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  • With the rapid development of enterprises nowadays, many products have moved towards high-end roads. After all, only when the price is reached, the equipment can truly exert its performance. NKBALER will analyze the status quo of contemporary balers for you.
    Waste paper balers, straw balers, and plastic balers have begun to move toward high-end development. The high-end automatic plastic balers produced by well-known companies have improved performance while lowering the sales price, and are fully automatic hydraulic balers that seize the market at low prices. Manufacturers have lost their competitive advantage and have almost no ability to resist risks.
    Industry competition will eventually move towards high-end equipment competition. No matter what market competition is, products without excellent quality assurance will eventually be eliminated by the market.
    Only high-quality fully automatic plastic baler companies can win the favor of users, continuously increase market share and market coverage, and finally create their own brand of fully automatic plastic baler.
    Manufacturers deeply understand the importance of development. Only with development can they find their dreams and win challenges better.

    The dream of the fully automatic hydraulic baler is to go to the road of rapid development, to the world, and to win new challenges.

    NKBALER's high-end technology makes the automatic plastic baler more adapt to the development of the times and provide you with better services.

  • The times have made the baler today, and people have greatly increased the market demand for such equipment under the premise of continuous improvement of living standards, and the merchants have developed them in response to more needs of users. Batches of advanced equipment are also more in line with the needs of the majority of customers in the market. Various new products produced under the innovative model replace the old manual operations with new era technology and technology, making businesses Our efficiency in the filling of the products we produce has been greatly improved, and the clothing Press has brought a very large growth space in the industry, allowing products to be more casual in packaging. It also greatly reduces the labor cost of enterprises.
    Many advanced technologies, such as the emergence of automation and intelligence, have also brought many changes to the entire economy in the process of development. Innovation has also allowed the waste paper baler to grow up without following the progress of the times. However, innovation is related to many other factors, such as the strength of the company, the level of development, and the influence in the industry. Compared with foreign advanced packaging equipment, my country’s packaging industry started late and the technology is backward, which makes products in the early stages of growth. The foundation is poor, so that domestic equipment has been following in the footsteps of foreign advanced equipment, which limits and hinders its normal development. Through our own practical actions, our company integrates innovation into actual development, and has created many development results, which makes the garment Press machine recognized and trusted by the market.

    As one of many garment Press machine manufacturers, we have gradually formed a certain development system after more than ten years of development in order to enable domestic packaging companies to use excellent equipment. Not only has the types and functions of equipment increased, but many advanced technologies have been applied to the use of equipment, fundamentally changing the situation in the past. As a result, a variety of self-produced and self-sold machinery and equipment have been used in the country. At the same time, with the change in application requirements, there have also been many specialized production equipment, which makes the packaging process more convenient, and the clothing packaging machine is in the new The era also quickly merged into the advanced ranks of the development of the era.

    NKBALER's high-end technology makes the garment Press machine more adapt to the development of the times and provide you with better services.
  • Special maintenance, including the following:
    a. Maintenance at the same time: the new machine or the machine after overhaul is maintained during the working-in period. When the machine is used during the specified running-in period, it is necessary to increase the load and speed step by step according to the corresponding regulations, and check the lubrication and tightening conditions thoroughly, observe the condition of the whole machine, and solve the abnormality in time. The key point of running-in maintenance is to replace each part of the lubricant, lubricate each part, tighten each part, and tighten each bolt. Perform a secondary maintenance after the closing period.
    b. Seasonal maintenance: The straw baler should be maintained once a year before summer or winter. The focus is on the fuel-burning system, hydraulic system, cooling system and starting system.
    c. Out-of-service maintenance: The out-of-service maintenance should be carried out when the mechanical equipment needs to be out of service for a period of time due to seasonal factors such as winter holidays. Mainly do cleaning, plastic surgery, matching, anti-corrosion and other work.
    2. Reasons for wear and its laws: Straw baler equipment will wear out regardless of whether it is in use or in the process of being idle. Wear, that is, the wear of the equipment in its physical form. When the equipment is in operation, the surface of the moving parts and components will undergo various complex changes due to friction under the action of force, causing surface wear, spalling and morphological changes, as well as physical and chemical reasons. , Component fatigue, corrosion and aging, etc. The tangible wear during the use of straw baler equipment includes both normal wear and tear, but also abnormal wear caused by improper storage, improper use, and the harsh working environment caused by natural forces. The result of this wear, usually manifested as:
    1. Change the original size of the parts and components that make up the equipment. When worn to a certain degree, it will even change the geometry of the parts.
    2. Change the nature of the inter-coordination between the parts, resulting in loose transmission, lower precision and working performance.
    3. Parts are damaged, and even other parts related to it are damaged due to the damage of individual parts, resulting in damage to the entire part and causing serious accidents.

