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Cardboard Box Baling Press Machine
Author : admin Time : 2022-11-07 AllPageView : 197
1. The hydraulic system of the waste paper baler is the main cause of noise. For example, the valve core is caused by improper matching between the slide valve and the valve hole, or the contact between the poppet valve and the valve seat is stuck by dirt, the damping hole is blocked, the spring is skewed or invalid, etc. Stuck or cannot move in the valve hole, causing system pressure fluctuations and noise.
2. Improper adjustment of the reversing valve of the waste paper baler makes the spool of the reversing valve move too fast, causing reversing impact, resulting in noise and vibration. 

3. The vibrating oil pipe of the waste paper packaging machinery is slender and has many elbows without being fixed. When the oil flow passes through, especially when the flow rate is high, it is easy to cause the pipe to vibrate, the rotating parts of the motor and hydraulic pump are unbalanced, or the installation When the alignment is not good, or the coupling is loose, etc., vibration and noise can be generated.

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