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  • The gantry shearing machine has changed the development direction of the entire recycling industry, freeing up the labor force and continuously achieving high profits. The accuracy required by the gantry shearing machine, the toughness of the blade, etc. are all very demanding. Only a good product will last for a long time, and the product price will also change with the social economy. Gantry shears can be customized for customers according to the actual materials recycled and reused by customers, and make unremitting efforts for customers to more efficiently recycle domestic waste.
    Scrap steel has always been a topic often discussed by people. Now the processing of scrap metal has not only used traditional processing methods, but the amount of scrap steel recycled every year is constantly increasing, and it will jump from one turning point to another turning point. It can be said that there is a new breakthrough in the market every year. It is also because of this market background that equipment such as gantry shears will appear and show their talents in the utilization of scrap steel. Tianjin Shunda gantry shearing machine has a wide range of applications. The gantry shearing machine is mainly used for scrap steel, metal recycling, and metallurgy. The gantry shear is a good helper for material recycling, improving efficiency and increasing profit. The gantry shearing machine is simple and convenient to operate, and the high-quality gantry shearing machine is fast and has a long service life. As the country attaches great importance to environmental protection, domestic environmental protection projects continue to increase. Since its birth, the gantry shear has quickly swept the market. Its effective treatment and recycling of scrap metal has been well received by many new and old users. It has made important contributions to the environmental protection cause of our country. Among many environmental protection projects and equipment, the gantry shear has a unique advantage. Its sales in the market continue to increase, it has been praised by users, and it has achieved rapid development.
    Gantry shears, also known as gantry shears, automatic feeding of the silo, automatic cutting, adjustable length of the cutting material, remote control, convenient operability, labor saving, high cutting efficiency, approximately cut every day About 30-90 tons, with a wide range of cutting materials, it is one of the necessary equipment for the future development of the scrap steel recycling industry. The manufacturer sends someone to install and train the staff.

    Since Nick's mechanical gantry shears, people have begun to re-use or re-smelt scrap metal. It is one of the ideal equipment for the metal recycling industry and casting workshop charge processing. You are welcome to come and buy: www.nkbaler.net

  • Metal balers are mainly divided into two types: one is horizontal metal balers, and the other is vertical metal balers.
    The horizontal metal baler mainly bales materials such as scrap steel, and has the characteristics of high baling pressure and high density of bales. It is suitable for packing light and thin materials, car racks, waste steel bars, etc. The disadvantage is that the packed bales have high impurity content, a lot of pollutants are generated during the smelting process, and the rate of molten steel is low. Since 2016, the environmental protection requirements have been relatively high. The factory no longer buys iron bales, and now it is more popular to use small or medium metal balers to pack bales with a size of about 300*300 mm, which is more used for crushing or shearing.
    Vertical metal baler is mainly suitable for packaging waste aluminum, stainless steel, aluminum, cans and other materials. The materials are compressed by vertical downward pressing and tied with iron or aluminum wire. The advantage is that it is convenient to load and unpack. It is faster, no other impurities can be added in the bale, and the purity of the smelting is relatively high. The disadvantage is that the filling needs to be repeated 3-5 times. Artificial filling or conveyor belt filling. The vertical metal balers have large bins, and the bins for packaging waste aluminum mainly have the following specifications: 1.1*2 meters, 1.1*2.2 meters, 1.1*2.3 meters, 1.1*2.4 meters, 1.1*2.6 meters, etc., according to The user requires the production of different specifications of the material box. The pressure of the downward pressure cylinder ranges from 200 tons to 350 tons.

    Nick Machinery is a manufacturer specializing in the production of metal balers, which can be customized according to your packaging requirements, space size, and budget constraints. You can contact us for more information in order to recommend the best packaging solution for you. You are welcome to consult www.nkbaler.net

  • The can Baling Press is a long-term supply from Nick Machinery, various types of Baling Presss, large bins, convenient filling, the whole machine is lifted up and down or adopts conveyor belt filling. higher efficiency. The pressure of the double cylinders ranges from 80 tons to 200 tons, and the size of the material tank is 1*1.2 m, 1.1*1.5 m, 1.1*1.6 m. The customer can customize different specifications of the material tank and pressure according to user requirements, and the filling method is more Unique, if the customer specializes in packaging small materials such as aluminum cans or PET bottles, the whole machine can be used up and down, the filling port is level with the ground, and the forklift or forklift can be used for filling, or a hopper can be added to the back of the packaging machine, and the Coke bottle can be transported by the conveyor belt. Or the cans are transported to the hopper of the baler, which saves labor costs. The packing capacity is strong, the efficiency is high, and it can pack 3-6 packs per hour. The weight of each pack depends on the size of the machine. The high-load structure ranges from 150kg to 450kg. The automatic bag turning device is safe and reliable.

    The aluminum can balers produced by Nick Machinery can pack aluminum cans into small metal blocks, reduce storage space, reduce transportation costs, and reduce costs for the recycling of cans. If you are interested in can balers, welcome to Nick Machinery Learn more at www.nkbaler.net

  • We all know that machinery and equipment will be consumed in production. The vulnerable parts of the sawdust Block Press machine include the wear of the pressure roller, the stator copper loss of the motor, the loss of the tool, etc., and the loss caused by the long-term use is actually not a small expense to be shared in the income by depreciation. Recently, the mechanical engineers of Shaanxi Nick have conducted a series of research and discussion on the function decline loss of sawdust Block Press machine, tool replacement loss, speed loss, etc., repeated production tests, absorbing the essence of domestic and foreign Block Press machines, and finally developed A new generation of low-consumption sawdust Block Press machine. It adopts the high-speed motor shaft and the gear shaft to rotate in parallel, and the gear shaft supports the rotation at two points to effectively reduce the speed loss. The main shaft is shortened, the rigidity is improved, the wear of the mold and the pressure wheel is reduced, the water cooling system is improved, and the wear caused by the high temperature caused by the friction during the use of the tool is reduced. Reducing these small expenditures is a great wealth. Nick's new Block Press machine makes time work rate and performance work rate exactly proportional.

    Nick Machinery continues to innovate and improve, with excellent equipment, reduce the loss of Block Press machine equipment, and seek benefits for the majority of users and friends. Welcome new and old customers to come and buy.

  • The complete set of peanut shell Block Press machine includes: main machine, feeding conveyor, discharging conveyor, power distribution control cabinet, etc.
    1. The complete set of peanut shell Block Press machine includes: main machine, feeding conveyor, discharging conveyor, power distribution control cabinet, etc. This machine is based on the small and medium-sized forage straw forming machine, and takes into account the strictness of the raw materials for the compact forming of biomass fuel, and is newly optimized. The structure is reasonable, the operation is simple, the production efficiency is high, and the use is reliable.
    2. This machine is not only suitable for compression molding of various pastures and straw feeds, but also for compact molding of biomass fuels. It is an important device in the green environmental protection industry.
    3. With the improvement of advanced feeding device and ring die technology, the discharging speed is faster under the premise of 100% forming rate, and the increase of the discharging port makes the overall production cost lower under the same labor. The special design principle reduces the original power consumption by more than 50% and increases the output.
    4. The forming mold has a high-temperature preheating function, which has a wide range of applications and low requirements for material moisture.

    The peanut shell packing machine produced by Nick Machinery has always had its own uniqueness. We believe that only by making our products more distinctive and refined, will there be better sales. In order to make users and friends more satisfied.

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