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  • The automatic waste paper baler is used to squeeze waste plastic products and similar products under normal conditions, and package them with special packaging tapes to greatly reduce the volume, thereby reducing transportation volume, saving freight, and bringing greater benefits to the enterprise. So what kind of use standard does the waste plastic baler need to meet?
    1. Wear resistance standard 
    After the parts of the waste plastic baler are worn, the shape and size of the original structure will change, which will reduce the accuracy of the machine, weaken the strength, cause damage to the parts, and seriously cause the waste plastic baler to be scrapped. Approximately 80% of scrap plastic baler parts are caused by wear. Therefore, in the design of the waste paper baler, we have been committed to improving the wear resistance of the parts and reducing the wear of the parts as much as possible.
    2. Vibration stability standard  
    There are many time-varying vibration sources on the waste plastic baler, such as the tooth gap meshing of gears, the eccentric rotation of uranium and so on. When the vibration frequency of the waste plastic baler or parts is close to or equal to the frequency of the periodic interference force, resonance will occur, which is called the loss of vibration stability. Resonance will not only affect the normal operation of the waste paper baler, but also generate noise, and even cause damage to the waste paper baler.
    3. Heat resistance standard 

    When parts work at high temperatures, creep occurs (the stress in the metal is constant, usually low stress, but the plastic deformation is slow and continuous), which will reduce its limited strength, limited fatigue and destroy normal lubrication conditions.

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  • At present, the domestic scrap iron shearing machine on the market is mainly used for cold shearing of various light and thin black and non-ferrous metal scraps, which is convenient for storage and transportation.
    It is an ideal equipment for metal scrap processing in non-ferrous metal plants and smelters in steel mills. At present, the quality of scrap iron shearing machines produced in our country is greater than before, especially the shearing machine series, the export ratio is much higher than that of imports, so the price of domestic scrap iron shearing machines can completely buy the quality of imported machines.
    When it comes to the applicable industry of scrap iron shears-the metal recycling industry, the scrap metal recycling industry has been silent for a long time, and finally began to recover with the value-added of scrap metal. As the scrap metal recycling industry at the end of the industrial chain, it is a barometer of China's economy. Behind the rise in scrap metal recycling prices is proof of China's economic recovery.

    The scrap iron shearing machine is a kind of metal shearing machine. It adopts hydraulic drive, simple operation and convenient maintenance. It is installed without anchor screws and can be powered by diesel engines without power supply. The machine adopts hydraulic transmission, scrap iron shears and mechanical transmission shears. Compared with the cutting machine, it has the advantages of small weight, small volume, low inertia, low noise, stable action, convenient operation, flexible, large cutting section, convenient adjustment of the cutting mouth, convenient operation, reliable production, and the cutting process can be stopped at any time, reliability high.

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  • 1. Compared with mechanical devices, it has the advantages of convenient operation, labor saving, large freedom of system structure space, easy to realize automation, stepless speed regulation in a large range, and large transmission ratio, which facilitates the realization of complex program movement and remote control;
    2. The waste paper hydraulic transmission has uniform and stable transmission, rapid response speed, braking and reversing;
    3. Easy to realize overload protection;

    4. The design, manufacturing cycle and cost reduction of the machine with a high degree of standardization, serialization and homogenization of hydraulic control components.

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  • At present, the overall level of the packaging industry of plastic balers in China is relatively low, most of the production companies have weak technical development capabilities, and the technical content of plastic balers is low. In the development of new products, the overall technical strength of the industry is insufficient. The new products developed are usually copies of foreign counterparts' equipment, and the general mechanical functions are not as good as the original products, and the new products have no new ideas. Usually plastic baler has the following three technical problems.
    1. Product design quality is not high and predictability is poor
    The research and development of plastic baler requires designers to have a solid theoretical foundation, rich practical experience, innovative spirit and comprehensive quality. But just preparing these premises is okay for products that are not highly complex, but not enough for products that are complex and highly automated. When designing packaging machinery products with a complex structure and a high degree of automation, due to the constraints of objective premises and human physiological factors, the design is prone to errors and omissions, and often lacks foresight. Whether the designed product has good processing technology, whether the size of each department is accurate, whether there is no human oversight, how the assembly is, etc., these issues directly affect the quality of the product.
    2. Long manufacturing cycle, unable to respond quickly to the market
    Plastic baler companies usually use wing calculators for drawing, which frees the company from drawing boards, shortens the product design cycle, and improves design quality, but they have not fundamentally solved the problem. The current market situation is: the life cycle of products is getting shorter and shorter, and more and more production forms are presented in the form of single pieces and small batches to adapt to the rapid changes in the market. All of these pose major challenges to traditional design and manufacturing methods.
    3. High manufacturing costs lead to increased product costs and lack of market competitiveness

    In order to test the function of the product, the plastic baler sometimes needs to perform some functional tests. Some tests are destructive, while others are expensive. In some cases, testing is simply impossible. All of these have brought problems to the design and manufacture of products, and added additional costs. These additional costs can sometimes be high. The main reason is that the quality of product design is not high, the predictability is poor, and the possibility of waste is increased.

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  • The rapid development of the manufacturing industry is the increasing demand for automatic waste paper baler equipment, which has greatly promoted the rapid development of the entire hydraulic machinery industry. The automatic waste paper baler equipment is also liked and accepted by more non-customers.
    In the development process of the fully automatic waste paper baler, many new situations have also appeared. The main manifestation is that the production of supporting equipment for the waste paper baler accessories production company is extremely chaotic, which makes it impossible for the truly powerful fully automatic waste paper baler manufacturers to master. Market Advantage.
    Faced with this situation, our majority of fully automatic waste paper baler manufacturers must implement a diversified development strategy, firmly grasp the quality of fully automatic waste paper baler equipment, and grasp the key to making the waste paper baler business bigger and stronger.
    Fully automatic waste paper baler manufacturers must first seize the upstream parts production, set up branches, and produce key equipment by themselves; secondly, focus on the production process; thirdly, do a good job in sales and service, and establish a sound marketing system.

    Our fully automatic waste paper baler manufacturer is a waste paper baler manufacturer. In order to achieve higher quality development, we formulate a scientific development strategy and move towards a better fully automatic waste paper baler manufacturer.

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