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How to choose a horizontal baler that suits you
Author : admin Time : 2021-05-26 AllPageView : 292
With its excellent processing capacity and stable production capacity, the horizontal baler produced by Nick Machinery has won the unanimous trust and love of the majority of waste processing households, waste packaging stations, and waste collection stations. The equipment is compared with traditional vertical hydraulic packaging. Machine, the production efficiency has been significantly improved; when making a choice, customers should choose according to the following conditions:
1. If you simply compress raw materials such as waste paper and waste paper boxes, novices or start-up customers can start by choosing 80 tons of pressure equipment, 80 tons of pressure is enough to use, production efficiency and output can also meet daily needs, wait until In the later stage, the scale of production is fully expanded, and you can choose a large horizontal baler
2. If the compressed raw materials are messy, or even compressed beverage bottles, mineral water bottles, cola bottles and other waste plastic bottle raw materials, you can choose a device with a pressure of 100 tons to start, and a horizontal baler below this pressure can be compressed. All kinds of plastic bottles, especially compressed with caps, cannot completely squeeze the caps, and the compression effect is average;
3. If the budget is not enough, the scale is small, and the compressed raw materials are mostly waste paper, you can also contact our company's sales staff to order a small horizontal waste paper box baler and a rear-blocking horizontal waste paper box baler separately. , The equipment pressure is about 60 tons, and it is very easy to compress waste paper and waste paper boxes, and the bale can reach 400-450 kg.

Nick Machinery can tailor the packaging machine according to your packaging requirements, space size, and budget constraints. You can contact us for more information in order to recommend the best packaging solution for you. You are welcome to consult www.nkbaler.net

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