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  • Green storage corn stalk feed can be divided into two types,ordinary green storage and whole plant green storage.
    The corn in the feed is concentrated feed.The corn green storage is made of corn when the nutrient content is the highest.The corn is harvested through the corn stalk hydraulic closed end baler.

    Compress the bag and make it into green grass storage blocks of about 65 kg,and store it for one year without adding concentrated feed.

    Regardless of whether it is green storage corn stalk feed,whole plant green storage or ordinary green storage,their packaging is inseparable from the green storage Green straw closed end baler
    Nick brand Green straw closed end baler has good rigidity and stability,and has a beautiful and generous appearance.
    It is easy to operate and maintain,safe and energy-saving,and the investment cost of equipment basic engineering is low. 
    It is a good helper for your production of green feed,which can help you save labor and reduce storage and transportation costs.

  • The report of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China stated that the GDP and the per capita income of urban and rural residents in 2020 will double from 2010.Therefore,the introduction of this goal shows that.

    In the future,my country’s economic development will focus more on quality and efficiency issues.
    In response to the current situation and problems in the industry and economic operation,in the face of many unfavorable factors such as slowing down of investment growth,tightening of resource and environmental constraints, rising factor costs,and declining profitability of industrial enterprises.
    Next year's industrial development can follow the idea of ?"stabilizing growth is supported,the transformation mode is driven,the structure adjustment is progressing,there are means to promote integration,and the risk control is prepared" to focus on promoting the adjustment of industrial structure and industrial transformation and upgrading.
    First,promote and implement the national income doubling strategy and focus on expanding domestic demand.
    Second,deepen the application of technological products and enhance the international competitiveness of emerging industries.

    Third,formulate and promote a new round of technological innovation strategies to promote the deep integration of the two.
    The fully automatic waste paper closed end baler produced by Baler Machine Inc.is gradually developing towards intelligence,constantly innovating and reforming technology,and making a small contribution to the hydraulic closed end baler industry and the transformation and upgrading of China's industry.

  • In the past,most of the Green straws of crops were wasted.Nowadays,the reuse of Green straw resources is gradually being valued by the public.However,there are still many Green straws that cannot be recycled and are discarded in farmland.
    The methods of comprehensive utilization of Green straw are mainly Green straw for power generation,briquetting as solid fuel,Green straw gasification,edible fungus cultivation,Green straw feed,etc.However,low comprehensive utilization rate is common in actual operations.
    For issues such as high costs,my country must place the development and utilization of crop Green straw in the strategic position of "big resources".
    How to improve the utilization rate of Green straw?
    1.The state needs to establish supporting policies to encourage enterprises and people to realize the reuse of recycled Green straw.
    2.A sound Green straw collection and storage system needs to be established.
    3.It is necessary to increase Green straw processing and storage technology to realize efficient use of Green straw.
    The Green straw recycling and reuse work needs to gradually catch up.Nick Machinery is an environmentally friendly equipment manufacturer of Green straw recycling closed end baler.It will also actively cooperate with national policies,observe the Green straw recycling market,and do a good job in Green straw recycling publicity.
    At the same time,it will do a good job in the promotion,production,sales and after-sales of the Green straw closed end baler and large-scale automatic Green straw compression closed end baler,which are used for recycling Green straw,and make an effort to promote the overall Green straw recycling rate in the country.
  • The renewable use of waste paper is the ultimate choice of many paper mills.Because trees are forest resources,the state has strictly prohibited cutting trees.
    Nowadays,many products are packaged in cartons. Therefore,setting up waste paper packing stations has become a more favorable business opportunity for many merchants.
    So what are the main investments in handling a waste packing station?Nick's analysis for everyone.

    The first is the forklift and other transportation equipment,which saves time and effort to transport waste paper.Other auxiliary equipment includes a floor scale (optional, if the funds are sufficient and the amount of waste paper is large,you can install one by yourself),transportation vehicles (funds If not,you can also rent a car in advance).

    The second is that we are more concerned about the waste paper closed end baler.The waste paper closed end baler has a small waste paper closed end baler,the larger one is the waste paper waste paper closed end baler,which can be selected according to the daily waste paper volume and location of the baling station.
    For a small or usual waste paper packing station,the cost of two sets of equipment (waste paper packing machine and forklift) is about 200,000 yuan.
    Nick brand vertical hydraulic closed end baler has good rigidity,toughness and stability,beautiful appearance,convenient operation and maintenance,safe and energy-saving,and low equipment basic engineering investment cost.Welcome to consult www.nkbaler.net.

  • Through the evaluation of the market,we can roughly estimate the daily recycling volume of waste paper.After finishing these preparatory work,the next step is to purchase packing station equipment.
    The equipment required to build a waste paper packing station includes waste paper packing machines,forklifts,floor scales and transportation vehicles.

    When buying a waste paper closed end baler,you should choose some reliable manufacturers to avoid being misled and deceived.After purchasing a closed end baler, you should first perform some necessary treatments on the work site,including the foundation.

    Ensure the stability and firmness of the waste paper closed end baler,and carry out the correct installation,debugging and training series.The waste paper packing work can be carried out normally.
    The series of waste paper closed end balers produced by Baler Machine include:semi-automatic waste paper closed end baler,automatic waste paper closed end baler,horizontal waste paper closed end baler,small vertical waste paper closed end baler,etc.
    It can also be customized according to the customer's intention.Nick's products always have a suitable product for you.You are welcome to inquire 86-29-86031588.
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