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  • With the further development of production technology in recent years,the types and types of clothing balers are gradually increasing.Of course,the machine can also be customized according to the actual requirements of customers.Let's learn about the specific customization requirements.

    1.Automatic baler,Generally,the clothing baler is purely manual operation,that is to say, manual work is needed in the process of discharging,operation and final packing.Then some customers ask for automatic packing.There are two common ways:one is to use steel wire rope to pop the finished product out of the bag box;the other is to add an oil cylinder at the back to push the finished product out.

    2.Conveying and feeding:for the clothing baler, due to the small size of the bag box,it is not recommended for customers to use conveyor belt.The large feeding device is mainly suitable for automatic waste paper baler and large-scale production.

    3.The packing weight can be increased by increasing the size of the packing box,but it needs to be improved in combination with the cylinder pressure,stroke and support bearing capacity.

    Nick company is a professional company which is engaged in the development,production,sales and service of hydraulic machinery and  baler machinery equipment.It is your only choice to focus on building a professional,integrity building reputation,and service casting sales volume.
  • The metal baler,as the name suggests,is a kind of equipment used to pack goods.As a kind of automated advanced equipment,it can improve the efficiency of commodity packaging and save operating costs for enterprises.Pay attention to the use of metal baler,the equipment will be worn.

    The wear of the metal baler includes normal wear and adhesive wear.Normal wear is inevitable.It is the wear that will inevitably occur during the operation of the equipment.The wear in this case is relatively light and does not damage the equipment.But if it is adhesive wear,it is the wear of the equipment in an abnormal state,which will have a bad effect on the equipment and needs to be dealt with.

    Usually,check the wear and tear of the baler regularly.If the wear is particularly serious,you must find out the cause.If you can't solve it by yourself,you must find a professional to repair it.The Nick brand metal baler is simple to operate and automatically discharges the package,which improves work efficiency.The installation of emergency stop settings makes the operation safer and perfect after-sales.

  • Metal baler is a kind of baling equipment,which is used in many industries.Using the baler, everyone hopes that it can work efficiently for a long time.So how can we improve the working efficiency of the metal baler?
    1. Be sure to choose a high-performance baler.There are many types of baler.When choosing,be sure to find a baler with good performance and high quality,so as to ensure that the equipment has a better use effect.
    2. Choose different types of balers according to different production requirements.This is because the products to be packaged are different,and the packaging specifications and packaging requirements are different.A reasonable selection can make the baler fully function.

    3. Pay attention to the maintenance of the baler,especially the cylinder should be checked regularly.The performance of the cylinder will directly affect the performance of the baler.Choosing hydraulic oil should also choose high-quality products of the brand.

    In short,the selection of metal baler must be of good quality to better serve you.Nick brand metal baler has simple structure, small volume, simple daily operation and maintenance, convenient transportation and storage, continuous operation and high efficiency.
  • Now no matter what industry it is,things need to be packaged and sealed so that the goods can be transported safely. At this time,a special baler is needed,which is not only fast,but also able to seal tightly.Ever heard of a metal baler?
    1. Easy to operate.In use,it does not require much operation,only two steps.Basically,one package is completed at a time, and it will stop immediately after the package is finished,which is very power-efficient.The most important thing is that the structure of the baler is relatively compact,and it is more comfortable to use and convenient to pack.

    2. Wide range of application.Most industries will use this kind of packer,not only for food,but also for use,and it is very popular in medicine.However,some maintenance is required,and normal cleaning is very necessary.

    The metal baler is also very cleverly designed,it only takes five seconds to heat up,very fast.As long as it detects that you are not using it,it will automatically stop working,very smart.Nick brand metal baler has simple structure,stable action,simple operation,low failure rate and easy cleaning and maintenance.It is a good helper for your production.

  • The selection of gantry shears is skillful,and only the right equipment can be selected to better complete the production.So,how do you choose gantry scissors?Here are some tips for you!
    First of all,gantry shears are divided into automatic and manual.Manual equipment is relatively cheap,but automatic equipment has higher work efficiency and processing quality,which can reduce labor costs, so automatic gantry shears are more popular.
    Secondly,choose equipment with wide applicability.The materials to be processed by gantry shears are various.When choosing gantry,you should see whether the equipment is suitable for processing various metals.If it is more applicable, it will be more applicable.Convenience.

    Finally, choose equipment of big brands,with high quality and guaranteed quality.

    Nick plate shears are recognized by many customers with high-quality qualifications and professional craftsmanship according to everyone's actual needs, and they are trustworthy.
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