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  •  Note that there must be a ventilation window on the end cover of the hydraulic baler motor!

    The hydraulic baler is a precision machine, and small motors are also attracting attention. Therefore, we need to be careful when buying hydraulic baler. The motors used in hydraulic baler include stator and rotor. The stator of the hydraulic baler motor is also called armature, including the machine base, end cover, armature core, armature winding device and other components.

    The armature core of the hydraulic baler is installed on the inner ring of the machine base, which is the support of the generator and is made of cast iron. The end cover is installed at the stopper at both ends, the upper lifting ring is hoisted, the lower bottom foot is installed with a round hole bolt, and the base ground bolt is installed with a ground wire. In order to heat and maintain the motor of the hydraulic baler machine, a ventilation window is left on the end cover, and a blind plate is covered on the ventilation window to prevent intrusion of debris.
    The rotor includes rotor core, rotor winding, fan, shaft and other components. The rotor core is the through-hole part of the hydraulic baler motor and is made of 1-2m thick steel. The yoke is made of a single piece of low-carbon material and is cladding on uranium through steel.
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  •  What is the role of analyzing scrap after packaging?
            The baler should be designed and manufactured according to the needs of the user to meet the needs of the public, so as to gain a foothold in the increasingly competitive, the purpose of using the baler is actually mainly to loose paper, waste paper box, waste plastic The waste products are compressed and packaged, which can greatly reduce the volume and facilitate storage and transportation, which can increase the efficiency of the enterprise. The waste after packaging has the following effects:
            1. The volume is greatly reduced, and the storage space is reduced to facilitate storage.
            2. It is convenient to achieve fire prevention, moisture prevention and pollution prevention, which is conducive to environmental protection.
            3. Save transportation costs and increase economic benefits.

            4. Sustainable development strategy conducive to resources.

  • Why is the check valve of the automatic waste paper baler machine an important hydraulic component? The manufacturer of the automatic waste paper baler here introduces in detail the important hydraulic components of the automatic waste paper baler-the scope of the one-way valve and the precautions for use, and the specific function of the one-way valve.
           1. Application occasions.

           In the hydraulic system of the automatic waste paper baler, the one-way valve is widely used. It is commonly used in the following occasions: used in the outlet of the hydraulic pump to avoid the backflow of hydraulic oil; used to separate the connection between the oil circuits to avoid the oil circuits Mutual interference; used as back pressure valve; used as bypass valve.

           2. Notes on selection and use:
           When choosing a one-way valve, in addition to reasonable selection of the opening pressure according to needs, it should also be noted that when the flow through the one-way valve is much smaller than the rated flow, the one-way valve sometimes vibrates, the smaller the flow, the more the opening pressure High, the more gas content in the oil, the easier it is to produce vibration.

           Recognize the direction of the inlet and outlet during installation, and do not install the wrong one, so as not to affect the normal operation of the system. It is also important to pay attention to the installation of the check valve at the outlet of the pump. If the inlet and outlet of the check valve are reversed, the hydraulic pump or the motor may be damaged. 

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  •  The horizontal automatic packing machine can realize automatic packing, but the table has no power. It needs to be pushed manually before the packaged items can pass the packing machine. The principle of the baler is a machine that uses a strap to wrap the product or package, and then tightens and melts the two ends through a thermal effect or uses materials such as buckles to connect. The function of the strapping machine is to make the plastic tape tightly adhere to the surface of the packaged package, to ensure that the package is not scattered due to the unbundling of the package during transportation and storage, and the package should be neatly and beautifully. Price of strapping machine: The price of automatic strapping machine or the quotation of automatic strapping machine is more than twice that of semi-automatic equipment.

    Horizontal automatic baler series products all achieve continuous and reliable bundling, the plastic tape adheres to the surface of the package, the joint is firm, the electrical safety of the machine, and the work noise and smoke do not affect the health of the operator.

    Fully automatic baler and semi-automatic Baler distinction
    Fully automatic packing machine, without manual insertion, the trigger mode is divided into jog, manual, continuous hit, ball switch, foot switch, photoelectric sensor switch, just press the switch to automatically complete the packaging, convenient and fast, suitable for single machine mass production Production, such as with automatic conveyor belt, can realize unmanned automatic packing, which greatly saves manpower and reduces costs.
    In the case of a semi-automatic strapping machine, it is necessary to insert the tape manually. After inserting the strapping tape, the machine will automatically complete the process of gathering, bonding, cutting, and ejecting the tape. Because each product requires manual operation, it is not suitable for mass production, but the semi-automatic model is small, cheap, easy to operate, and does not have high requirements for packaging straps. It can be adapted to packaging straps of various materials. market.
  • Today I will share with you the precautions for the use of waste carton Baling Machines.

    1. The waste paper box baler should be fixed during installation. Due to the fast speed of the machine during operation, uneven ground may cause the machine to vibrate, causing safety hazards for operators. Therefore, you must keep the ground level and install the machine according to the instructions to keep the machine stable.

    2. Ground the power supply of the machine correctly to avoid shock caused by improper operation. There must be an automatic power-off device, which can automatically shut down the machine when power problems occur to avoid shocks and other conditions.

    3. The operator of the waste paper box baler should do protective work, such as wearing gloves, and prohibit the head and hands from entering the machine. Non-machine operators should try to keep a distance from the machine as much as possible to prevent damage caused by material splashing.
    4. Before use, please check the baler and run it for a while. After use, please turn off the switch gradually.
    5. The protective cover of the waste paper box packing machine shall not be disassembled: during the operation of the machine, the protective cover shall not be disassembled. Non-operating personnel or technical personnel shall not remove the protective cover of the hydraulic baler at will. When the machine is running, it is forbidden to touch the moving parts of the machine with your hands.
    6. Waste carton Baling Machines often use packaging cartons, etc., so it takes a long time to block. Sometimes it can cause the machine to operate poorly, which can damage the machine and shorten its life. The machine should be cleaned regularly and lubricated parts should be lubricated regularly.

    7. The waste paper box baler is an indispensable part of the modern packaging industry. Knowing how to use it correctly is very useful for our daily work!

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