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  • There will be loss during the use of the metal cake press,and the performance of the equipment will be affected if the loss is large,but pay attention to the following operating methods to reduce the wear of the equipment.
    1. Frequently check the condition of the equipment cylinder,if the cylinder piston is not clean,clean it up in time.
    2. The hydraulic oil used in the oil tank must be kept clear and free of impurities,and the hydraulic oil must be replaced after a period of time.
    3. The speed of the oil pump must be controlled well,and the pressure cannot be increased too quickly or too strongly, or the hydraulic system will be subject to a huge impact,which will affect the performance of the equipment.
    4. The handle of the operating oil pump is suitable,and it cannot be lengthened or swayed.
    5. The safety valve cannot be disassembled at will,and the spring cannot be adjusted at will. In order to avoid pipeline safety risks.

    6. Check the working condition of the metal cake press frequently.If there are any abnormal parts, pay attention to repair or replacement.

    Finally, if the metal cake press is not used for a long time,wipe it clean and store it in a well-ventilated environment. Nick brand metal baler is easy to operate, safe and energy-saving, it is your best helper.
  • Gantry scissors is an environmentally friendly product,which is very popular today.Now the new type of gantry shears are hydraulically driven,the advantages of hydraulic gantry shears are very prominent,mainly reflected in the following aspects.
    1. Superior performance,stable cutting with gantry shears,fast cutting speed,and no noise,it is a very good equipment.
    2. The gantry shears are easy to install and operate,and it does not require any foundation.You can use the gantry shears immediately after a simple training.
    3. The gantry shear has a wide range of applications,and it is easy to control no matter what material it is cutting.For example,all kinds of scrap steel plates,ferroalloys,etc.,can be cut with gantry shears.

    4. Longmen scissors are environmentally friendly products.Modern people pay great attention to environmental protection,and longmen scissors will not produce pollution during use.This not only meets the needs of environmental protection development,but also improves social and economic benefits.

    In short, gantry shears have superior performance and are worth choosing.Nick plate shears are recognized by many customers with high-quality qualifications and professional craftsmanship according to everyone's actual needs, and they are trustworthy.
  • The metal baler can pack all kinds of metal scraps,and squeeze the metal scraps into the qualified charge of various shapes such as cuboid,cylinder and hexagon.This can effectively reduce transportation and smelting costs,and it can also increase the speed of the furnace.Metal balers are mainly used in steel mills,recycling industries,and non-ferrous and ferrous metal smelting industries.

    The metal baler is hydraulically driven.Of course,you can choose manual operation or PLC automatic operation.There are many ways to unload the package,you can choose to turn the package,push the side,push the package,and of course,you can also choose to take the package manually. 

    At present,there are a variety of metal baler models on the market.Customers can choose a more suitable model according to their own needs.If there is no power supply in the place where they are used,they can choose a diesel engine for power.
    Nick brand metal baler is easy to operate, safe and energy-saving, and is your best helper.

  • For an enterprise,nothing is more important than cost savings.So how can we save labor and produce efficiently,it must be with the help of equipment.Metal baler is a cost-saving equipment.

    From a big point of view,only one-time purchase is required,and the packaging work can be completed efficiently by consuming electric power.This way, a piece of equipment can not only replace multiple labor costs,but also ensure the quality and speed of packaging.Every worker is at the speed of a metal baler,so this kind of equipment is really a good helper for the company and can save most of the cost.

    From a small point of view,such equipment does not occupy a large area,and it is very convenient to use a conveyor belt to connect to other equipment.After a year,the total output value will definitely double or even double.
    The Nick brand metal baler has a reasonable structure design, a small footprint, improves work efficiency and produces more economic benefits.
  • Silage technology is to solve the problem of lack of green feed in winter cattle and sheep breeding,which leads to insufficient nutrition.Silage can ensure that the cattle and sheep can eat nutritious feed in winter when the green and yellow are not picked up.It can ensure that the cattle and sheep can also ensure the meat quality and healthy growth in winter,and increase the economic income of farmers.
    So what are the benefits of silage for cattle and sheep?
    1. Abundant raw materials.The raw materials that can be used in silage technology are mainly peanut seedlings,straw (such as corn stalks),pasture, etc.,which can be used in silage technology to produce feed.In particular, a large amount of corn stalks are silaged to reduce the waste of corn stalks and at the same time. Because of the environmental problems caused by straw burning.
    2. Rich in nutrition.Corn stalks can be silaged from rhizomes to leaves.More than 85% of the nutrients in the stalks can be preserved through silage technology, and nutrient losses such as carotene and crude protein can be reduced to less.The use of silage is rich in nutrients and meets The growth needs of cattle and sheep breeding.
    3. Good palatability.Compared with hay, silage is soft,juicy nutritious,sweet and fragrant,and has a good taste.It is very suitable for autumn and winter and lacks green feed.The feeding of cattle and sheep uses silage,which can greatly promote the digestive glands of cattle and sheep.Secretion helps the digestion and absorption of feed.

    4. Easy to store.The packaged materials can be stored for a long time,the feed is not easy to deteriorate,and the freshness time is long (natural preservation up to 2-3 years),and it is convenient for transportation and storage,saving space.

    Nick brand green storage forage baler is safe and reliable,low power consumption,economical and reasonable,easy to use,simple to maintain and operate.It is a good helper for your production.
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