    When the equipment is idle, natural forces such as the corrosion of corrosive media in the oil seal, the corrosion of moisture and harmful gases in the air, etc., are the main causes of wear. If the equipment is not properly stored, the necessary maintenance measures are lacking. , It will cause the equipment to be corroded. With the extension of time, the corrosion surface and depth will continue to expand and deepen, resulting in the natural loss of precision and working ability, and even the scrap due to severe corrosion.

    NKBALER is a manufacturer specializing in the production of hydraulic balers. It has a professional R&D team and after-sales team. For more maintenance content, please pay attention to www.nkbaler.com
  • NKBALER is a manufacturing enterprise integrating design and sales. The company’s leading product rice husk briquetting machine is exported to large, medium and small foreign cities. It is an indispensable and effective equipment for grain depots and rice mills. NKBALER has always maintained continuous innovation and improvement. Improve the performance of mechanical equipment step by step. At present, the company’s NKB series rice husk briquetting machine combines the advantages of the previous products and adopts the high configuration equipment formed after the user’s practical experience. Customers' repeated use and constant tests have concluded that this equipment is a very complete rice husk special baler. The perfect performance, high-end configuration, and user-friendly design have enabled the rice husk briquetting machine to quickly cover the Southeast Asian market and extend radioactively to the surroundings. The products are already out of stock and in short supply.
    With the increase in sales performance and the increase in product delivery, the burden of after-sales service has become heavier. Due to the lack of common sense of maintenance of machinery and equipment, customers ignore the reference of the rice husk briquetting machine manual, which causes abnormal operation and reduces efficiency. . For this reason, our company's after-sales service department made a detailed registration in the return visit user survey, combined with the analysis of the customer's phone call, introduced a complete and scientific after-sales management system, and arranged special personnel to do the after-sales service for users in the Southeast Asian market. Service work, and gradually establish resident offices to facilitate the needs of local users.
    In order to do a good job in after-sales service, the company arranges a special plane to receive calls from users. The connection method is stable and polite. The quality of knowing everything and endless words has been highly praised by customers. We try our best to make a text message to understand the problem; E-mail solves the problem, does not waste customer time and resources, solves the problem in the bud, and escorts the improvement of customer benefits.

    NKBALER has a professional design and development team and after-sales team, choose us to save your time.

  • Practical advantages of the multifunctional straw hydraulic baler:
    1. Wide application scale: It is used in the crushing and processing of crop straw, which is ideal processing equipment for feed mills, charcoal mills, straw coal mills, and breeding plants. It is used in many fields such as straw pellet fuel, concentrated feed, and biomass power generation.
    2. A wide range of packaging: including wood chips, shavings, branches, wood chips and various crop straws, corn stalks, cotton stalks, rice husks, peanut husks, sweet potato seedlings, grain straws, wheat straws, etc.
    3. Product advantages: low power, high output value, simple and convenient operation, one person can operate, wide processing scale, raw materials are not restricted by length, and the size of the processed materials can be adjusted.

    4. The straw hydraulic baler has reasonable planning, compact layout, high output power, high output value, low energy consumption, and low cost.

    NKBALLER straw baler has compact structure, simple operation, stable performance, wide application range and strong practicability. It is a good helper for your production.

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