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  • Plastic bottle balers are an important part of waste paper recycling. Plastic bottle balers have played a considerable role. The use of renewable resources such as the compressibility of waste paper is of great significance.
    The plastic bottle Baling Machine machine can make full use of some remaining plastic bottles again in various fields of production and manufacturing, and has become more and more accepted by the public with the gradual changes in the new era. At the same time, the recycling rate of plastic bottles in my country is low and needs to be further improved. This also shows that the application of waste paper balers is very important! So do you know what factors we need to consider when buying waste paper balers?
    Before purchasing a plastic bottle Baler, choose the appropriate model and power reasonably according to the quantity purchased and the space for assembly. Generally speaking, consumers cannot easily trust the store to persuade the purchase, because the store usually recommends some high-powered models with high prices and will let you buy the larger ones.
    Pay attention to the safety and product quality of the plastic bottle Baling Machine machine: it depends on whether the design of the frame structure is reasonable and safe, depends on the use of spare parts, and depends on whether every small detail is paid attention to in the production process. The plastic bottle Baling Machine machine usually produced and processed by small processing plants is rough and not smooth from the appearance. The choice of spare parts is usually cheap products, so the price is cheap. They only ask if the price is not cheap and highly value safety, product quality, and the consequences will be unimaginable, so we must pay attention to product quality and safety when we buy plastic packaging machines. If we pay attention to safety and quality, the production cost will rise, so we buy plastic bottle packaging machines. Price, and pay attention to product quality and safety.

    The above two points are the factors that our Nick Machinery must consider when purchasing a plastic bottle baler, because only by considering these two points can we guarantee safety in future use.

  • The corrugated paper Baler is the industrial equipment of the carton Baler at this stage. The Baling Machine machine has high working efficiency, simple operation process and convenient use. Long-term use of the corrugated paper Baler will undoubtedly lead to its damage.
    How to ensure long-term use? Establish a maintenance and management system for the baler, and record every maintenance of the baler. The cabinet table of the corrugated paper Baler should ensure the cleanliness of the environment before or after application;
    In addition, when using the waste paper packaging machine, the operator should pay attention to the application of the corrugated paper packaging machine from start to finish. If there are abnormal noises or difficult problems in the box, please cut off the power as soon as possible to avoid production accidents.
    After the corrugated paper baler is used for a long time, the operator should soak all the prefabricated components of the corrugated paper baler to ensure that all the prefabricated components can work normally. When inspecting the baler on the production line, the staff should try to record the problems of the mechanical equipment every time for future inspections. When operating the baler, the production line operators should pay attention to the baler as much as possible when working on the machine, so as not to reach into the mechanical equipment and prevent injury. In fact, after purchasing the waste paper baler, the manufacturer of waste paper baler recommends to formulate the performance coefficient of the baler of the operating regulations, so that we can use the corrugated paper baler more reasonably and ensure the long-term application of the baler.

    The above is the relevant content of the corrugated paper baler shared by Nick Machinery for you. If you want to know more about the baler, please pay attention to www.nkbaler.net

  • How to use and maintain second-hand vertical balers. In the waste paper recycling industry, because the price of vertical balers is relatively high, second-hand vertical balers also have a pretty good market. Let Nick take you to learn about second-hand vertical balers. Baler.
    Waste paper baler is widely used, but if the maintenance is not in place, there will be some minor failures that will affect the baling process. If it is very frequent, it will be very troublesome. After all, once the machine fails, it may cause the shutdown of the entire factory, and the loss will be too great.
    This is why the machine needs to be checked frequently. The waste paper baler is simple in structure, easy to use, and economical and efficient. It is widely used in various waste paper factories, old waste recycling companies and other units. Suitable for packaging and recycling of waste paper and plastics.
    Under the restriction of market development, the baler needs to increase the market share of the equipment and expand the performance of the equipment in order to be recognized by the public. In recent years, the baler has been continuously subdivided. With the promotion of advanced technology, the development of balers on the market is getting faster and faster, which makes it a better breakthrough in industrial construction in market development.
    The baler has its own strength in the highly competitive market. It depends on the continuous improvement of packaging equipment, making it always in a leading position in the packaging industry.

    If you also need a vertical baler to free your hands, please come to Nick Machinery to purchase. Nick Machinery provides more than 140 types of baler, which is your best choice

  • Nick tire baler is mainly suitable for the compression and packaging of waste automobile tires, waste rubber sheets and other rubber raw materials. The hydraulic tire baler adopts a novel steel frame welded structure frame, which is high in strength and light in weight. It adopts an upper-mounted cylinder structure. , Convenient maintenance, no need to excavate pits, especially convenient for areas with high groundwater levels.
    Hydraulic drive, stable pressure, low noise, easy to operate, comfortable and safe; the cylinder of the tire Baler adopts a reliable anti-leakage design, no oil leakage. The opening and closing of the bag and the box door are hydraulically controlled, which is convenient and reliable to operate. Special requirements can be designed and made for you. We will try our best to meet your requirements.
    Equipment characteristics of waste tire baler:
    Movable and fixed dual anti-rebound device
    The weight of the equipment is about 9500kg. The machine can be operated when it is fixed on a level ground. The large size that can be bundled is: 2100*1200*700-1250mm. The output per unit depends on the speed of feeding. 2 workers can operate the machine. The motor power of the tire baler is 30KW. The maximum pressure of the tire baler is 180 tons. The punched package is compact, neat and beautiful.

    Nick Machinery Factory specializes in selling tire balers and accepts professional customization from customers. The size of the box, the compression force, and the way of packaging can be customized to meet the different requirements of different customers. Welcome to buy.

  • The alfalfa bagging Press Press machine has the following characteristics:
    1. The Baler speed is fast and the material is discharged continuously. It only takes 1 minute for each bag to complete the bagging Press Press.
    2. Imported relays are used to control the circuit, which effectively prolongs the service life of the equipment.
    3. The equipment has added the longitude and weft lines to fix the box and never open welding.
    4. The hydraulic baler has moderate operation height, simple and convenient operation, and more convenient, suitable for Baler lighter items.
    5. After improved design and meticulous manufacturing by the R&D center, the scope of use of the hydraulic baler has been continuously expanded. Straw, plastic, pulp, powder, and paper scraps can all be packaged.
    Scope of application: compressed and packed garlic skin, alfalfa, pasture, wheat straw, crop stalks, crushed corn stalks, and peanut seedlings. Can be used as corn stalks, pasture silage yellow storage micro-storage hay bales, wheat straw, sawdust, chopped bark, fiber cotton, dander, scraps, garbage, peanut seedlings, various straw scraps, corn cobs (whole and broken ) Or other floating materials, etc., packaged and bundled, and automatically bagged and packed. This model has high bundling efficiency and high density. It can greatly reduce the storage area, improve the transportation capacity, and reduce the possibility of fire. It is an indispensable and optimal equipment for animal husbandry, papermaking, cattle and sheep breeding, forage distribution, and straw power generation.

    The NKB180 bagging Press Press machine produced by Nick Machinery is very suitable for Baler and compression of alfalfa. It adopts PLC control system, simple operation and precise control. You are welcome to visit our website for detailed parameter description www.nkbaler.net

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