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  • Gantry shears can easily cut waste materials, and the cut waste materials are easier to recycle, but there are many contraindications when using the equipment.
    Gantry shears also have certain specifications, too large materials cannot be cut, and the thickness of the materials to be cut at one time cannot be too large. When cutting steel bars, a high-hardness blade is required. The gantry shearing machine is very dangerous when it is working. No matter whether it is a worker or not, the blade of the shearing machine should not be touched to avoid accidents.
    After working for a period of time, the gantry shearing machine often needs to dispose of the residue near the knife edge, and tools are needed during the treatment, and the garbage cannot be cleaned directly by hand.
    During work, it is forbidden to operate the gantry shearing machine with overload. The material exceeding the shear thickness cannot be cut. If the material is too short, the material cannot be pushed into the shearing equipment by hand, and the steel plate needs to be used to push the material in.
    The operation of the gantry shear is very consistent. The shearing machine must be maintained and maintained every day, and the machine tool of the shearing machine should be cleaned in time to keep the equipment stable.
    Any non-operator is not allowed to operate the shearing machine without authorization, and the operator of the gantry shearing machine needs to leave the machine and stop, and cannot operate the shearing machine without being supervised.
    Gantry shears are equipment that uses hydraulic pressure as power, so they have powerful shearing capacity and are also very dangerous equipment. Once they make a mistake in operation, it is easy to cause injuries.

    Here, Nick Machinery reminds you that you must follow strict operating instructions during the use of the product, which can not only protect the safety of the operator, but also reduce the loss of the equipment and extend the service life of the equipment.

  • Shearing machines are frequently used in many cable or processing industries and are indispensable important processing equipment. As the saying goes, "knife sharpening does not mistakenly chop wood" in order to improve the efficiency of processing operations. It is necessary to be careful and choose an easy-to-use shearing machine to achieve a multiplier processing effect. Of course, when choosing a shearing machine, the functions of different equipment should be determined according to actual needs. Let's take a look at what aspects should be paid attention to when choosing a shearing machine:
    1: Perfect after-sales service guarantee
    The shearing machine will inevitably cause abnormal equipment load during the long-term processing operation. Therefore, the after-sales service and specific service content that the manufacturer can provide when selecting the equipment are also important references for selection. Only with good after-sales service can we ensure that users follow-up carefree use, and will not worry about technology or malfunctions or delay normal production.
    2: The operation of the equipment is stable and set
    The stability of the equipment operation is very important when selecting a shearing machine. Since shearing is a process of cutting by a cutter and the cutter is extremely sharp, it is necessary to pay attention to the protective measures of the equipment during operation to ensure the stability of the operation process. Therefore, when choosing, you must pay special attention to the structure of the different shears and the stability of the actual operation. Only the shears that meet the standards can be confidently purchased and used to avoid the existence of unstable factors.
    3: The practicality and applicability of the equipment
    Different companies have different functional requirements for the shearing machine. In order to improve the utilization and convenience of the operation when purchasing, it is necessary to choose according to the actual use of the function. The benefits of this choice can not only save costs but also meet the functional needs of enterprises for cutting. For example, companies must be clear about their processing workpieces and determine the appropriate equipment configuration that the workpiece needs to match, especially the choice of tools to make cutting fast and effective without continuous cutting.
    The above are the several aspects that you should pay attention to when choosing a shearing machine. In addition to these aspects, you must also understand "where can you find a good shearing machine" and be clear about the manufacturer's selling price, and choose cost-effective equipment. Purchase can reduce the purchase cost of the enterprise. Therefore, when choosing the shearing machine, it is necessary to conduct a field investigation and trial to quickly purchase equipment that meets the actual use.

    The shearing machine produced by Nick Machinery has simple structure, convenient operation and maintenance, low failure rate and reasonable price. Welcome new and old friends to come and buy.

