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Horizontal waste paper packer can reduce the waste of waste materials
Author : admin Time : 2020-10-21 AllPageView : 350
The recycling and utilization of waste paper is a measure to reduce waste of resources and greatly increase production efficiency in our country.

Before the horizontal waste baling machine packs waste paper,the waste paper must be sorted,processed,and deinked before it can be packaged.If the waste paper recycling process is not strictly sorted.This results in mixing of different types and grades of waste paper.In this way,it is difficult for paper mills to produce different products using different types of waste paper,which affects the quality of waste paper recycled pulp and increases costs.

At the same time,the ability of the production process of the horizontal waste baling machine cannot be brought into full play.For horizontal waste baling machine raw material purchasers,there are few waste paper warehouses during the storage and custody of waste paper,and they are generally stacked in the open air,which can easily cause the quality of waste paper to decrease due to the sun and increase the loss.

The horizontal waste baling machine produced by Nick Machinery will help you develop new markets with new technologies,new processes,new additives and new equipment in the development and utilization of waste paper raw materials.

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