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Different types of waste paper balers have different conveyors
Author : admin Time : 2021-05-27 AllPageView : 317
Modern waste paper balers have very high requirements for equipment, and it is necessary to configure conveyor equipment according to the type of waste paper baler and the efficiency of production. Conveyor is determined according to production, and it needs to be considered from many aspects. The waste paper baler has a complete model, and the structure of the equipment can be changed according to the special needs of the site. These different specifications and models are suitable for different scales of production. The small waste paper baler is suitable for a small amount of waste paper every day. This model is generally not equipped with conveyor equipment, but if you want to better save human resources or lack of human resources, you can also configure conveyor equipment. For waste paper balers, in general, supporting conveyor equipment is required to speed up the packaging efficiency of the whole equipment. Because the daily packaging volume of these models is very large, if the manpower is small, the supply of the host packaging is in short supply. This will reduce the packaging efficiency of the equipment as a whole. Therefore, conveyors need to be configured in general production situations. However, if the Bailer site has sufficient human resources, and if you want to save part of the equipment investment in the early stage, it is recommended not to use the conveyor. Rely on manual feeding, but need to meet the timely supply of feeding. For waste paper baler equipment with door type produced by our company, it is recommended to use conveyor equipment. The structure of this type of waste paper baler with door is not suitable for installation below the horizontal line, and it can pack various materials such as plastic bottles and waste plastics. These materials are inconvenient to manually feed, and it is better to use conveyor opportunities.

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