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  • In the current market, all kinds of straw baler equipment are saturated. Many straw baler manufacturers have also racked their brains to think about marketing methods. 
    How straw baler equipment has greater competitiveness is what our manufacturers are thinking about problem.
    In the development of the entire society, the traditional straw baler equipment will eventually be replaced by the new straw baler equipment and withdraw from the market, 

    and then withdraw from the stage of history. If the straw baler equipment wants to go further, we must continue to innovate and adapt. 

    The various needs of users make the baler equipment develop better.
    Of course, we all know that innovation requires strong financial support, especially large mechanical equipment such as straw balers.
    But baler manufacturers also saw that although innovation requires our straw baler manufacturers to inject a lot of capital, this kind of effort will be rewarded. 

    Compared with the traditional straw baler exiting the market, this investment appears to be Much smaller. Therefore, it is very necessary to increase technological innovation.

    Nick Machinery is a fast-growing, mature and stable enterprise. With my country's vigorous advocacy of innovation, the technology of Nick Machinery's automatic straw hydraulic baler is constantly injected with fresh blood, which also makes Nick Machinery’s automatic straw hydraulic The baler has gradually gained experience in its development and has become a well-known brand in the fully automatic straw hydraulic baler industry.
    If you are in need of a straw baler, you can call our sales phone: 86-29-86031588, or go to our website for more detailed product information www.nkbaler.com.
  • The metal briquetting machine produced by Nick Machinery is suitable for use in steel mills, recycling processing industries, and non-ferrous and ferrous metal smelting industries and recycling industries. With the rapid development of my country's economy, steel is also very good.
    Acceptance standards for scrap iron briquetting machine products before use
    (1) The construction acceptance of the equipment foundation of the scrap iron briquetting machine shall be checked and accepted by the quality inspector of the construction department together with the civil construction worker, and the construction acceptance form shall be filled in. The construction quality of the foundation must conform to the foundation drawing and technical requirements.
    (2) The final acceptance of the equipment installation project of the scrap iron briquetting machine shall be carried out after the equipment is qualified. The equipment management department and process technology department, together with other departments, will carry out the acceptance inspection with the participation of relevant personnel in installation, inspection, safety, and use. Make an appraisal, fill in the installation and construction quality, precision inspection, safety performance, test run record and other vouchers and acceptance handover form, signed by all parties participating in the acceptance before completion.
    (3) After passing the acceptance of the scrap iron briquetting machine equipment, go through the handover procedures: the equipment unBaler acceptance, equipment operation test record sheet signed by all parties participating in the acceptance inspection and the technical documents brought with the equipment.
    The equipment management department shall be included in the equipment file management; the spare parts storage form should be filled in with the equipment accessories and spare parts and sent to the equipment warehouse for storage. The safety management department shall file the safety issues in the installation test.
    (4) After the transfer of the scrap iron briquetting machine equipment is completed, the equipment management department will sign the equipment commissioning notice, and send the copies to the equipment management department, user unit, financial department, and production management department for archiving, notification of start of use, and fixed assets Management vouchers and the basis for evaluating the project plan.
    The metal briquetting machine produced by Nick Machinery has always had its own uniqueness, because we believe that we can only make our products more refined and distinctive. Only when users and friends are more satisfied can we have a good market for history. Make customers and friends give more praise to our metal briquetting machine.
    You are welcome to come and buy: www.nkbaler.com.
  • The hydraulic baler has been well received since it has been put into use in the Chinese market for so many years. The low-key and stable Baler effect has made many people admire it.
    But on the other hand, the development of hydraulic balers is affected by more and more advanced science and technology. Many industries under advanced technology have begun to reform and innovate and use high-end technology to add points to their products. Hydraulic balers cannot stand still and do not seek progress. In that case It may become more and more perishing.

    Companies that have been in and out of the market for a long time will find that competition in the modern market is becoming more and more intense. Of course, more and more homogeneous products will cause more and more competition. Competition in the hydraulic baler equipment industry is also inevitable, but competition There is also a good side, that is, it stimulates hydraulic baler manufacturers to improve the quality of baling equipment.

