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Introduction and application of NKW lifting door Baler
Author : admin Time : 2021-05-26 AllPageView : 312
Nick NKW series horizontal hydraulic baler is designed and manufactured with hydraulic cylinder behind the door. The bale is continuously compressed before forming. The length of the bale can be determined in advance. After the bale is formed, the warning device prompts, stop the compression operation, and start the push after the bundling is completed. The package program, the package block compression work is completed, and the package block is pushed out of the box.
Horizontal plastic bottle Bailer machine with larger feeding port and more one-time feeding; there is a running track under the compression cylinder, the back and forth compression is more stable, and the machine durability is better; the excess raw materials are removed by the cutter and will not get stuck Live equipment; the equipment adopts multi-function PLC electric box operation, which integrates multiple functions in one, with stronger safety, applicability, and operability. It is convenient for novices to operate and easier to use.
Scope of application:
Nick NKW series of horizontal hydraulic balers for blocking doors due to the design of the cylinder behind the blocking door, can compress and pack a wide range of raw materials, including various soft and hard materials, waste, leftovers, straw, pasture, straw, waste paper boxes, and plastic film , Woven bags, etc. can be easily packaged; the advantage of adopting the back-blocking door design is: the density of the bale is better, and the bale is harder and heavier than the push bag series products.

The NKW series horizontal baler produced by Nick Machinery can freely set the length of the bale, accurately record the bale value, and is convenient for the operator.

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