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Reasons for air leakage of horizontal waste paper baler Press
Author : admin Time : 2020-10-19 AllPageView : 414
The horizontal waste paper baler Press is a kind of equipment that can pack and bundle waste paper items.However,the horizontal waste paper baler Press often leaks when it is working,so the horizontal waste paper baler Press mainly leaks What are the reasons for it?

1.The sealing ring of the cylinder of the horizontal waste paper baler Press is damaged.The downward pressure of the cylinder is driven by the air source in the cylinder to push the cylinder downward,but when the sealing ring in the cylinder is damaged,the cylinder cannot form a sealing effect. At this time,the cylinder will leak air,and then the horizontal type The waste paper packer cannot work properly.

2.The solenoid valve is leaking.The solenoid valve of the horizontal waste paper baler Press is a linking device between the intake pipe and the cylinder.Although it is not part of the cylinder,its function is also the same.When the solenoid valve is used for a long time,air leakage will also occur.
3.The triple parts are damaged.
Therefore,we must carefully check during production and pay attention to the daily maintenance of the baler Press.
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