  • The metal baler is easy to install, easy to operate, easy to maintain, and safe and reliable to use. In addition, users can choose the size and specifications of the baler according to their needs. The use of a baler can greatly improve the work efficiency of the industry, and can save manpower and material resources. Let's take a look at the use of metal baler.
    The metal baler mainly packs metal blocks, scrap metal, metal scraps, etc. It is mainly powered by hydraulic cylinders. Through the baler, the waste metal is hydraulically packaged into the required shape, and reused to meet other needs demand. The use of a baler can not only improve work efficiency, but also reduce industrial costs. Metal balers are usually widely used in the metal processing industry and are suitable for mass recycling and baling.
    The metal baler is easy to operate, safe and reliable, and can adapt to a variety of different environments. It plays an increasingly important role in the metal recycling and processing industry, and the future market prospects are getting better and better.

    Since the Nick Machinery metal baler, people have begun to re-use or re-smelt scrap metal. It is one of the ideal equipment for the metal recycling industry and foundry shop charge processing. You are welcome to come and buy: www.nkbaler.net.

  • In recent years, my country's mechanized production has become more and more common. In these years, the development of hydraulic balers has also become faster and faster. However, the functions of products have become more and more, and the prices of corresponding products have increased relatively. When it comes to products such as balers, first of all, I have to talk about the cheapest model, which is the manual baler. This manual baler is now only suitable for packaging small and small products. Although the price is low, However, the operating efficiency is also very low, it is completely manual operation, the operating efficiency is not high, and the operating principle is relatively simple. Hydraulic baler is a kind of automatic baler. Compared with manual baler, this baler realizes numerical control operation. It can realize the equipment of Baler operation without manual operation of the equipment. Therefore, the advancement of these technologies has established its development trend by far, and with the help of technology, its development will be even more powerful.

    The fully automatic hydraulic baler produced by Nick Machinery provides automatic bundling, unmanned operation, fast speed, simple structure, stable action, low failure rate and easy cleaning. The price is reasonable, welcome to buy www.nkbaler.net 

  • The baler is a mechatronic product, which is mainly composed of a mechanical system, a control system, a feeding system, and a power system. The whole Baler process is composed of auxiliary time such as pressing, returning, carrying, transferring, outgoing up, outgoing down, and receiving. The baler on the market is mainly divided into two types, horizontal and vertical. So, is the baler better vertical or horizontal?
    1. Vertical hydraulic baler is mainly used to recycle packaging materials and waste products such as compressed cardboard, waste film, waste paper, foam plastic, beverage cans and industrial scraps. This vertical baler reduces waste storage space, saves up to 80% of stacking space, reduces transportation costs, and is conducive to environmental protection and waste recycling.
    2. Horizontal hydraulic baler is mainly used for packaging waste paper (cardboard boxes, newsprint, etc.), waste plastics (PET bottles, plastic films, turnover boxes, etc.), straw and other loose materials. Greatly reduce the volume, increase the density, and facilitate transportation and storage. It is a powerful helper for comprehensive utilization and development of material energy.
    3. The horizontal baler is the mainstream equipment used in the baling station now, which can meet the packaging of more than ten tons of paper every day. Can prepare for future scale expansion. The vertical baler is a small-scale baler or equipment selected in the case of insufficient initial funds, but if it is predicted that there will be a large amount of waste paper recycling in the short term, it is a wise choice to choose a horizontal baler.
    4. The vertical volume is relatively small, because the packaging size is relatively small, and the efficiency is not high. Compared with the vertical baler, the horizontal baler is bulkier, the compression force is larger than the vertical baler, the baling size is relatively large, the efficiency of the bale is high, and the operation can be automated. Horizontal Baler machine is easy to realize automation, can improve the overall efficiency of Baler, and save the labor cost of Baler.
    Vertical baler is better or horizontal baler. In fact, both have their own occasions and advantages. We can choose according to the actual production. For raw materials such as yellow cardboard, air-conditioned cartons, etc., you can choose a conventional horizontal waste paper baler, and for raw materials with paper edges, you can choose a small horizontal baler.

    Nick Machinery provides: horizontal hydraulic baler, vertical hydraulic baler, waste paper baler and other packaging equipment, company website: www.nkbaler.net, telephone: 86-29-86031588, looking forward to long-term cooperation with you!

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