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  • Tiger head shears operators must be familiar with the main structure,performance and application methods of the shears.
    Tiger head shears are suitable for cutting various steel plates,copper plates,aluminum plates and non-metal material plates whose material thickness is the rated value of the machine tool,and it must be materials free of hard marks,welding slag,slag inclusion,and welding seams.Excessive thickness is not allowed .
    The operator of the tiger head scissors must be used according to the process above the clarification book. Generally speaking, the method of use is as follows:
    1.Adjust the blade gap according to the thickness of the material to be cut.

    2.Adjust the master or fixture according to the width of the cut data.

    3.Make 1,3 idle strokes before operating the machine tool,and then cut operation can be performed after normal.If the shearing machine is found to work abnormally during operation,immediately block the power supply and shut down for inspection.
    4.When adjusting the machine tool,it is necessary to block the power supply.When moving the workpiece,pay attention to the safety of the hand.
    5.The parts of the tiger-head shears should always be kept smooth.The operator should fill the lubricating oil once per shift,and the mechanics should fill the rolling bearing part with smooth oil once every six months.
    6.When operating,coordinate the movements of the limbs,stop wearing gloves,and stop pushing your hands into the pressure plate and the knife edge.
    7.It is necessary to designate a special person to command for multi-person collaborative operations.Stop cutting two pieces of data together on the same shearing machine.
    8.On-site cleaning operations,the workplace to prevent random piles of workpieces and debris,to ensure time to keep the machine tool and the site clean.
    9.At the end of the operation,cut off the power supply and lock the power supply box.
    Operating the tiger-head scissors according to the above process can not only ensure the normal operation of the machine tool,but also extend the life of the tiger-head scissors.
    Tiger head shears produced by Nick Machinery have reasonable technical parameters,a wide range of applications,and low energy consumption.They are widely used in scrap metal recycling and processing industries and metal shearing in small and medium-sized steel plants to provide charge for furnace smelting.

  • With the rapid growth of the world's population,the consumption of textiles is also rapidly increasing,resulting in a shortage of textile raw materials and a substantial increase in prices.On the other hand,a large amount of waste textiles are directly buried and incinerated as garbage,which not only causes a waste of resources,but also pollutes the environment.Therefore,the recycling and reuse of textiles can not only save a lot of resources,but also reduce the environmental pollution caused by the textile industry.It also conforms to the situation of social development and meets the requirements of the scientific development concept;it is also a resource-rich and low-

    investment,Emerging industries with significant benefits can not only alleviate the current situation of resource shortage in the textile industry,the recycled old clothes can also be transported to third world countries for further use by local residents,which has huge economic and social benefits.

    There are two main sources of waste textiles,one is from the blanking,leftovers,waste yarn,waste cloth,etc.produced in each process of spinning,weaving and finished product processing.Others are old clothes,old carpets,etc.
    The textile baler produced by Nick Baler is used as a pre-processing machine for the recycling of waste textiles,which serves the purpose of reducing the volume of waste textiles.After packaging,the shape of the textile bales is regular,and the density is greatly increased compared with that before packaging,which not only makes storage and transportation operations easier,but also greatly reduces storage space and transportation costs.
  • The plunger pump of the metal baler is an important device of the hydraulic system.It relies on the reciprocating movement of the plunger in the cylinder to change the volume of the sealed working chamber to achieve oil absorption and pressure. The plunger pump has the advantages of high rated pressure,compact structure,high efficiency and convenient flow adjustment.
    Common problems and solutions of plunger pump of metal baler:
    1.Whether the oil inlet pipe of the plunger pump sucks in air,which causes the pump to have high noise,vibration and pressure fluctuations:mechanical tips should prevent the plunger pump from sucking oil due to poor sealing and high resistance of the oil suction pipe (such as excessive bending and too long pipe) Insufficient air intake occurs.

    2.Check whether the coaxiality of the plunger pump and the engine is out of tolerance: the plunger pump and the engine are installed differently,so that the plunger pump and the drive shaft are subjected to radial force, and the coaxiality is readjusted.

    3.Check that the movement of the servo piston and the variable piston is not flexible,and occasional or frequent pressure fluctuations occur:if it is an occasional pulsation,it is mostly caused by oil and dirt stuck in the piston.The dirt can be washed away and normal ,You can clean and change the oil at this time.If it is frequent pulsation,it may be due to strain or awkwardness of the mating parts.At this time,the parts should be removed for research and distribution or replaced.
    4.For the variable plunger pump,it may be that the deflection angle of the variable swash plate is too small,so that the flow is too small,and the internal leakage is relatively increased.Therefore,the mechanical prompt cannot continue to supply oil to the outside,and the flow pulsation causes pressure pulsation.The mechanism suggests that in this case,the deflection angle of the swash plate can be appropriately increased to eliminate internal leakage.
    5.The loosening of the plunger ball head and the sliding shoe produces noise,vibration and pressure fluctuations,which can be properly riveted.
    6.Replace the hemispherical sleeve when it is worn or damaged.
    7.The triangular eyebrow grooves of the oil distribution pan after flat grinding are shortened,which will cause relatively large noise and pressure fluctuations due to trapped oil.Assorted triangular files can be used to appropriately lengthen the triangular grooves.
    The plunger pump of the metal baler can work normally,and the metal baler can work normally.Therefore, pay attention to the maintenance of the plunger pump in daily maintenance.
  • Today we can prevent the harm caused by hydraulic shock by starting with it.The specific methods are as follows:
    1.The simple way to prevent hydraulic shock during hydraulic system operation is to slow down the closing speed of the reversing valve,increase the pipe radius and liquid flow rate.This can reduce the instantaneous pressure during the closing time of the reversing valve and avoid occurrence Hydraulic shock.

    2.When the hydraulic system is designed,it can also reduce the change of the liquid flow rate by shortening the length of the pipeline,reducing unnecessary bends,or adopting a hose that has the effect of removing the impact force,so as to help when the reversing valve is closed.Reduce instantaneous pressure to prevent hydraulic shock.

    3.In the hydraulic system,in response to the hydraulic shock caused by the sudden braking of the moving parts in high-speed motion,the treatment measures are to set a buffer device at the end of the cylinder,or use a reduction valve at the end of the cylinder stroke to relieve the hydraulic shock.The installation of accumulators in the hydraulic system or the use of rented rubber hoses with shock absorption capacity can also reduce the hydraulic shock.
    The hydraulic system of the metal briquetting machine is the core system of the whole equipment.Only by understanding and fully mastering the methods to prevent the hydraulic impact of the hydraulic system can the hydraulic system of the metal briquetting machine work normally and create more benefits for enterprises and individuals.
  • Why do more and more people choose metal briquettes,because:
    1.The price of steel has rebounded,and the price of metal after suppression is higher than before without suppression;

    2.The equipment has a high degree of automation,and only one person can complete the production;

    3.The equipment is under high pressure and the finished product has high density.Whether it is steelmaking or casting,it can reduce production costs,and there will be no slag drop or break during transportation;
    4.In addition to pressing cans and iron filings,this equipment can also be produced by other manufacturers by changing molds, and has a wide range of applications.
    The metal briquetting machine produced by Nick Machinery has always had its own uniqueness,because we believe that we can only make our products more refined and distinctive.Only when users and friends are more satisfied can we have a good market for history.Make customers and friends give more praise to our briquetting metal shredder.
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