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Greek Gantry Shearing Machine
Author : admin Time : 2022-10-17 AllPageView : 247
The gantry shearing machine is a kind of metal equipment. This kind of equipment is also widely used in the industrial industry. Its product performance is very good and has received high praise from the majority of users. Let us introduce this shearing machine together. 
The gantry shearing machine is used for cutting and blanking of metals. It is suitable for cutting various recycled scrap metals into raw materials for de novo smelting. Large shearing force, wide practical range of cuttable sizes, continuous cutting, high production efficiency, high reliability and long service life, it is the best choice for cutting waste in metal material recycling departments everywhere. The use of gantry shears is very common, suitable for the correction of shaft parts and profiles, the pressing of shaft sets, the punching, embossing, stretching of plate parts, and the pressing of plastic and powder products. Pay attention to the following points in use:
1. The thickness of the sheared steel plate shall not exceed the performance of the gantry shear. The workpiece must be compacted when shearing. When the gantry shearing machine cuts narrow steel plates, when the vertical pressure device in front of the gantry shears is not available, another steel plate should be pressed on the steel plate to be sheared, so that the vertical pressure device will press the plate firmly when it falls, so as not to be damaged during shearing. The sheared steel plate lifts up and damages the machine tool.
2. The person who operates the switch must wait for the line watcher to give the cut off signal before driving; when the gantry shearing machine is feeding, it must wait for the upper scissors to stop before feeding. Feeders and line watchers are not allowed to put their hands inside the vertical pressure device.

3. The steel plates cut by the gantry shearing machine should be transported away at any time and stacked neatly according to the specifications.

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