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  • The waste plastic baler is a kind of packaging equipment that integrates various functions and functions.The waste plastic baler has various functions.It can press out the package with little difference in appearance,size,size and specifications.This can effectively reduce the cost of transportation and storage,and at the same time,it also meets the needs of using containers for transportation.It is precisely because of the multi-faceted,multi-application and common use of the waste plastic baler that it can effectively pack the waste plastic baler.Used in all walks of life,increasing the importance of waste plastic baler in the industry.

    The biggest feature of the waste plastic baler is that the pressure generated is relatively large.The current waste plastic baler commonly used in enterprises has a relatively high degree of automation.Except for the feeding process,all other actions can be controlled by the program,and the rigidity is relatively high.

    The range of raw materials that can be processed is also relatively wide.The compression chamber of this machine equipment can be designed as a drawer-type box structure,so it can also be processed and packaged for various large-scale shells,such as car covers or holding furnaces.The products processed by it have relatively high quality and good economic benefits.The products processed by the waste plastic baler are smooth in appearance,consistent in specifications,and relatively dense.

    Nick brand waste plastic baler has good rigidity,toughness and volatility,beautiful appearance and stingy,convenient operation and maintenance,safe and energy-saving,and low investment in equipment foundation engineering.It can better serve you.

  • For the waste paper baler industry, there are countless competitors.Choosing Nick's waste paper baler equipment will give you the following advantages.

    1,The first and foremost of course is the quality of Nick's waste paper baler equipment.Unqualified products are harmful to manufacturers and customers.The manufacturer does not want to ruin the local market because of this substandard product.Nick's waste paper baler implements a quality responsibility system throughout the production process to ensure that the product can meet the qualified standards in all aspects,so that customers can use it with confidence.

    2,Next is perfect service.There are problems with machines,and this is an unstoppable reality.The most important thing is to deal with problems in time.Nicke has a dedicated after-sales service team,responsible for all market areas.It can arrive at the site for treatment as quickly as possible,reducing the loss caused by equipment shutdown.
    3,Long-term benefits.Our company cooperates with manufacturers of hydraulic oil,packing rope and other related fields.Customers can purchase auxiliary materials for these waste paper balers at low prices,saving costs.
    Choose Nick's waste paper baler equipment, with assured quality, perfect service, and worry-free after-sales.

  • The specialized clothing packing machine is mainly used in the clothing factory,the clothing and the textile,the packing station to take the packing material loose color compression packing,also is suitable for each kind of loose material packing.It can also be used for packing all kinds of light foam and loose materials.It can be used in

    cotton,wool,waste paper,waste paper box,waste paperboard,yarn,tobacco leaf,plastic,cloth,woven bag,knitted velvet,hemp,sack,top,wool ball,cocoon,silk,hops,wheat firewood,straw,waste plastic bag and other light foam and loose materials.

    The equipment of clothing packing machine is composed of main frame system,electrical control system,electrical system and hydraulic system.Main frame system:high quality thick steel plate,gas shielded welding casting,solid frame,advanced mechanical design makes the equipment durable.Hydraulic system:hydraulic pump,solenoid valve and hydraulic cylinder oil seal and other key components use imported accessories,which makes the packing pressure high, fast,durable and low noise.

    Nick brand clothing baler is safe and reliable,low power consumption,economic and reasonable,easy to use,easy to maintain and operate,is a good helper for your production.

  • Can hydraulic baler is a kind of packaging machinery used in recycling processing and can smelting industry.The packing material is placed in the material box of the baler and pressed by the hydraulic cylinder to compress the packed material into various metal blocks.Using hydraulic baler to pack the can baler is convenient for workers to operate and avoid the waste of labor.
    Because this kind of baler mainly uses hydraulic drive,so it is also known as hydraulic baler.The hydraulic drive design also makes the equipment work more stable and safe. In addition,this kind of packaging machinery has two kinds of operation mode,one is manual; the other is PLC automatic control,that is,we often say full-automatic mode.

    Generally speaking,the advantages of metal baler are compact structure,easy to move and install,simple operation,easy maintenance and reliable sealing.The packing specifications can be determined according to the needs of users.The nick hydraulic baler can cooperate with transportation or storage to the maximum extent.It is a good equipment to improve labor efficiency,save manpower and reduce transportation costs.

  • Now in many industries can see such a kind of equipment,that is, scrap press,it can be widely used in many industries,professionals in related industries have a lot of understanding of its performance and role,it also plays a considerable role in our life.
    The first and most important role of scrap baler is to process the scrap steel into the shape that meets the requirements and requirements of use,which makes the steel which can not be directly used,but has no complete loss of use value,so as to save many resources for users and can be used with very low price Very good quality products.

    It is widely used in the field of energy and resources,which helps users to achieve more reasonable and efficient use of resources,and solves the problems that have plagued many people before.At the same time,the operation of this machine is very simple and convenient,and it is also very safe and reliable to use.
    Nick metal baler is easy to operate, safe and energy-saving, and is your best helper.
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