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  • The development of more and more industries has produced a lot of waste packaging, so in the future development situation, waste paper packaging opportunities have a very broad market space and industry development potential.
    With the increasing material and cultural needs of people and the growth of modern logistics, more and more packaging is used in our daily lives. Nowadays, we attach great importance to projects such as environmental protection and resource recycling. As far as the recycling and utilization of waste paper products in my country are concerned, it is far from reaching some advanced levels. Therefore, there will be a lot of space in the waste paper baler industry in the future. The investment in environmental protection will also increase. Driven by this great policy, a group of foresight environmental protection and energy saving projects and other industry entrepreneurs have emerged. On the one hand, they conform to the policy needs of environmental protection and energy saving, and on the other hand, they give ourselves Brought business opportunities, wealth, and social status.

    Nick Machinery is a professional service manufacturer specializing in the development, production, sales and service of hydraulic machinery and packaging machinery. The company's products mainly introduce German and European technology and technology, and the products are exported to more than 60 countries and regions at home and abroad. , Adhering to the premise of "to change the influence of Chinese manufacturing in the international market", to ensure that "maximum products and services, maximize customer benefits" as the company's production policy. There are more than 50 employees and more than 10 professional and technical personnel. After years of discussion, development, and expansion, they mainly provide convenience, speed and safety to waste paper, waste plastic, waste metal, fiber, agricultural straw and other waste recycling and processing enterprises. Economical solution. The Nick Baling Press Machinery Factory that came into being will become a good helper on your way to wealth.

    Nick Machinery specializes in providing waste paper balers, automatic waste paper balers, semi-automatic waste paper balers, vertical waste paper balers, etc. The quality is guaranteed and the price is reasonable. Welcome to buy www.nkbaler.net
  • With the rapid social and economic growth, we have now entered the Internet era, and people’s consumption habits have undergone earth-shaking changes. You can purchase products from all over the country only through your mobile phone, which will inevitably lead to the rapid development of the logistics industry.
    Since polystyrene was invented more than 70 years ago, it has provided people with great convenience in various packaging fields. Because the foam packaging material is light in weight, large in volume, and the value of direct recycling is not high, most consumers directly throw the foam packaging material into the trash can. 95% of the foam waste in the country is eventually landfilled or incinerated.

    With the development of industry, the technical performance of foam recycling equipment has been greatly improved, which provides a great guarantee for the added value of the foam waste recycling industry. A good example is the Nick Foam Baler. This new type of environmentally friendly foam balers specializes in packaging foam. The foam fragments will enter the storage tank and the foam waste will be squeezed into blocks for recycling and packaging. With this machine with low energy consumption and significant energy saving effect, the foam waste compression ratio can be reduced to one-fifth of the original, and transportation costs can be greatly reduced. Only high-density and good-quality polystyrene foam waste compressed blocks can be used for granulation to produce many other products, such as mirror frames, photo frames, etc.

    Nick Mechanical Foam Baler has simple structure, convenient operation, energy saving, environmental protection, and easy transportation. It is your good helper.www.nkbaler.net

  • The natural environment is an external material condition for human survival. With the continuous development of economy, mankind realizes the importance of environmental protection, because it is not only related to our generation, but also related to the survival of future generations. Since the 1980s, my country has embarked on the journey of an industrialized power. While the economy is developing rapidly, it is also at the expense of the environment and natural resources. With the popularity of the Internet and e-commerce, polystyrene foam, a cheap packaging material with excellent performance, is in short supply, and people habitually discard it, causing huge damage and pollution to the soil, water sources and air.
    Waste foam has become the main source of solid waste, so people pay more and more attention to the recycling and treatment of waste foam. Polystyrene foam has excellent impact resistance and cushioning properties, strength and toughness, thermal insulation properties, acid and alkali resistance, light weight, waterproof, anti-bacterial and other functions. Its appearance is clean, easy to color, easy to distinguish, and easy to shape, so it is widely used It is used for the shockproof of instrument electronics, packaging and heat insulation and heat preservation in the construction industry. However, because polystyrene foam is difficult to degrade, it will cause "white pollution" after being discarded. Its recycling can not only eliminate "white pollution", but also save resources. There are two main ways to recycle polystyrene foam:
    1. Leftover materials produced by EPS production plants;
    2. Various EPS polystyrene styrofoam packaging materials recovered in the recycling station. Recycling is not just a technical issue. The most important thing is to understand recycling. It refers to ensuring the sustainable development of the national economy and the coordinated development of economy, resources and environment.

