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  • In addition to the coconut palm fiber baler that is common on the market, alfalfa baler is also popular now.

    In the past, alfalfa was directly packaged on farmland with agricultural balers, but the density of such bales was very low, and the density was only about 200kg/m3 based on 15% humidity.

    As the demand for alfalfa as an animal feed increases, only bales with a density above 380kg/m3 can make full use of the container loading space. A 40-foot high container can reach a loading weight of 23-24 tons.
    When compressed, natural fibers have greater rebound force. For materials with high resilience, a heavy-duty baler must be selected, so that the machine itself can withstand the resilience of the compressed material.
    The second is the pressure of the baler. Generally, the original density of natural fibers is low. A large tonnage baler should be selected to ensure the ideal bale density. Generally, the tonnage is 80 tons and above.
    The last point is that the inner wall of the baler should be designed with a rebound hook to effectively prevent the material from rebounding, thereby improving the packaging efficiency.
    The NKB180 bagging machine produced by Nick Machinery is very suitable for packing and compression of alfalfa. It adopts PLC control system, simple operation and precise control. You are welcome to visit our website for detailed parameter description www.nkbaler.com.
    If you are interested or have questions about the waste paper baler, please visit the company's website: www.nkbaler.com, or call: 86-29-86031588
  • The synthetic fiber baler produced by Nick Machinery is also called polyester fiber baler, which is mainly used to pack and compress loose fibers such as fiber and brown silk.
    Synthetic fibers promote the prosperity and development of the clothing industry. Compared with natural fibers, synthetic fibers are not restricted by natural conditions and weather. The most important synthetic fibers currently on the market include nylon, polyester, acrylic, and polyolefin fibers.
    In fact, these four fibers account for 98% of synthetic fibers, and polyester accounts for 60% of the market.

    These fibers are also recyclable. Due to environmental protection considerations, it will eventually be landfilled and incinerated. But when it comes to recycling, transportation and packaging have become a problem. This problem can be solved with a synthetic fiber baler.

    Nick Machinery has a variety of balers suitable for beating synthetic fibers, as well as other materials.
    We have a packing machine specially designed for polyester fiber, such as our NKB180 series bagging machine, which adopts PLC control system, simple operation, precise control, high production efficiency, and can produce 120 bags in one hour.

    Nick Machinery can tailor the packaging machine according to your packaging requirements, space size, and budget constraints. 

    You can contact us for more information in order to recommend the best packaging solution for you.
    You are welcome to consult www.nkbaler.com, for more knowledge, visit the website: www.nkbaler.com
  • The mineral wool fiber baler produced by Nick Machinery has good rigidity and stability, beautiful appearance, convenient operation and maintenance, safe and energy-saving.

    Fiber is widely used and recycled in a variety of materials, such as the application of cotton fiber in clothes, bed sheets and towels. Flax fiber is used in tablecloths, napkins, handkerchiefs, etc.

    But in heavy production, stronger fibers are needed. Mineral fibers, such as asbestos and basalt fibers, can be used in a variety of commercial applications. Heavy-duty stage curtains are usually made of basalt fiber, and fire blankets and sound-absorbing tiles usually contain asbestos fibers. Asbestos is a tricky material. It has been used in the construction industry for decades, but it is also a carcinogen. In fact, in many buildings around the world, asbestos must be removed (especially in public places and schools) and replaced. Demolition means proper disposal, and this is when the baler comes in handy.

    The best way to properly dispose of asbestos is to compress the bag. Nick Machinery can provide both vertical and horizontal compression bagging machines. Horizontal bagging machines can be further subdivided into light bagging machines with scales and heavy bagging machines. The light-weight bagging machine with scale is equipped with an electronic scale, which is convenient for weighing before feeding and compressing, and accurately controls the weight of the bale. This machine is also equipped with casters for easy moving. The heavy-duty horizontal bagging machine is equipped with a hopper, which can be matched with the conveyor to realize continuous automatic feeding. When using a minimum of people, it can produce 40-70 bags per hour. If the site space is limited, you can choose a vertical bagging machine to save floor space. It can hit 30 bales per hour, and each bale weighs 20-30kg.
    All the balers of Nick Machinery can do the work you need, and the operation is very convenient. You are welcome to consult www.nkbaler.com.
  • Animal fiber is a kind of natural fiber, and its main component is protein. Silk, hair (block wool) and feathers are the more common animal fibers. They are widely used in the textile industry as filling materials, fabrics, clothing, etc.

    Strong market demand promotes the rapid and efficient development of supply. How to efficiently supply has become the focus of the textile industry?

    Because animal fibers are very fluffy and require cleanliness during transportation, the baler used to compress and pack animal fibers needs to have the function of wrapping the bales. Nick Machinery recommends NK070T100 series fiber baler to compress and bale animal fiber. The bales produced by this fiber baler can be conveniently wrapped and achieve "#" type baling. The wrapped block can effectively protect the material and prevent it from being worn and soiled during transportation. The machine uses double-cylinder balanced compression, special hydraulic system, and more stable power.
     Nick Machinery website www.nkbaler.com has detailed specifications of the relevant baler, you can choose according to your needs, or you can contact us for more information about the waste recycling hydraulic baler.for more information ,you can visit us :www.nickbaler.com
  • Garment packing machine is a kind of packing machine equipment specially used in garment factories, textile factories and other places.

    It can pack clothing materials of various materials such as cotton, wool, waste paper, yarn, knitting, and sack. Packing the originally scattered goods neatly not only looks orderly, but also saves the space utilization rate and can better find the goods in the later stage. In order to achieve a better use effect, what are the safe operation specifications of the garment packing machine?
    1. Before starting to use, make sure that the hydraulic oil in the oil tank of the packer is on the marking line. Use high-quality, wear-resistant hydraulic oil, which can be injected and used after strict filtration. During the operation of the equipment, hydraulic oil should also be supplied in time;

    2. In order to make the operation more smooth, lubricating oil must be added to each connection of the garment packing machine;

    3. Before each operation, clean up the debris in the surrounding environment in the garment packing machine to avoid affecting the packing effect;
    4. The operating personnel must carry out corresponding training and learning before operating on the machine. Those who do not understand the product performance and structure cannot open the baler equipment without authorization;
    5. When the pump, valve, and pressure gauge on the baler are debugged, they must be debugged by professional technicians. Once a failure occurs, they will stop running and perform overall maintenance. If necessary, replace the instrument meter;
    6. During the operation, the user shall not maintain and adjust the baler equipment without authorization;
    7. Each packer has a fixed load and eccentricity, which should be selected according to its actual needs to avoid damage to the equipment;
    8. The electrical equipment of the garment packing machine must be grounded to ensure firm and stable operation in the later stage.
    Nick Machinery operates in accordance with the development concept of integrity, quality and after-sales service, providing each customer with comprehensive after-sales service, solving any equipment problems for customers in a timely manner, and achieving greater work efficiency for customers to go to the market www.nkbaler.com
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