    Therefore, packaging equipment manufacturers have also begun to actively look for new ways to improve the technical content of hydraulic packaging machines. Only by improving the quality of hydraulic packaging machines can it better adapt to the pace of current economic development and make it useful for more companies. The only way to broaden its application field is to continuously innovate and upgrade the quality and performance of the hydraulic baler.

    Step by step steadily and steadily, today’s hydraulic balers have been achieved. The current economic development is enough to make hydraulic balers develop more actively. Nick Machinery has always been very supportive of the development of hydraulic balers in our country, and we insist on reforms at all times. Innovative hydraulic baler is placed first in development.
    You are welcome to come and buy: www.nkbaler.com
  • The waste paper baler is used in the recycling station to pack some waste paper boxes, cotton, plastic bottles, etc.
    Especially this year’s rising prices of waste paper have given many customers the idea of ??buying a waste paper baler. Customers who have bought a baler may not pay attention to the maintenance of machine parts.
    So that sometimes the parts are broken and cannot be repaired. Here is how to extend the service life of the heating strip of the waste paper baler.
    When the waste cardboard baler works, it is ventilated first and then energized, and when it is shut down, the power is turned off and then the gas is turned off. Frequently check the decompression, filtration, and oil mist triple parts to ensure that there is oil (sewing machine oil) in the oil mist and the oil cup, and there is no water in the filter cup.

    The heating strips and silicone strips should be kept clean, and no foreign matter should be stuck, so as not to affect the sealing quality. The back cover of the waste cardboard baler should be opened after working continuously for 2-3 months.

    Add lubricating oil to the sliding parts and switch bumps, and lubricate all the connecting activities on the heating rod according to the usage. It is strictly forbidden to put your hands under the heating rod to prevent injury. In case of emergency, immediately cut off the power.
    On the heating rod, the second layer of adhesive paste under the heating plate serves as insulation. When it is damaged, it should be replaced in time to avoid short circuit. The user prepares the working air source and inflation air source, the working pressure of the waste cardboard baler has been set to 0.3MPa,
    It is more appropriate. Don't adjust too much without special circumstances. The waste cardboard baler is not allowed to be tilted or bumped during the handling process, and it cannot be placed down for handling. To ensure the normal operation of the vacuum pump for the waste cardboard baler,
    The vacuum pump motor is not allowed to reverse. The oil level should be checked frequently. The normal oil level is 1/2-3/4 of the oil window (not exceeded). When there is water in the vacuum pump or the oil color turns black,
    At this time, new oil should be replaced (generally, it should be replaced once every one or two months of continuous work, and 1# vacuum gasoline or 30# gasoline or engine oil can also be used).
    The above is the small knowledge points of the waste paper baler explained by Nick Machinery today. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us www.nkbaler.com.
  • The straw baler is a high-quality equipment that compresses and packs corn stalks, wheat straws, bean stalks and other crop straw wastes and branches and other raw materials for more convenient storage, and returns the straws to work and reuse.
    The straw baler can pack many raw materials, not only for corn stalks, but also for other types of crops.
    This processing feature of our straw baler is suitable for all crops, and we can pack and classify them, so as to maximize the value of agricultural production.

    At the same time, it can also greatly reduce the burden of transportation, effectively save the capital consumption of the enterprise, and greatly save the manpower.

    The main advantage of the straw baler is: the bag is compact, neat and beautiful, so that the straw bales that can be packed can greatly reduce the transportation cost.
    Therefore, it can be widely used as a common production tool in cotton producing areas, textile companies, paper companies, and waste material recycling companies.
     The current straw baler has gradually penetrated into various fields of agricultural processing. We know that the main component of straw waste is the cell wall of plants.
    Its main ingredient is a large amount of crude fiber, which also contains a small amount of protein, crude fat, ash and a small amount of other ingredients.
    Therefore, the key issue of straw treatment and utilization is that the wood fiber flocs in crop straws can be effectively decomposed.
    From the perspective of the nutritional characteristics of crop residues, the content of protein, soluble carbohydrates, minerals, and carotene is relatively low, but the content of crude fiber is relatively high, so it is not suitable for raising livestock.
    The full-automatic straw hydraulic baler produced by Nick Machinery is constantly striving to innovate and develop, and produce suitable intelligent straw baler for major production enterprises. Welcome to our website www.nkbaler.com to purchase.
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