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  • Advantages of plastic bottle packing machine:The hydraulic oil circuit power system is selected,which greatly improves the packing power.It has the characteristics of fast packing speed,high power,energy saving and power saving,and stable function;a variety of cooling systems are available for users to choose (water cooling system,Air-cooled system and industrial air-conditioning cold system;two fast and efficient wire binding methods,push wire and hook wire are selected,fast and efficient wire binding equipment,low fault rate and easy maintenance.

    Nick is here to remind the majority of business friends that no matter how good the equipment is,it requires the correct operation of the personnel,Good equipment is nothing more than a low rate of its own faults,no faults on its own,and more tolerant of over-contract cooperation,but it also cannot withstand long-term illegal operations.Therefore,the stable production is obtained through the correct operation and protection of the equipment.If the operation is improper and the operators are not trained,accidents may occur even with higher-level equipment.
  • The waste paper baler is liked by the waste acquisition industry because of its following characteristics:
    1.It has small size,light weight,low movement inertia,low noise,stable movement and sensitive operation.
    2.The hydraulic and electric integrated control is selected,and the operation is simple and convenient.It can be stopped and operated in any working position,and it is easy to complete overload maintenance.

    3.It has a wide range of applications.It can be used as a processing equipment for packaging waste plastic film,but also as a processing equipment for packaging and compacting similar products.

    The small waste paper hydraulic baler and horizontal waste paper baler produced by Nick Baler are suitable for different occasions.When choosing,customers can choose different waste paper balers according to the size of the plant and the different compression forces required.Welcome Everyone comes to our company website for more detailed content.www.nkbaler.net.
  • At this time,the dust should be cleaned up in time,so as not to cause the machine to fail to use normally.How to clean the automatic waste paper baler and adjust it:

    When cleaning,you can apply Fengyoujing on the top of the machine and then wipe it.At the same time,it is necessary to refuel the baler in time,but pay attention to the appropriate amount,so as to avoid malfunction due to the switch immersion in oil.

    According to different packaging requirements,the specifications and materials of the straps used are different.The hydraulic strapping machine often needs to replace the straps during the packaging process.
    In this case,the original delivery position will not meet the requirements of normal packing,so appropriate adjustments are needed to ensure the normal operation of the hydraulic metal baler.
    In addition to the adjustment of the feeding and unloading position,cleaning is also one of the requirements for smooth packing.
    Nick brand automatic waste paper baler has good rigidity and stability,beautiful appearance,convenient operation and maintenance,safe and energy-saving,and low investment in equipment basic engineering.It is a good helper for enterprise production.
  • So how to prevent this kind of thing from happening,the following is a detailed introduction to how to maintain the plastic bottle baler
    1.Select the appropriate hydraulic oil according to the regional climate difference.Compared with the southern or northern China,this machine uses 46# hydraulic oil in winter or summer.Compared with areas with too low temperature,it needs to be selected for production in winter.Appropriate oil to avoid solidification of hydraulic oil and affect normal production.
    2.Do a good job of replacing parts,including oil cylinder seals,wool sleeves between the motor and the gear pump,etc.,to better ensure the performance of the machine.Then,the equipment must be preheated before each production,and production will be carried out after everything is normal.After the processing is completed every day,simple maintenance of the machine,such as tightening screws,supplementing hydraulic oil,etc.

    Only by fully doing the daily maintenance of the hydraulic baler can it exert its best effect and create the best value.

    Nick mechanical pressing technology and finishing technology have reached the international advanced level.Our company can provide a complete set of technologies from raw material formulation,compression molding,heat treatment and finishing.You are welcome to purchase www.nkbaler.net.
  • Immediately,more and more waste packaging cartons are produced.In order to save energy,the application of waste paper balers has become more and more extensive,and the technology of waste paper balers is constantly innovating and developing.
    What are the advantages of waste cardboard baler in environmental protection issues?

     1.The patented rapid pressurization technology,that is,while maintaining the power displacement of the motor oil pump,it increases the upper limit of cylinder pressure,speeds up the cylinder speed,reduces energy consumption, and reduces operating pressure,which increases the overall working efficiency of the packer.And usage cost.

     2.The high and low pressure system technology can achieve 50% power saving under the condition of ensuring the same packaging pressure and packaging quality,which greatly saves the electricity cost of packaging station customers.The machine has been put into market testing and the effect has been verified.
    Nick Company also keeps improving its own R&D and production level at the pace of the times,in order to produce more suitable products for the enterprise.
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