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  • Your business relies on waste paper or cardboard box. It’s hard to imagine how products would make it in and out without waste paper or cardboard box.
    But although waste paper or cardboard box is essential, it takes up a lot of room when you’re done using it, thus taking up space in your facility that could otherwise be put to better use.
    Enter the waste paper baler or cardboard box baler.
    These devices allow you compress waste paper or cardboard box into small, manageable bales, giving you less waste to deal with. They’re incredibly useful devices, but like any machinery, you need to exercise precautions when using them.
    training for waste paper or cardboard box balerHere are a few ways to make sure you’re using your waste paper Baler machinesafely.
    1. Train your team
    Safety starts with proper training. Make sure everyone on your team has gotten proper instruction from qualified personnel on how to run the baler. Encourage them to study the operator manual and document training at each stage.
    2. Not everyone can use the baler
    If you have any employees who are under 18, keep them away from the baler. Not only is this a good practice in terms of safety, it’s the law
    3. Never ignore warning labels
    Warning labels on your waste paper Baler machine should be kept well-maintained and put in places where they are easy to read. Some must-have warnings may include pinch-points, high voltage and operator age.
    4. Pay attention to removal rules
    Your baler might turn your old waste paper or cardboard box into a compact cube, but those bales will still be pretty big and heavy. Make sure you’ve trained your workers on the right way to handle the equipment you’ll need to remove and store those bales. Your facility needs to have the right conditions to store and stack the bales safely.
    5. Electrics and hydraulics
    Most balers operate using intense hydraulic pressure, which means addressing any oil or liquid leaks and/or spills as soon as possible, as these can alter the pressure affect the effectiveness of the baler.
    Inspect the hoses on your waste paper Baler machineregularly for mechanical abrasion, cuts or other damage. Hoses are susceptible to age and heat, so replace them as you see signs of wear or heat damage.
    And keep the baler’s electrical panels free of dirt and debris, while making sure the electrical panels are securely closed. And as with the hoses, inspect the baler’s wiring and conduits regularly. If you notice any signs of damage, repair it right away so that the safety of your workers and the effectiveness of your machinery isn’t at risk.
    6. Make safety a priority
    Conduct routine safety checks on your waste paper Baler machineand fix any issues as soon as possible. Make sure your machine is well maintained.
    Keep an eye out for structural issues such as cracks or signs of stress on the machine’s frames, welds and cylindrical mouths. If something seems off, exercise caution and suspend operation until the baler meets proper safety standards.
    waste paper Baler machineprocess ?Has your waste paper Baler machineseen better days? Does your facility feel like it’s drowning in waste paper or cardboard box? Turn to nkbaler for help.
    We carry a range of different balers and compactors, designed to deliver long life, excellent reliability and optimal levels of safety with the lowest possible maintenance costs.
  • What is the principle of using waste plastic hydraulic balers?
    Waste plastic hydraulic baler, which is a packaging equipment, belongs to the category of equipment accessories. It is mainly suitable for the packaging of loose materials, such as waste plastics, cartons, straw, wheat straw, straw, beverage bottles and other compression packaging. So, what is the principle of its use? Let Nick Machinery Equipment Company introduce it to you.

    Usually, using the Nick brand baler technology, it is now designed as a dual-circuit control of the whole machine, which is more stable and reliable than the previous single-circuit control performance. The dual-circuit control makes the internal load of the machine board lower, and the baler structure runs more smoothly between each circuit. stable. As a baler manufacturer, our performance is superior, the quality is more reliable, the inspection and commissioning is simpler and more convenient, and the first one to use the photoelectric control. Wind plastic hydraulic baler works by tightening, heat capacity, cutting tape, and bonding. The professional baler factory has a wide range of production. No matter the size of the package, it can be packaged without adjusting the machine. The packaging baler is a mechanical structure, and some parts are imported baler parts. The rear cutting edge is stable and reliable, the adjustment is convenient, and the price of the baler is reasonable.as more information ,please visit :www.nkbaler.net
  • The straw baler contains a semi-automatic straw baler.

    Commonly used straw balers include semi-automatic straw balers, automatic straw balers, fully automatic straw balers and manual straw balers. Depending on the degree of automation, the name is different and the price is different.

    The straw baler is an environmental protection device that utilizes the hydraulic principle to compress straw, straw, etc. into pieces, which is conducive to the savings, transportation and utilization of straw. It is now widely used in the agricultural animal husbandry industry and plays a huge role in protecting the environment and resources. Straw balers and straw briquetting machines are two different types of equipment. Although the working principle is the same, the structure is very different.

