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  • While developing the performance of the straw baler, Nick Machinery must also reduce its price, so that customers can truly realize the convenience and benefits brought by the straw baler when using the straw baler.

    Only with the advancement of modern machinery and equipment, can the straw baler make great progress. Therefore, the development level of straw baler is also an important manifestation of modern technology. At present, all walks of life attach great importance to the role of the baler. The straw baler is an important equipment that effectively improves the recycling of residual crop residues and improves productivity, and is an important development trend of modern crop harvesting technology.

    The straw baler contains advanced technology and modern baling concepts to be used in fully automated production and processing. It has very strong competitiveness in the current fierce market competition. Only high-efficiency working status is the true embodiment of value. The continuous innovation and development of straw baler can adapt to the rapid development of society and meet the production needs of my country's hydraulic industry.

    While developing the performance of the straw baler, Nick Machinery must also reduce its price, so that customers can truly realize the convenience and benefits brought by the straw baler when using the straw baler.
    If you are interested in the above straw baler or have any questions, please visit our company's website: www.nkbaler.com, or call: 86-29-86031588
  • Nick Machinery Marine Packer (also known as Marine Garbage Compressor, Marine Garbage Packer) is specially customized for marine ships.

    According to the different needs of customers, our marine balers are divided into standard marine balers, waterproof marine balers and explosion-proof marine balers. So far, Nick Machinery Marine Baler has been successfully installed and widely used on many ships. This reduces the volume occupied by various waste materials on the ship for long-term ships at sea. Since the implementation of the new Five MARPOL regulations in January 2013, how to store garbage on ships has become particularly important, because ships usually spend a long time at sea. With the gradual increase in the cost of waste disposal on the shore, according to many ships that have installed our marine balers, their waste disposal costs can be saved by more than 60% than before without the balers-reducing the volume equals reducing the cost. Many reports show that returns can be seen in just a few months.

    Nick brand hydraulic baler is a professional company engaged in the development, production, sales and service of hydraulic machinery and packaging machinery. It is your best choice to build professionalism with concentration, reputation with integrity, and sales with service.. www.nkbaler.com.
  • The Nick Machinery horizontal briquetting machine is a new type of compressed block baler, which is an ideal choice for processing some special materials such as wood chips, shredded manuscript stalks, rice husks, and peanut shells.

    These materials are very small and loose. There is no way to pack them, and it is difficult to compress and transport. So one way is to compress and bag with our bagging machine, and the other way is to use a briquetting machine to compress these materials into a hard block, which is convenient transport.

    The hard blocks produced by this horizontal briquetting machine are square, very easy to collect and stack, saving time, space and cost to a large extent (no need for bagging or further packaging). Such lumps can also be used as fuel-especially wood chips lumps. The Nick Machinery horizontal briquetting machine is controlled by PLC, and the door of the bag outlet is hydraulically automatically lifted, which means that the entire Baler and pushing process is fully automatic. If the feeding is also automatic feeding by the briquetting machine, then the whole process does not require any labor.

    The Nick horizontal briquetting machine is relatively small and can be installed almost anywhere, so it is widely used by many animal sleeping pad manufacturers, plant fertilizer manufacturers, farms, etc. If you are interested in understanding, you can go to our company website to consult more detailed technical parameters .www.nkbaler.com.
  • Tires (such as car tires, truck tires, etc.) are ground rolling rings assembled on various vehicles or machinery
    Shaped elastic rubber products, so tires are a material with high resilience. The tire baler is specially used for
    Vertical heavy-duty dual-cylinder balers for compressing and packaging automobile tires, truck tires and other products. In design, the tires hit
    The charter plane fully considers the high degree of resilience brought about by tire compression, and especially strengthens the strength of the fuselage so that it can
    It can offset the high rebound force of the tire after compression.

    The vertical design of the tire baler has a small footprint and is widely used in tire recycling centers, which is a waste tire recycling,One of the essential machines in the industry. Using a tire baler to compress tires can greatly save storage space and reduce transportation cost.

    The standard tire baler can compress 120-140 car tires in only 9 strokes, with a compression ratio of up to 12:1 and a bale weight of 1200kg. The high-profile tire baler not only has the various performances and advantages of the standard tire baler, but also increases the cooling system and improves the hydraulic system. As far as Baler efficiency is concerned, the high-end tire Baler machine can produce a block containing 120-140 automobile tires through 7 times of feeding and compression. The machine's no-load cycle time is only 35 seconds.

    The tire bales compressed by the tire baler are widely used in the construction of sound insulation walls, urban greening facilities, and light-weight roads.

    Base filler and other civil engineering.
    If you need a high elastic material baler, you can contact us to customize your own tire baler solution www.nkbaler.com.
  • Nick Machinery's plastic hydraulic baler is specially used for the compression and packaging of plastic films, plastic bottles, hard plastics and other plastic items. save costs,
    The suction phenomenon of the oil pump mainly refers to the mixing of air in the oil sucked by the oil pump. Excessive air mixed in the oil will cause cavitation, cavitation and noise.
    The primary reasons why the oil pump sucks in air are as follows:

    1. The oil level of the fuel tank is too low. If the oil level in the oil tank is too low, the oil flushed from the oil return pipe will agitate the oil level in the oil tank violently, air will simply mix into the oil, and the suction pipe will suck in the air bubbles.

    2. The seal is not tight. The pump's sealing ring and oil seal are ineffective, and the oil suction pipe joint is not tightly sealed. The leakage causes the lack of oil in the oil tank. At the same time, a large amount of air enters the system due to loose sealing.
    Regarding the little knowledge of the plastic hydraulic baler described by Nick Machinery, is there a good solution to help everyone? Such as
    If you have any relevant knowledge you don’t understand, you can contact us and we will give you a detailed answer. The plastic hydraulic baler produced by our company is very complete. Welcome everyone to visit and buy. www.nkbaler.com
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