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  • Horizontal semi-automatic hydraulic baler is widely used in various paper factories, old recycling companies and other units and enterprises. It is a good equipment to improve labor productivity, reduce labor intensity, save labor costs, and reduce transportation costs.

    Precautions for moisturizing and maintenance of horizontal semi-automatic hydraulic baler:
    1. The box part of the machine is equipped with an oil meter. You should refuel it all at once before starting up. It can be added in the middle according to the temperature rise and operating conditions of each bearing.

    2. The horizontal semi-automatic hydraulic baler must store the oil for a long time. The oil level is high enough that the worm gear invades the oil. If it is used frequently, the oil must be replaced every three months. There is an oil plug at the bottom for draining oil.

    3. When refueling the hydraulic baler, don't let the oil spill out of the cup, let alone flow around the machine and on the ground. Because oil easily pollutes materials and affects product quality.
    The horizontal semi-automatic hydraulic baler can reuse waste materials, and more importantly, it can promote the conversion of a series of economic chains, while responding to the country's current economic development policy: take the road of sustainable development. If you are interested in semi-automatic hydraulic baler, please feel free to contact our sales, 86-29-86031588, www.nkbaler.com.
  • The horizontal semi-automatic hydraulic baler is specially used for the recovery, compression and Baler of waste paper, waste cardboard, carton factory scraps, waste books, waste magazines, plastic film, straw and other loose materials.
    Horizontal semi-automatic hydraulic baler has been constantly developing and innovating. The development trend of baler:

    (1) High speed, high efficiency and low energy consumption. Improve the working efficiency of hydraulic presses and reduce production costs.

    (2) Mechatronics and hydraulics integration. Make full use of advanced mechanical and electronic technologies to promote the improvement of the entire hydraulic system.
    (3) Automation and intelligence. The rapid development of microelectronics technology provides sufficient conditions for the automation and intelligence of hydraulic presses. Automation is not only embodied in processing, it should be able to realize automatic diagnosis and adjustment of the system, and have the function of fault prevention.

    (4) The hydraulic components are integrated and standardized. The integrated hydraulic system reduces pipeline connections and effectively prevents leakage and pollution. Standardized components bring convenience for machine maintenance.

    To expand the development of waste paper baler, it is necessary to upgrade its technology, let waste paper baler and Nick Machinery work together to create a better life in the future, grasp every development opportunity given by the market, and tailor-made waste paper suitable for local factors for enterprises Baler machine, and strive to satisfy users in many aspects, www.nkbaler.com.
  • The NKB200 hay briquetting machine has the advantages of labor saving and high degree of automation. It can also be combined with the straw kneading machine to work directly. One person can operate the straw baler. The machine is convenient to operate, high in production efficiency, and saves labor. It is an ideal straw forage storage and packaging machine.

    The finished product of hay briquetting machine can replace firewood, raw coal, liquefied gas, etc., and is widely used in living stoves, heating stoves, hot water boilers, industrial boilers, biomass power plants, etc.

    NKB200 type briquetting machine is suitable for the molding of various biomass materials, with a wide range of applications, simple operation and convenient maintenance. The production capacity is 1.5-1.8T per hour, the weight of each package is 30-35KG, and the size of the bale is 480*480*(220-350) mm. It adopts automatic conveyor feeding and wind ash removal, simple operation, small workload, and can be operated by three people.

    The machine is designed with solid materials, the case material is excellent, the pressure is strong, and it is not easy to break. It can be operated by customers who do not understand electrical circuits. Purchase the machine. Nick Machinery can install and debug equipment nationwide. Factory inspection order. www.nkbaler.com.
  • The straw briquetting machine is a device that uses biomass materials as raw materials to produce molding fuels.

    The equipment is suitable for a wide range of raw materials, including crop straw or leftovers (corn straw, wheat straw, cotton straw, soybean straw, rape straw, rice straw, rice husk, peanut husk, etc.), as well as cow dung, coal powder, distillers grains, waste paper pulp, furfural Other raw materials such as slag, mushroom waste sticks, combustible household garbage, etc. The company produces molding fuel production line equipment (different production processes are used according to different raw materials, the production line generally includes crushers, conveyors, briquetting machines, balers, etc.).

    Nick Machinery’s NKB150 briquetting machine adopts PLC unmanned control, continuous bag delivery, fast speed, easy to use, and uses conveyor lines to automatically feed online. The Baler size is 350*350 (220-300) mm, the compressed block is dense, the waste compaction ratio can reach 5:1, and it is not easy to loose, each package weighs 13-16KG, small storage space, convenient transportation, and saves a lot of manpower Material resources.

    Nick Machinery has been specialized in waste paper balers for many years and has won the recognition of users with excellent service. We will insist on serving the society, serving the majority of users, and serving customers all the time. www.nkbaler.com
  • When metal castings are cut, the chips account for about 20% of the weight of the castings, up to about 30%. Recycle
    The aluminum shavings in the machining process of the product can reduce production costs and have good economic benefits. Aluminum scrap recycling
    The following points should be noted:

    (1) When the workpiece of a certain material grade is processed, it should be collected in time to prevent metal chips from mixing. When recycling, all metal chips in the chassis of various machine tools participating in the cutting should be cleaned up.

    (2) The recovered metal scraps should be stacked in the designated bins strictly according to the grade classification and classification, and the types and grades of the metal scraps should be marked. If possible, they should be remelted in time to avoid mixing numbers.

    (3) Avoid mixing metal chips with debris, cotton yarn and other debris.
    Recycling and packaging aluminum scraps can use Nick Machinery’s scrap metal balers, NKB81-2000A type metal balers, suitable for steel mills, recycling and processing industries, and can be used for packaging metal scraps, metal shavings and other scrap metals. It is small in size, easy to install, and can be in size. Customized according to customer requirements, please call our sales number 86-29-86031588, let our technology create your own exclusive Baler for you! www.nkbaler.com

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