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Reasonable maintenance of straw silage baler
Author : admin Time : 2021-01-25 AllPageView : 427
Nick's high-end technology makes the straw silage baler more suitable for the development of the times and provide you with better services.
As the name suggests, the straw silage baler is to pack and summarize the straw, which effectively saves space, reduces the phenomenon of straw burning, and protects the environment. But no matter how good the equipment is, if it is not maintained, it will also reduce the service life of the equipment. The key is to reduce the working efficiency of the equipment. Next, Nick Machinery briefly summarizes the maintenance methods of the straw silage baler.
1. The engine and cylinder of the straw silage baler need to be added with appropriate amount of hydraulic oil frequently. We need to fill the oiler with 46# hydraulic oil to provide a fixed amount of oil for the machine.

2. The hydraulic stability of the straw silage baler is also a major issue that cannot be ignored. The unstable hydraulic pressure will directly affect the quality of the baling.

3. We need to conduct regular inspections of the straw silage baler, and solve the problem in time when we find the problem, no matter the size, don't delay, and develop the good habit of solving it in time.
4. We must keep the whole machine of the straw silage baler clean and store it in a proper place.
Reasonable maintenance of the straw silage baler can effectively improve the efficiency of the equipment.
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