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What Are The Advantages Of Waste Paper Baler
Author : admin Time : 2023-06-08 AllPageView : 209
Waste paper compression baler, semi-automatic horizontal waste plastic baler, equipped with chain automatic feeding device, the feeding port is placed underground, which is convenient for feeding; all PLC electric control operation saves time and effort, convenient operation and high efficiency . The machine can be used to compress and pack straw forage in waste collection stations, various waste paper boxes, waste plastic baling stations, and forage yards. It is multi-purpose and more energy-saving.
Advantages of waste paper compression baler:
1. Nut cylinder: Sealed with high-pressure-resistant thick-walled pipe nut, no oil leakage, no pressure relief, and durable.  
2. Hydraulic plunger pump: high speed, high-speed oil delivery to improve work efficiency. 
3. Water cooling of hydraulic machine: prevent the hydraulic oil from deteriorating due to high oil temperature and effectively reduce wear.  
4. Strict welding process: the appearance is stronger than that of ordinary machines. The welding appearance is beautiful, and the welding is not opened.

The waste paper compression baler equipment is mainly suitable for the packaging and recycling of all kinds of garbage. It can compress the recycled materials in large quantities and make the raw materials quickly and easily get large compression through the straw baler. This is to improve labor efficiency and reduce labor. Good equipment for strength, manpower saving, and transportation cost reduction.

In many waste paper recycling industries, we will find that most of the products are packaged, which greatly reduces the storage volume, is more convenient for transportation, and can also enhance the appreciation and upgrade the product quality. These are inseparable from the function of the fully automatic waste paper baler. .https://www.nkbaler.net
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