    Landfill is a traditional and outdated waste foam treatment method. Nick Machinery is committed to recycling and processing foam waste. It uses its advanced foam baler and foam briquetting machine to greatly reduce the storage space of solid foam and effectively remove it. Compressed to 50 and 90 times the original volume, saving transportation costs, and this foam waste can be pelletized for the manufacture of environmentally friendly photo frames and plastic packaging new products, so as not to reduce environmental pollution, but also improve economic benefits. Do multiple things in one fell swoop.

    The Nick Machinery Foam Baler can reuse waste materials, and more importantly, it can promote the conversion of a series of economic chains, and at the same time respond to the country's current economic development policy: take the path of sustainable development.www.nkbaler.net

  • Nowadays, with the advancement of technology, more and more foams are being recycled, and foam balers have also emerged and become indispensable equipment for waste recycling stations. So, what is the role of foam recycling? Now Nick will introduce the Baler:
    Use waste foamed plastic as heat insulation material
    With the development of the chemical industry, polystyrene foam has been used as packaging materials, disposable tableware, etc., to the field of building insulation materials with more market prospects. Add a certain amount of low boiling point liquid modifiers, blowing agents, catalysts, stabilizers, etc. to the waste polystyrene foam after defoaming. After heating, the polystyrene beads can be pre-foamed, and then heated in the mold A rigid polystyrene foam board with fine closed pores is prepared. This kind of board can be used alone, or it can be coated with a thin aluminum sheet after forming to make an aluminum-plastic board. Its thermal insulation performance is very good. After the actual use of the roof of the house, there is no frosting and condensation, and the construction cost can be reduced, and the construction operation is convenient. Therefore, in northern heating areas, the polystyrene foam insulation board produced by this method has a wide range of uses and good development prospects.
    Use waste foam plastic to prepare waterproof coating

    Use suitable modifiers to modify waste foam plastics to prepare water-emulsion waterproof coatings with quick-drying at room temperature and long water resistance. The method is simple in process, and it is also very convenient to adjust the viscosity with water. The waterproof coating can be used for corrugated boxes instead of moisture-proof oil, and can also be used for fiberboard waterproofing.

    The foam baler produced by Nick Machinery is simple in structure, stable in action, low in failure rate and easy to clean and maintain. Welcome to visit www.nkbaler.net
  • At present, the overall level of my country's straw baler packaging industry is relatively low, most manufacturing enterprises have weak technological development capabilities, and the straw baler technology content is low.
    In the development of new products, the industry's overall technical capabilities are insufficient, and the new products developed are often copying equipment from foreign counterparts, and the general mechanical functions are not as good as the originals. In short, new products have no new ideas.
    1). The product design quality is not high and the predictability is poor.
    The research and development of straw baler products requires designers to have a solid theoretical foundation, rich practical experience, innovative spirit and comprehensive quality. However, only these premises are okay for products that are not highly complex, but not enough for products that are complex and highly automated. When designing packaging machinery products with a complex structure and a high degree of automation, because of the objective premise and the limitation of human's own physiological factors, the design is prone to mistakes, human omissions, and often lack of foresight. Whether the designed product has good processing technology, whether the size of each department is accurate, whether there is no human oversight, how well the assembly is, etc., the experience of the designer is powerless here, but these problems directly affect the quality of the product.
    2) The product design and manufacturing cycle is long and cannot respond quickly to the market.
    Straw baler packaging machinery companies generally use computer graphics, so that companies get rid of the drawing board, shorten the product design cycle, improve the design quality, but did not fundamentally solve the problem. The current market situation is that the life cycle of products is getting shorter and shorter, and the production form is more and more presenting a single-piece and small-batch format to adapt to the rapid changes in the market. These all pose severe challenges to the traditional design and manufacturing model.
    3) The high cost of product design and manufacturing has led to an increase in product costs and lack of market competitiveness.

    In order to test the function of the product, the straw baler sometimes needs to do some function tests. Some experiments are destructive and some are expensive. In some cases, it is impossible to test at all. All these bring problems to the design and manufacture of products, and increase additional costs. These additional costs are sometimes very high; the main reason is that the quality of product design is not high, the predictability is poor, and the probability of occurrence of waste is increased, which makes the finished product. The rate is reduced. The cost allocated to each product increases.

    Nick Machinery operates in line with the development concept of integrity, quality and after-sales service. It provides every customer with perfect after-sales service, solves any equipment problems for customers in a timely manner, and achieves greater work efficiency for customers. Go to the market www.nkbaler.net
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