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  • Years later,hundreds of wastes are waiting for prosperity,the vigorous mechanical army is starting new production,and the yellow storage straw baler manufacturer ushered in a sales boom.Do you know how to buy a yellow straw baler?

    The yellow storage straw baler industry has a large market demand.Many companies that do not have production experience and strength imitate production.The production equipment has only appearance but no substance,and quality cannot be guaranteed.The raw material method reduces the cost,making the overall yellow storage straw baler price lower than the market average price.For those who do not understand the equipment,the appearance is good and the price is cheap.There will be great temptation.

    The harmful consequences of buying an unqualified yellow storage straw baler:the equipment cannot be used,resulting in production failure,all investment cannot create value,and capital cannot be recovered.It is possible for ordinary investors to be heavily in debt. Users are reminded that when purchasing a yellow storage straw baler, you must go to the manufacturer’s site to conduct on-site inspections to identify whether the equipment signs are produced by the manufacturer.Shop around and don't be greedy for temporary cheap prices.
    When you buy a yellow storage straw baler,you can look for Nick Machinery.The Nick brand yellow storage straw baler has advanced equipment,reasonable design and small space,and conforms to the environmental protection concept.It is your ideal choice.
  • The corrosion of metals can easily generate a variety of oxides on the surface of the equipment and grow a lot of rust.Their presence not only affects the beauty of the equipment,but also affects the productivity of the equipment.We must mainly try to remove these rusts.

    There are many ways to remove rust from corn stalk baler,mainly including mechanical method,chemical pickling method and electrochemical pickling method.The most commonly used method is mechanical rust removal.The mechanical rust removal method usually uses wire brushes,scrapers and emery cloths to polish the rust layer of the parts.It can also be treated with six atmospheres of compressed air for sandblasting,or with electric wire brushes,which is more efficient.

    Nick brand straw baler has simple structure, small volume,simple daily operation and maintenance,convenient transportation and storage,continuous operation and high efficiency.
  • China has a vast territory.The south of the Yangtze River is mostly hilly and woodland.The lack of arable land has led to small-scale dairy farming in the south.However,there are also some large-scale dairy farms.A thousand-head pasture requires about 5,000 tons of silage per year.The cattle farm is 50,000 tons,and how to solve the silage on the spot is a serious proposition when the arable land resources are scarce.

    Many large-scale cattle farms have insufficient silage,which is mainly supplemented by other straws,such as corn stalk yellow storage,soybean seedling storage,peanut seedling storage,bean pods,etc,and supplementation by local agricultural processing by-products,such as bagasse,tofu residue,and pear Dregs,apple pomace,beer pomace and other by-products.These substitutes are greatly affected by the season,and they are facing constant adjustments in formulas.In the south of the high temperature and humidity,the residue feed is particularly prone to mold and deterioration,and the safety of milk is also facing challenges.Some people say that raising prices,but this is not a long-term solution.

    Regarding Southern Ranch’s solution to silage,silage is recommended.Milking cows are fed corn silage and wheat silage,and reserve cattle and dry cows are fed forage silage(emperor bamboo grass,pennisetum,sweet elephant grass,sweet sorghum,etc.),which can improve land use efficiency.
    The corn stalk baler made by Nick Company can not only use pasture as raw material,but also use all kinds of straw as raw material for processing,bundling and coating, and can provide you with more varieties of silage.

  • The corn stalk balers can effectively bundle and recycle waste crops of straw,and formulate a packaging plan based on the characteristics of the straw to effectively carry out the work.When the hydraulic cylinder of the corn stalk baler drives the parts with larger mass to make rapid reciprocating motion,because the moving parts of the corn stalk baler have great kinetic energy,when the piston of the corn stalk baler moves to the end of the hydraulic cylinder,it will contact the end cover.Collision,and produce shock and noise.The mechanical impact of the corn stalk baler not only causes damage to the relevant parts of the hydraulic cylinder,but also causes damage to other related machinery.

    Precautions for the operation of the corn stalk baler:

    1.All parts of the corn straw baler should be cleaned with kerosene or diesel oil,and no dirt should be left in the hydraulic cylinder.

    2.Disassembly, assembly and cleaning of the corn stalk baler.It is forbidden to wipe the parts with cotton yarn and rags to prevent the fallen cotton yarn from mixing into the hydraulic system.

    3.During the assembly process of the corn stalk baler,the surface of each movement pair should be coated with lubricant.

    The Nick brand corn stalk baler can effectively bundle and recycle waste straw crops,improve production efficiency,and operate safely.It is a good helper for your production.

  • The operating environment is the main way to ensure that the straw balers increase production.A good operating environment can make the straw balers better play their important factors of efficiency,quality and safety.The basic meaning of the operating environment of the straw baler is divided into two aspects:
    1.From a broad sense,the safe operating environment of a straw baler refers to the natural ecological environment,economic conditions and management level that affect the production system with the straw baler as the main production tool.Mainly through the analysis of the integration of the operating system of the straw baler and the surrounding environment.

    2.From a narrow perspective,it can be said that the safe operating environment of the straw baler is an element of the operating group that affects the production system,such as the operating conditions of the terrain and climate.The safe operating environment has this effect on the application and management characteristics of the straw baler.

    According to the different characteristics of the operation of the straw baler,the safe operation environment of the straw baler is divided into the transportation operation environment,the field operation environment and the fixed operation environment,and the impact on the safety of the straw baler is called the safety of the straw baler Characteristics of the operating environment.Nick brand straw baler has a wide range of adaptability, high safety performance, and can better serve you.

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