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  • Reasons for hydraulic oil heating of hydraulic straw baler:
    1. Insufficient component accuracy and poor assembly quality, large mechanical friction loss between relative movements, unreasonable design structure of hydraulic components in the system, and poor manufacturing quality. After the oil passes through the valve, the pressure loss is large and the internal leakage is serious.
    2. The quantitative pump oil supply system that selects the capacity of the oil pump according to the fast forward speed. During operation, most of the excess flow will overflow from the overflow valve under high pressure and become heated. The selection of hydraulic components in the hydraulic system is unreasonable. When the valve is selected, due to too small specifications, the energy loss is too large and the system heats up, or the internal tassel is too high and causes noise. When the pump is used, the flow of the pump is too large, then excess oil will overflow from the overflow valve and cause heat.
    3. The unloading circuit in the system is faulty or because the unloading circuit is not installed, the oil pump cannot be unloaded when the work is stopped. All the flow of the pump overflows under high pressure, causing overflow loss and heating, resulting in oil heating.
    4. The system pipeline is too thin and too long, too much bending, local pressure loss and large pressure loss along the way, there are extra hydraulic circuits or extra hydraulic components in the hydraulic system.
    5. The volume of the oil tank is too small, the heat dissipation area is not enough, no oil cooling device is installed, or the capacity is too small although there is a cooling device.
    6. The clearance of the matching parts is too small, or the wear will cause the clearance to be too large, and the internal and external leakage will be large, resulting in a large volume loss, such as a reduction in the volumetric efficiency of the pump and rapid heat generation.
    7. The working pressure of the hydraulic system is adjusted higher than the actual needs. Sometimes it is necessary to increase the pressure to work because the seal is too tight, or because the seal is damaged and the leakage increases.

    8. The viscosity of the selected oil is improper, the viscosity is large, the viscosity resistance is large, and the viscosity is too small, the leakage increases, both cases can cause the oil to heat up.

  • As time slipped inadvertently through our fingers, our lives also changed dramatically. We all have a better pursuit of the quality of life, and we also have a new experience for every element of life. In today's social development, there is a market when there is demand, and there must be competition in the market. Competition is not only a good assistant to promote the development of enterprises, but also a key role to promote market standardization. In today's market competition, if you want to make your products stand out in the industry, product production equipment is very critical.

        Nowadays, for the production industry, the application of packaging machinery and equipment has been very common. Especially the reference to packaging machinery has already covered every corner of the industry. For the enterprise, the baler is the "gatekeeper" of the production industry, the guardian of the transportation safety and overall quality safety of every commodity. The packaging machine is a follow-up production packaging equipment, which is to pack the packaged goods in order to strengthen the safety of the product during transportation and ensure that the goods can smoothly enter the market for consumers to choose.

        With the continuous development and progress of technology, there are more and more types of baler in the market, and the capabilities and craftsmanship of baler are also more exquisite. Led by technology, the baler continues to move towards an automated production model and an intelligent operating system to help the development of the production industry. However, more and more types of baler have brought convenience to production, but also brought certain obstacles, that is, the choice of baler has caused some problems for the enterprise. Therefore, in order to choose a packer suitable for its own production, it is necessary to consider the use of the packer from a comprehensive perspective, so as to effectively help the enterprise to achieve rapid development

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  • The packaging of commodities is inseparable from all kinds of packaging machinery. With the continuous advancement of the times, consumers have higher and higher requirements on the packaging of commodities, which has stimulated the continuous progress of various packaging machinery industries. It has a very important position in the industry and has played a decisive role. In the pharmaceutical industry, the baler is an indispensable device.

          The development of packaging machinery market will present the following two points: First, the technical content of packaging machinery is increasing. Some of the existing packaging machinery products in China are not high in technology, and foreign countries have applied many advanced technologies to packaging machinery, such as remote control technology (including monitoring), stepper motor technology, automatic flexible compensation technology, laser cutting technology, Information processing technology, etc.

        The packaging machinery market is increasingly monopolized. At present, except for the steel belt baler, pneumatic baler and some small automatic baler and semi-automatic baler, there are certain scales and advantages in other packaging machines in China, which are hardly a system and scale, especially some complete packaging production lines with high demand in the market In the world packaging market, they are monopolized by several major packaging machinery enterprises (groups). Specialized in the production of packaging machinery parts.

          The appearance of the baler makes the internal structure of the baler more simplified, and the volume is more compact, so that the use of the baler is more extensive. The packaging machine provides advanced technical equipment for the packaging industry to ensure the high efficiency, high quality, high environmental protection, multiple varieties and low cost of the packaging products, which has brought huge economic benefits to the society. It is expected that the future baler will have a bigger breakthrough in volume and shape, and will be more suitable for future development needs.
  • At present, under the rapid development of the commodity market, for machinery and equipment, more rapid innovation and reform are needed to be able to adapt to this rapidly developing market, and only then can it meet the increase in demand. In this development situation, it is more necessary for the automatic straw baler to be developed quickly. Of course, in the process of it, we will find problems that have been overlooked in the past, so every transformation is to make the straw baler as a whole. A new progress, it is to maintain this pace of development, it can become more and more excellent.

    Hydraulic oil is the starting point of the straw baler. Before using the hydraulic oil of the straw baler, the hydraulic oil must be kept clean. Before use, the hydraulic oil may be contaminated by the outside world or have errors in the storage process. Therefore, pay attention to the state of the oil before filling the oil. If problems are found, it should be dealt with in time. The working procedure of the traditional straw baler when changing the production variety is very cumbersome, and it takes a lot of time to prepare, which has greatly reduced the production efficiency, so the equipment modification process fully considers its adaptation Sex, can let it use its own value as much as possible to meet the needs of production. After many attempts, the automatic straw baler has now changed the previous production method, greatly reducing the production efficiency, and simplifying the working procedures of the equipment.

  • For those who are engaged in the waste material processing industry, I believe that such equipment as waste paper baler is not unfamiliar, because waste paper baler not only has a wide range of uses and a large amount of processing, but also makes a great contribution to the environmental protection of waste materials. With the gradual increase of environmental protection efforts and the gradual implementation of environmental protection management regulations, waste paper Baling Machines will be supported by policies. The equipment is also very concerned in many aspects, and the equipment will be quickly used in the field of waste materials processing industry. development of.
    Waste paper baler is an environmentally friendly equipment. As a material processing equipment, what are its advantages? In recent years, the development of waste paper baler can only be described as soon as possible. More and more materials can not be separated. This equipment. More and more products are using horizontal waste paper Baling Machines. This has the advantage of being able to escort our products very well. No one likes the scattered goods, such products are not well displayed, and others It is the transportation of goods. The demand for waste paper Baling Machines has increased significantly, and it has been well demonstrated in industries such as food, daily chemical, chemical, logistics, etc. Such waste paper Baling Machines can show themselves well and allow the goods to have a good Presented, then the purpose of the waste paper Baling Machine is achieved, and the successful display of the goods allows us to have a good experience with the product.
    The quality of the equipment is very important, which is also valued and cared by users. As a manufacturer of waste paper Baling Machines, the equipment does not have good quality and performance, and we will not go further in the long run. Only by doing well, bigger and stronger can our equipment have a way out and be more competitive in the market.

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