shipped to the customer site, the manufacturer must provide after-sales service so that customers who do not understand can operate the equipment normally; It will also affect the quality of the metal chip briquetting machine, which determines the attitude and mentality of the manufacturer to produce the equipment.
    Everyone wants to buy high-quality equipment. Only high-quality metal chip briquetting machine manufacturers can occupy the market for a long time and win the trust of customers. As long as the above points are followed, there should be no big problem.

    Nick Machinery adheres to the enterprise spirit of "integrity, quality, innovation, and service" and the service concept of "integrity-based, customer first", and continues to create more value for customers. "Be honest, do things down-to-earth" and win-win cooperation with customers www.nkbaler.net

  • When the hydraulic cylinder of the waste paper baler is found to be faulty, if a certain troubleshooting sequence is followed, the efficiency of troubleshooting will be greatly improved. The basic sequence of troubleshooting for the hydraulic cylinder of the hydraulic waste paper baler:
    1. Clarify the nature of the failure of the hydraulic cylinder when it is started, such as the movement speed does not meet the requirements; the output force is not appropriate; there is no movement; the movement is unstable; the movement direction is wrong; the action sequence is wrong; crawling, etc. No matter what kind of failure occurs, it can be attributed to some basic problems, such as flow, pressure, direction, orientation, force situation and so on.
    2. List the component catalog that may affect the failure. If the cylinder speed is too slow, it can be considered to be caused by insufficient flow. At this time, list the components that affect the flow of the cylinder, and then analyze whether the flow valve is blocked or not smooth; whether the cylinder itself is leaking; whether the pressure control valve has leaked Large-scale, focused inspection and testing, repair or replacement of unsuitable components.
    3. If there is no problem with the relevant components and the hydraulic parameters of each oil section are basically normal, then further check the factors of the hydraulic cylinder itself.

    Nick Machinery has a professional R&D design and after-sales team. If you encounter any difficult problems during use, you can always contact us www.nkbaler.net.

  • Before investing in a waste paper baler, you need to understand the market. Investors must pay attention to two points when investing. One is the rate of return, and the other is the problem of risk loss; in simple terms, I invest a part of the money, after a period of time , How much money can I earn back; and in the process of making money, what is the proportion and probability of capital loss; investment in waste paper baler needs to consider three factors:
    1. Invest in waste paper balers and engage in waste paper recycling, compression and packaging business projects. Key point 1: Whether there is a stable supply of goods. The input cost of purchasing new equipment and opening a waste paper Baling Press station includes (forklift, clamp truck, horizontal waste paper baler host, feeding conveyor belt, customers can choose according to their needs, floor scales, hydraulic oil generally 3-4 barrels, strapping rope) , There is still a certain amount of working capital in hand, with a total investment of about 300,000 yuan. As a novice investing in waste paper Baling Press stations, it is especially important to consider the average daily amount of waste paper recovered. It is especially important to choose a venue and contact paper collecting retail investors. Only by ensuring a certain amount of waste paper can be mass-produced in order to really bring considerable benefits.
    2. When buying waste paper packaging, you need to consider whether to choose a feeding conveyor. The normal operation of the waste paper Baling Press station requires at least two people. The investment in the complete set of waste paper balers includes a feeding conveyor platform, which can greatly reduce the amount of labor and the price of the complete set of balers is more cost-effective. If an old customer invests in waste paper baler equipment, he will choose a complete set of equipment. On the one hand, he already has a wealth of waste paper recycling experience, and the probability that the amount of waste paper recycling will increase in the later period is very high. Choosing a complete set of baler is economical and cost-effective, and can greatly reduce labor and increase production.  waste paper baler equipment manufacturers often encounter the situation of waste paper baler customers adding waste paper feeder equipment recently. As a newbie waste paper baler investor, if the investment budget is relatively loose in the early stage, you can also consider investing in a complete set of waste paper baler equipment.
    3. To buy a waste paper baler, you must choose a reliable manufacturer. Here are some things you need to be cautious about when buying a waste paper baler when choosing a manufacturer: 1. When encountering companies with many waste paper baler manufacturers, the general manufacturer of waste paper baler will not easily change their name, because of the long-term The business will accumulate a certain reputation influence. Now it is an era where word-of-mouth propaganda is paramount, and good product word-of-mouth is the goal pursued by regular waste paper baler manufacturers. 2. For some small workshops for the production of waste paper balers, we must choose carefully. When buying a hydraulic waste paper baler produced by a small workshop, be sure to inspect the customer site of the waste paper baler and ask the manufacturer about the technical specifications of the waste paper baler, the manufacturer’s operating years, product quality assurance and after-sales service.

    It is recommended that customers go to Nick Machinery to purchase. This is an enterprise that has been in the waste paper baler industry for nearly ten years. It has rich experience in production and use to ensure that more high-quality equipment serves thousands of households. 

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