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  • The fully automatic baler can pack and store waste paper, wheat straw, straw and other goods, which reduces the storage volume, thereby saving transportation costs, and has been unanimously recognized by the public.
    Due to the excellent performance of the automatic baler, the damage rate and repair rate are very low. In the later use process, regular maintenance and maintenance are enough. In addition, what are the advantages of this type of baler? Let’s take a look with Nick Machinery!

    1. The overall volume is small and light in weight. During the operation, it is less affected by the inertial force of the movement, so it will not produce a lot of noise pollution, the operation is stable and reliable, and the operation is flexible;

    2. The full-automatic baler adopts a vertical structure, which can be fed through conveyor or manual service;
    3. In order to observe the operation of the packing machine at any time, a computer-controlled display is installed, which can detect the internal environment more intuitively;
    4. During operation, use leverage to clamp the material, and the specific clamping range should be determined according to the actual situation;
    5. The packing speed of the automatic packing machine is faster, which effectively improves the packing speed and saves the expenditure of labor costs;
    6. The pushing cylinder of the baler adopts a curved structure in the middle of the pushing head, the overall frame is firm and stable, and the service life is long;
    7. Since the installation of the automatic packing machine is relatively simple and convenient, there is no need to build a roadbed, which avoids a lot of unnecessary trouble.
    Nick Machinery adheres to the enterprise spirit of "integrity, quality, innovation and service" and the service concept of "integrity-based, customer first", and continues to create more value for customers. "Be honest, do things down-to-earth" and win-win cooperation with customers www.nkbaler.com
  • In the previous article,we talked about the quality requirements of the straw briquetting machine mold.This time we talk about how to judge the straw briquetting machine mold.
    1.Look at whether the mold surface is processed fine:high-quality straw briquetting machine molds are processed by CNC machining centers,so the surface finish is very high,the tool texture is uniform,and the surface is smooth and smooth.
    2.Check whether the shape of the mold is completely consistent:high-quality straw briquetting machine molds are processed by CNC machining centers.All mold sizes are clamped at one time and processed by a unified program.The precision is high and the processed products are consistent.The performance is unmatched by ordinary machine tools.

    The consistency of the mold ensures the same molding pressure,uniform force on the machine,and the interchangeability of each mold,making it easier for users to repair and replace the mold.

    3.See if the hardness of the mold is reached:high-quality straw briquetting machine molds are made of special alloy steel through complex multiple heat treatment processes,and the hardness can reach 60 degrees Rockwell hardness,including drills,Various machining tools,including taps,cannot cause any damage to it,so it is very difficult for biomass materials such as straw to cause wear to the mold.

    4.Look at the strength and toughness of the mold:the high-quality straw briquetting machine mold steel is repeatedly forged before processing,its molecular arrangement is more compact,the structure density is greatly improved,and the strength and toughness are 2 to 3 of ordinary carbon steel plates.Times,Ensure that the straw briquetting machine mold will never deform under long-term high-strength stress.

    I have written so much,I hope to provide some instructive help for the friends who buy the straw briquetting machine to avoid being deceived.At the same time,I sincerely invite all friends to visit Nick Machinery for inspection and purchase.Our company wholeheartedly welcomes friends from all directions!
    Company website:www.nkbaler.net,Tel:86-29-86031588
  • For most of the friends who choose to invest in the straw briquetting machine to compress biomass fuels,because the straw briquetting machine is an emerging industry,the market prospect is broad and the national policy supports it,and it has developed rapidly in the past two years.

    However,due to the lack of national unified product standards in emerging industries,the straw briquetting machine industry is mixed,and the technical level is uneven.In order to reduce costs,some manufacturers use shoddy materials and reduce material quality at the expense of straw briquetting machine performance and quality.The price lowers the price to promote sales,Do a one-time transaction,so that customers will have a lot of problems after buying back.

    First of all,the straw briquetting machine mold has to withstand huge mechanical stress during work,but also withstand heat for use,which causes great thermal stress.The mold steel used in the straw briquetting machine requires very high hardness,strength,red hardness,wear resistance and toughness,as well as good high temperature strength,thermal fatigue stability,thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance.In addition,it also requires It has high hardenability to ensure consistent mechanical properties throughout the section.

