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  • Hydraulic oil is indispensable in the work of scrap steel shearing machine, so what are the precautions when using hydraulic oil for scrap steel shearing machine?
    1. For hydraulic oil, it should meet the requirements of hydraulic device for liquid viscosity at working temperature and starting temperature. Because the change of oil viscosity is directly related to hydraulic action, transmission efficiency and transmission accuracy, the viscosity-temperature performance of the oil is also required And shear stability should meet the various needs of different applications.
    2. It is forbidden to paint on the inner wall of the fuel tank to avoid precipitation when it dissolves in the oil.
    3. Appropriately reduce the working pressure of the hydraulic station system to avoid excessive system pressure and overload operation of the equipment, so that the hydraulic oil through the oil pump and valve group can effectively reduce friction and reduce temperature.
    4. Regularly check the hydraulic components of the shearing machine. If the motor and oil pump are found to be damaged, replace them immediately. A good motor and oil pump can effectively reduce the temperature of the hydraulic oil.

    5. Add air-cooled and water-cooled hydraulic oil radiators, and add these two heat dissipation devices above the oil tank of the scrap steel shearing machine, which can effectively reduce the temperature of the hydraulic oil and regularly clean the water-cooled and air-cooled devices.

    The hydraulic machinery produced by NICKBALER has the characteristics of many varieties, complete specifications and strong matching. And can be designed and manufactured according to customer requirements. https://www.nkbaler.net
  • As the main power source of the scrap steel shearing machine, the motor is used for a long time. Some problems will occur more or less, such as motor vibration and heat generation. Then, how to maintain the scrap steel shearing machine motor?
    1. The power cord of the scrap shear motor should not be too long or twisted, because it will cause the motor to undervoltage or undercurrent.
    2. It should be ensured that the motor is well lubricated during operation.
    3. Regularly check and maintain the bearings. The bearings should be cleaned and replaced with grease or lubricating oil after a period of use.
    4. Clean the motor, and timely remove the dust and sludge on the outside of the motor base. If the environment is dusty, it is best to clean it once a day.

    5. Check the screws of each fixed part, including anchor screws, end cover screws, bearing cover screws, etc., and tighten the loose nuts.

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  • When buying gantry shears, you must check the market and choose a good manufacturer, so that not only the quality of the equipment is guaranteed, but also the after-sales service is guaranteed. Any problems in the production can be solved in time.
    Reasons for choosing NICKBALER Longmen Scissors:
    1. Product quality: The quality of the gantry shears is inseparable from the material and processing technology of the equipment. The scrap shears have high requirements, high standards, and guaranteed quality. The qualified rate of finished products reaches 100%, and the processing rate of customer feedback information reaches 100%. And the performance of the product is good, and it is trusted and praised by the majority of users.
    2. The strength of the manufacturer: NICKBALER is a formal manufacturer of gantry scissors. We have high-strength production strength and a high-quality workforce, which provides a strong guarantee for the rapid development of the company.

    3. Price: The price of gantry scissors is closely related to the model, material and tonnage of the equipment. We will give reasonable suggestions based on the actual situation of the user, so that the user can spend less money to buy the equipment that suits him.

    NICKBALER has a complete after-sales service guarantee, so that the product can get a good guarantee of benefits from design, production to customer use. https://www.nkbaler.net
  • The hydraulic cylinder of the scrap shearing machine is generally composed of a hydraulic cylinder, a cylinder head, a piston, a piston rod and a seal. It is a linear reciprocating or swinging mechanical action generated by the transmission of hydraulic energy during operation, and there is no transmission gap, and smooth movement. With simple structure and reliable operation, it is widely used in scrap shears and various mechanical equipment. The specific advantages are as follows:
    1. Simple structure, quick and convenient installation;
    2. It can be used as high-power power components;
    3. Adapt to a wide range of working environments;

    4. The oil cylinder looks small, but its carrying capacity is strong.

    NICKBALER specializes in producing various hydraulic machinery such as shears, gantry shears, bagging machines, hydraulic balers, etc., with simple operation and reliable performance. https://www.nkbaler.net
  • The gantry shearing machine is hydraulically driven, with reliable performance and convenient operation. The blade length is from 1200mm to 200mm in various lengths; the shearing force of the metal shearing machine is from 315 tons to 2000 tons, and the user can freely choose the machine model.
    The application of gantry shears mainly depends on the following aspects:
    1. Speed is also the output of gantry shears.
    2. Self-weight, the self-weight of the machine reflects whether the material is sufficient, and partly reflects whether the gantry shears can be durable.
    3. Gantry shearing machine consumes power.
    4. Application life, this is the most concerned issue of our customers. A good machine has a relatively long life.
    5. Technology and model. Some manufacturers of hydraulic equipment only use drawings of old models for processing. Such machinery and equipment are old in technology and ineffective.
    6. The sealing function, the sealing function of the gantry shearing machine indirectly affects the application and life.

    7. The model with high integration level eliminates the time consumption of device debugging and is also convenient for transportation.

    The installation of NICKBALER gantry shears does not require foot screws, and the places without power supply can be powered by diesel engines. https://www.nkbaler.net
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