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The stability of the automatic baler
Author : admin Time : 2023-01-03 AllPageView : 129

With the development of social economy, there are more and more styles of balers. Generally, automatic balers are used in food, chemical industry, medicine, light industry, etc. In order to complete multiple processes at one time, intelligent balers are gradually appearing in us. Now, let's take a look at the stability and accuracy of the automatic control system of the automatic baler. The hydraulic baler produced by NICKBALER Machinery is controlled by a servo system, which has strong stability and high accuracy. They are also called automatic balers, and the systems used are different, resulting in different results. Some customers have said that during the operation of their machines, the position of the machine will change over time. Why is this? This has a lot to do with the system used. The higher the system configuration, the higher the stability and performance, and the two are proportional. NICKBALER has conducted experiments on his own products. He placed a bottle of mineral water on the hydraulic drive and let the machine rotate. The mineral water bottle did not fall off or shake from beginning to end, which is why our products are very popular with customers , I believe you have a new understanding of the baler through my explanation.

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