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After-sales of automatic baler
Author : admin Time : 2022-12-26 AllPageView : 223

For hydraulic balers, there will inevitably be some problems in the long-term production process. These problems are difficult for some customers, but easy to solve for hydraulic baler manufacturers. At this time, if the hydraulic baler manufacturer can solve it in time, it can reduce the loss caused by customer downtime. Therefore, when buying a baler, quality is the first thing to consider, but after-sales is also critical. A few days ago, I visited a waste recycling station on the recommendation of a friend. He happened to have a horizontal semi-automatic baler at home. The equipment is still under warranty. From the words of the boss of the waste recycling station, I learned that the equipment is in operation. Overall, it's okay, but there are a few things that need to be improved. The most chilling thing is the after-sales service of the equipment, which is obviously in the warranty period, but the hydraulic baler manufacturer ignores it, which makes the owner of the recycling station very speechless. Finally, with our help, he solved his pressing needs. Sharing this real case today is to remind everyone that after-sales service is really important, and perfect after-sales service is the guarantee for safe use later.

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