    Straw baler is widely used in various straw baler waste paper mills, old materials recycling companies and other unit enterprises. It is used for packing and recycling old waste paper and plastic straw, which is to improve labor efficiency, reduce labor intensity, save manpower and reduce transportation. Good equipment for spending.

    safety protection

    1. After the equipment is installed, the grounding protection terminal in the electric control box must be connected to the grounding angle iron with a wire diameter of not less than 16 square millimeters. (The grounding protection angle iron is installed by the customer.) The equipment is not connected to the grounding protection. Check that the grounding protection cable is connected properly.
    2. Non-professionals are prohibited from opening the electrical control box for overhaul.
    3. It is forbidden for users to modify the wiring of the electrical system by themselves.
    4. Users are not allowed to adjust system pressure themselves.
    5. It is forbidden to replace the original accessories on the device by yourself.
    6. Rain protection measures shall be added to the hydraulic system and electrical system of key parts of the equipment.
    7. It is forbidden to operate the equipment under the age of 18.
    8. Operation of equipment is prohibited without training.
    9. Do not allow signs such as tearing, smearing, or safety warnings on the equipment.
    10. Please use a stable power supply with sufficient capacity. Consider the voltage attenuation caused by the long transmission distance when you are far away from the transformer. Use a power cable with sufficient wire diameter.
    11. Fire-fighting equipment such as fire extinguishers should be placed near the equipment. The operator should know how to use the fire extinguisher.
    12. If there is any abnormality such as smoke on the site or equipment, use fire-fighting equipment in time and call the fire.
    13. Children and unrelated persons are prohibited from being in the vicinity of the equipment during operation to avoid accidents.
    14. Please disconnect the main power switch before troubleshooting.

    Remember: All live wiring will accidentally damage the equipment or endanger personal safety.

    if need more information ,please check :www.nkbaler.com

  • The waste paper baler should pay attention to the following items when loading the test machine:

    1, should pay attention to check the tight seals and pipe joints with or without leakage.
    2. When the gauge pressure reaches a large working pressure, the pressure can be stopped.
    3. During the pressure holding test, within 10 minutes after the motor is stopped, the pure pressure of the table should be greater than 1.96 MPa.
    4. When the gauge pressure reaches the large operating pressure, the safety valve can be automatically opened and the pressure oil flows back to the fuel tank. During the test, the temperature of the fuel tank should not be higher than 65 °C. The unloading test of the NK1070T60 frame-pressed waste paper baler is based on the ability to eject the plastic bag without encountering difficulties. The above items can be produced after they meet the requirements.
  • Waste paper baler 30T waste paper baler has unique toughness and sex, good shape, convenient operation, energy saving, and low cost of equipment infrastructure investment. It is widely used in various waste paper mills, old materials recycling companies and other unit companies. It is suitable for the packaging and recycling of used waste paper, molecular compound plastic straw, etc. It is labor efficiency, labor intensity, saving labor, and transportation expenses. Good equipment. Introduced advanced technology and advanced technology of similar products from home and abroad. Waste paper balers are mainly used to recover compressed cardboard, waste film, waste paper, multi-porous materials, beverage cans and industrial scraps, and various metal scraps and other packaging materials to guess waste. This waste paper baler saves space, saves up to 80% of the stacking space, transports money, and helps to protect the environment and recycle. 30T waste paper baler structure:

    1. The waste paper baler is mainly composed of hydraulic cylinder, motor and fuel tank, pressure plate, box and base, upper door, lower door, door latch, packing belt bracket and iron branch.
    2, the mainframe frame: high-quality thick steel plate gas-filled welding and casting close contact framework Advanced mechanical pre-fake makes the equipment not easy to use for a long time.
    I want to improve the flexibility of the waste paper baler. Modern companies need more than just stand-alone equipment, more of a full set of production line equipment, and a waste paper baler that can be flexibly matched with various production lines is the best in the equipment. Extend the use of waste paper balers to save years of life and make the equipment easier to maintain. It is not easy to buy a waste paper baler. Whether it is from the company's production efficiency or the consumer's packaging requirements, you should choose a high-quality, cost-effective machine.
    To expand the development of waste paper balers, we must upgrade their technology, let the waste paper balers work with us to create the future of wonderful beauty, and require strictness to allow ourselves to be more self-disciplined and treat the development and grasp every market. The development opportunities are tailor-made for companies that use waste paper balers, and strive to achieve user satisfaction and multi-faceted satisfaction.
    The depreciated flow rate of the inlet and outlet throttling speed regulation is discharged through the overflow valve. Regardless of the load size, the pump must work under the pressure set by the overflow valve of the waste paper baler; the bypass throttling speed regulation is discarded. The flow rate is drained by a throttling or speed control valve. A safety valve is provided in the circuit, and the safety valve is only opened when the circuit pressure exceeds its set value, and the working pressure of the pump varies with the load. Other special properties of the inlet throttle throttle speed regulation, such as the speed regulation range and the smooth operation of the work, are better than the bypass throttle speed regulation.as more information ,please visit :www.nkbaler.com
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