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Application of waste paper balers in India
Author : admin Time : 2021-10-12 AllPageView : 243
In foreign countries, waste paper is called the forest resource in the city. Whether it is used newspaper, book paper, work paper, or kraft paper, paper box, corrugated paper, etc., they are all precious fiber materials.
Using waste paper to make paper has low energy consumption, low environmental treatment costs, and low unit material costs. Newsprint produced with waste paper in my country can reduce the production cost by 300 yuan/ton compared with virgin wood pulp, and it can also reduce environmental pollution. Therefore, people call paper and cardboard produced from recycled fibers as green products.
Use waste paper as a resource to achieve a win-win for saving and environmental protection. So how do you shrink waste paper, paper skins, and waste when recycling waste paper? Now most waste paper recycling stations use waste paper balers to shrink waste paper and paper skins.
The hydraulic pressure system of the waste paper baler has high pressure, high speed, high efficiency, simple structure and simple operation.

As an important part of the packaging machinery industry, waste paper balers will inevitably develop in the direction of diversification of mechanical functions, standardization and modularization of structural design, intelligent control, and high-precision structure in the future.

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