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  • The hydraulic baler makes a lot of messy items well organized,thus facilitating our work and life.The corn hydraulic straw baler is used for feeding sheep and cattle for storage.It can be used for bagging and green storage straw baler,biological power plant straw hydraulic Baler machine.
    Nick Machinery introduces you to the relevant knowledge of corn stalk baler.
    1.The size and degree of wear of the parts of the corn stalk baler.Such as the diameter,length,and height of the part.
    2.The geometry of the part.Such as the ovality,taper and curvature of the parts of the corn stalk baler.
    3.The surface condition of the part.Such as the surface finish,corrosion and looseness of equipment parts.

    4.The physical,chemical and mechanical properties of the parts of the corn stalk baler.Such as the elasticity of the spring,the hardness of the parts and the high temperature strength.

    5.Internal defects of parts.Such as porosity in casting defects in welds and cracks in parts.
    6.Coordination of components.Such as the concentricity,parallelism,deflection,and tightness of the corn stalk baler.
    The identification of the parts and components of the corn stalk baler is the most basic.The assembly of unqualified parts into the machine will not only deteriorate the working quality of the machine,but also may cause accidental damage.
    The Nick brand straw baler has simple structure,small volume,simple daily operation and maintenance,convenient transportation and storage,continuous operation,and high efficiency.
  • The utilization rate of metal briquetting machine in life is still high,but too high oil temperature will affect the use,do you know the reason for the increase in oil temperature?
    1.The poor ventilation of the metal briquetting machine causes the oil temperature to rise easily.It is recommended to install an air-cooled hydraulic oil radiator on the hydraulic system,which is the most direct physical cooling method.

    2.The structure of the hydraulic cylinder is unreasonable.

    3.There are too many elbows in the oil pipe of the briquetting machine,which causes the hydraulic oil to be obstructed when moving forward,and the line resistance increases,which causes the oil temperature to rise.
    The above three points are the simple analysis content of Nick Machinery for friends,I hope it will be helpful to you.If you are interested in buying or have questions,you can log on to the company website:www.nkbaler.net,or call:86-29-86031588
  • Some parts of the metal briquetting machine are easy to damage,so we must do daily cleaning and maintenance to improve production efficiency.

    The first thing to maintain is the bearing.When maintaining the bearing of the press roller of the metal briquetting machine,first open the press roll and remove the bearing,clean the oil sludge on the bearing with clean gasoline or kerosene,and then install the bearing back to the press roll and evenly Apply high-temperature grease,and then install the bearing cap.

    Nick Machinery reminds you that you must open and clean it every once in a while,which can not only extend the service life of the metal briquetting machine but also improve the efficiency.
    Friends,hurry up and clean it.If you want to buy a product,you can contact Nick Machinery directly.
    Company website: www.nkbaler.net, or call: 86-29-86031588
  • In modern society,machinery is very convenient to use,but at the same time air pollution is also serious,so people have begun to pursue high-quality,high-profile and environmentally friendly machines.
    Facing the continuous advancement of modern technology,the metal cutting machine also needs to continuously improve its own products,cater to consumer demand,seize the market,and develop opportunities.

    Now our product is technically very advanced,but there are few companies that sculpt the product in detail and establish a brand image with service.

    Therefore,metal cutting machine companies should put quality and brand image in a key position.For current consumption habits,brand is a very important reference standard.

    If we want to be environmentally friendly,we can't make environmentally damaging things while solving waste.The metal cutting machine manufactured by Nick Machinery improves performance,pursues energy conservation and environmental protection,allows it to maximize its functions and improves customers' work efficiency.


  • Semi-automatic waste paper baler has gradually been widely used.Today,Nick Machinery will introduce the installation precautions of semi-automatic waste paper baler.
    1.The foundation construction must be carried out in accordance with the foundation plan and leveled with a spirit level.
    2.The dirt must be cleaned up before the machine is installed.If the surface of the parts is corroded,it should be cleaned with kerosene.
    3.Hoist the host after the foundation is solidified.

    4.When installing the hydraulic control system,the joints should be filled with "O" seals to avoid oil leakage.

    5.Install the main pump valve oil circuit,all pipelines must be cleaned,and the oil pump station is placed and leveled.Clean the inside of the oil tank to remove the dirt that enters during transportation,and tie the oil pipe clamps to prevent oil leakage caused by vibration.
    6.According to the electrical schematic diagram,install all the lines to ensure the safe operation of the baler.
    7.A spherical structure is adopted between the pusher cylinder and the pusher head,which has good reliability and long service life of the oil seal.

    Nick semi-automatic waste paper baler is hydraulically driven,safe and durable.Open structure, convenient and quick to pack out,improve work efficiency.

    Nick Company website:www.nkbaler.com,or call: 86-29-86031588

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