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  • It is convenient for users to manage the silage bales after production and can be sold to all parts of the country. It can meet the needs of transportation by the distance and the silage space is no longer subject to harvest. Silage is the use of a silage baler to compress, bundle, wrap and then ferment the broken or smashed corn stalks.we called stalk balers or Silage baler , After being packaged, the silage straw feed is subjected to anaerobic fermentation of lactic acid bacteria under sealed conditions, which not only preserves the high nutritional value of the feed itself, but also increases the palatability of livestock such as cattle and sheep, and improves the digestibility of the feed. In such sealing conditions, silage can be stored for 2-3 years. The silage straw baler has the characteristics of simple operation and flexibility. Because many pastures and silage materials are planted too far away, especially in many areas in the south, where silage is lacking. The way to make silage has always been to use traditional storage methods. This traditional method is not only time-consuming and labor-intensive, but also requires special personnel to manage, and the uncertainty of the weather is also a huge impact on the quality of silage. The threat factor, and the process of using silage is cumbersome and laborious.
  • The most direct influencing factors of the production efficiency of the Nick Machinery Plant waste paper baler: the packaged model specifications, the different models of different sizes, and the different specifications directly determine the production efficiency of the baler.
    The production efficiency of the conventional waste paper baler is higher than that of the bale with the door. The efficient production of the horizontal waste paper baler is also inseparable from the performance of the baler cylinder. The performance of the cylinder determines the stability of the baler.
    To ensure the high-efficiency production performance of the baler, we must choose the manufacturer of the baler with excellent craftsmanship.
    The quality of the hydraulic oil selected by the baler, the quality of the hydraulic oil directly determines whether the cylinder can exert the maximum effect, and also directly affects the failure rate and service life of the cylinder.as more information ,please visit : www.nkbaler.com
  • Applicable fields of gantry shearing machine: suitable for metal recycling processing plant, scrap car dismantling field, renewable resource material recycling industry, color steel tile, bicycle rack, motorcycle rack, scrap car iron, hydraulic oil drum for various shapes Various metal structures such as refrigerator iron, TV shell, angle steel, channel steel, and small compacts are cold-cut and processed into qualified furnace materials. The characteristics of the gantry shearing machine: 
    1. The equipment adopts hydraulic transmission. Compared with the mechanical transmission shearing machine, it has small volume, light weight, small inertia, low noise, stable movement, convenient operation, flexibility and large shear cutting surface. The utility model has the advantages of convenient adjustment of the scissors mouth, safe operation and easy to realize overload protection.
     2. The device has manual, automatic and remote control functions. The operation control is convenient and simple. The scissors mouth starts cutting and stopping at any position in the working process to achieve high work efficiency. 
    3. The piston adopts foreign bsf grid to seal, not only can maintain the shear force at high oil temperature, but also is used for processing and cutting various scraps into various specifications for a long time. Flame cutting reduces processing costs. The gantry shears are made of various steel plates, copper plates, aluminum plates and non-metallic materials with the thickness of the machine tool. 
    In addition, the materials are no hard marks, welding slag, slag inclusions, weld materials, and super thickness is strictly prohibited. Eliminate the use of gantry shears for overload. Do not shear hardened steel and hard steel, high speed steel, alloy steel, castings and non-metallic materials. The gantry shearing machine of our company is of high quality and low price. The gantry shearing machine avoids material jamming, effectively raises the shearing power level, and has the characteristics of ring running cost and rising shear power level. as more information ,please visit : www.nkbaler.com 
  • The development of the plastic machinery industry of the Nick Machinery Plant hydraulic waste paper baler, combined with China's national conditions and the basic reality of the existing industry, strengthen the "three links", that is, the hydraulic waste paper baler and the high-end related hydraulic waste paper packaging How to buy cotton baler? I believe that after reading the expert experience, you will definitely make the right choice, take less detours, and choose the Italian baler. In production, many companies or individuals need to use a baler for the convenience of storage and transportation.
    Quality of hydraulic waste paper baler: Work accidents are unwilling to be seen by factories and individuals. How to avoid industrial accidents, in fact, the quality of the purchase of machinery is particularly important. Because of the versatility and commonality of the baler, the baler is used frequently and wears more. How to keep the performance of the baler stable and use it longer? Nick Machinery Factory recommends that you have a certain amount of effort in purchasing.
  • China automatic waste paper baler manufacturers. Nick Machinery Factory takes products as the leader, capital as the link, and our factory culture as the core, covering various kinds of hydraulic equipment such as waste paper balers and waste plastic balers; mesh belt conveyors, chain conveyors, etc. device. How to repair the waste paper baler hydraulic pump of Nick Machinery Factory: Waste paper baler In our normal use, it is forbidden to disassemble the hydraulic pump. The hydraulic fluid used in the hydraulic system of the hydraulic baler is very compressible. Under normal circumstances, its influence is negligible, so even if the hydraulic baler system contains a small amount of air, the impact on the hydraulic baler is very large. of. The air dissolved in the oil will escape from the oil when the pressure is low, resulting in gas saturation and cavitation. In the high pressure zone, these bubbles are quickly crushed under the action of pressure oil, which is compressed abruptly, causing noise in the hydraulic baler system. At the same time, when the gas is suddenly compressed, a large amount of heat is released, causing local overheating and hydraulic pressure. The components and hydraulic oil are damaged. The high compressibility of the air also causes the actuator to creep, disrupt the smoothness of the work, and sometimes even cause vibration, which affects the normal operation of the hydraulic baler system. According to the different reasons why the air enters the hydraulic baler system, the following points should be noted in the use and maintenance. First, an exhaust valve should be installed on the upper part of the hydraulic baler to facilitate the discharge of the air in the cylinder and the system. The hydraulic baler adapts to changes in oil temperature and load that are greater than the use of a throttle valve. The parallel hydraulic cylinder synchronous circuit of the control valve using the flow rate has a simple structure and a low cost, so the application is relatively common.

    2. Try to prevent any pressure in the hydraulic baler system from being lower than atmospheric pressure. At the same time, use a particularly good sealing device. Replace the failure in time. Screw the pipe joint and each joint surface to clean the hydraulic pressure. The oil filter at the inlet of the baler tank.

    Third, in daily work, always check the height of the liquid oil surface in the hydraulic baler tank, and its height should be maintained on the oil mark scale line. At the lowest surface, the suction nozzle and the same oil pipe mouth should also be kept below the liquid level and must be separated by a partition. If there is an accident, please stop working immediately.as more information ,please visit us : www.nkbaler.com  

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