    In addition,it also requires good manufacturability,such as small heat treatment deformation,good processing performance,good repair welding performance,and stable size and shape of working conditions.Therefore,the mold steel for the straw briquetting machine must be medium-carbon alloy steel with moderate carbon content. This type of steel becomes eutectoid or hypereutectoid steel due to the addition of more alloying elements during smelting,so the price is expensive and higher than the average The price of ordinary carbon steel is several times.And this kind of alloy steel requires better multiple heat treatment process,ordinary carbon steel only needs a simple quenching heat treatment process,so the heat treatment cost is naturally much higher than the price of the mold made of ordinary steel.However,it uses a durable shape,a stable shape,and the reliability of repeated repairs is dozens of times greater than that of ordinary material molds.

    Here,Nick Machinery reminds the majority of users to choose straw briquetting machine not only to pay attention to the price,but also to care about the quality of the straw briquetting machine,pay attention to the quality of the core component molds of the straw briquetting machine,and do not be greedy for a momentary price.
    If you are interested in buying,you can log in to the Nickbaler website to view the photo and video,URL:www.nkbaler.net,or call:86-29-86031588
  • The accumulator can provide continuous pressure for the hydraulic system. In the hydraulic system, the hydraulic oil pump stops working, and the accumulator can continue to send pressure oil to the system, so that the hydraulic system of the hydraulic baler can maintain a certain pressure for a period of time.
    So as to avoid sudden power failure or failure of the hydraulic system,which affects the interruption of oil supply and damages the machine or causes personal safety hazards.
    The accumulator is not only for the above purposes,but also has the function of absorbing shock pressure,which is used to absorb the hydraulic shock caused by unstable work and reduce its pressure amplitude to avoid mechanical damage.
    An accumulator device is installed at the outlet of the hydraulic oil pump of the hydraulic baler to buffer the pulsating pressure brought by the pressure pump.

    The accumulator can also supply a large amount of oil.In the hydraulic system of the baler that works intermittently or periodically for a long time,the accumulator can store the excess pressure oil output.When the hydraulic system needs it,the accumulator releases the reserve pressure.

    It not only reduces the flow rate of the hydraulic pump,but also reduces the useless consumption of motor power,thereby avoiding the adverse effect of the temperature rise of the hydraulic system on the durability of the machine.
    Nick is a professional company engaged in the development,production,sales and service of hydraulic machinery and packaging machinery.It has a good brand,good quality and perfect after-sales service.It is your best choice.
    If you are interested in buying,you can log on the Nickbaler website to view the photo and video,URL:www.nkbaler.net,or call:86-29-86031588
  • When we use the waste paper baler,what kind of damage will be caused when we encounter high temperature?Next,Nick Machinery will give you a brief introduction.
    1.The waste paper baler will accelerate the oxidation of the oil and reduce the service life of the hydraulic oil.In addition the blocked hole and the double-slit valve will be separated,causing the pressure valve to be cut off and cannot be moved,and the metal hose is strained and damaged.
    2.Deformation of the silicone sealing ring of the waste paper baler,accelerate aging failure,and reduce the effectiveness and service life of the sealing.
    3.The oil will slide due to high temperature,and the dissolved oil will overflow from it,causing cavitation,making it difficult to operate the bias system.

    4.Reduce the viscosity of automobile oil in the waste paper baler and increase leakage. The volume output power of the pump and the output power of the multi-directional management system gradually decrease.The floating oil of the moving components of the spool becomes soft,and the friction increases,which causes damage.

    5.Lead to thermal deformation of components.Under standard air pressure conditions,due to different thermal expansion coefficients,the components will be destroyed,and the transmission effect of the optical pressure system will be affected,and the bias system will also be driven.

    Therefore,during production,we must pay special attention to the impact of high temperature on the waste paper baler.The temperature can be appropriately cooled if necessary.

    If you are interested in the waste paper baler or have any questions,please log on to our company's website:www.nkbaler.net,or call:86-29-86031588

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