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  • Measures to reduce or prevent hydraulic shock in the hydraulic system of the cola bottle Baler
    1. Slow down the reversing speed of the liquid flow. For the electro-hydraulic reversing valve, look at the flow rate of the control pilot valve (using a throttle valve or a one-way valve) to slow down the reversing speed of the spool valve. When selecting components, use a directional valve with a damper as much as possible. 
    2. Install an accumulator in front of the valve to reduce the distance of shock wave propagation, so that the hydraulic shock caused by the sudden closing of the control valve or the switching off can be buffered  
    3. Enlarging the pipeline diameter, shortening the pipeline length as much as possible or using rubber hoses can reduce hydraulic shock.
    Reasons: 1. The instantaneous flow velocity change in the pipeline  
    2. The sensitivity of hydraulic components is not high, and the action is lagging  
    3. The overflow valve cannot be opened in time so that the overshoot and pressure-limiting variable pump cannot reduce the flow in time when the pressure rises.

    Nick Machinery has been engaged in the research of cola bottle Balers for more than ten years, and has a professional R&D team and after-sales team. If you encounter any problems during use, please contact us www.nkbaler.net

  • The first time users are not very clear about the use of the baler, so they know little about using the baler. Here are some of the hydraulic baler control buttons on the panel, so that you can make better use of the packaging for packaging work, hydraulic baler All models of the manufacturer are hydraulically driven, and manual or PLC automatic control operation can be selected. Horizontal hydraulic baler installation does not require foot screws, and diesel engine can be used as power in places where there is no power supply.
    1. Power switch
    2. The power system indicator light, if the indicator light is on, it means that a power control switch is not turned off
    3. Conveyor belt switch
    4. Working mode selection switch button switch "packaging design" is changed to "continuous", the machine will bind continuously at regular intervals (adjustable); point to "automatic", roller conveys items without packaging; point to "manual operation" , You need to press 5 "Baling Machine" button switches to realize binding.
    5. The emergency stop switch button is not working for machine learning, if you need the machine to stop running immediately, just press the button, if you need to restart, press the arrow on the switch to turn an enterprise angle analysis to recover. Undisturbed.

    The above is a brief introduction of the baler control panel by Nick Machinery for you. For more details about the hydraulic baler, please visit www.nkbaler.net

  • Daily cleaning of equipment, maintenance and repair has always been a common problem of hydraulic baler products, no exception, correct and regular routine maintenance can extend the service life of hydraulic baler, reduce the failure rate, and win valuable production time for the enterprise , But the work often neglects the daily work, especially the following points:
    1. Cleaning of dust. The waste paper box baler is used to squeeze waste paper and similar products under normal conditions, and pack them with special packaging tapes to greatly reduce the volume, so as to reduce the transportation volume, save the freight, and increase the benefits for the enterprise. . The introduction of advanced technology and advanced technology of similar products at home and abroad. All models of waste paper baler manufacturers are hydraulically driven, and manual or PLC automatic control operation can be selected. The hydraulic baler is mainly suitable for waste recycling stations, suitable for recycling and packaging of waste paper, waste paper boxes, waste cardboard, corrugated paper, books, newspapers, etc., reducing transportation costs and reducing floor space. In the process of after-sales service for users, it can be found that a majority of users' semi-automatic hydraulic baler failures are caused by the failure to clean up the dust, which causes the equipment to fail to operate normally. It can be seen that the staff who cleans up the dust are concerned about the equipment How important.
    2. Connection and maintenance of transmission components. This work mainly refers to some parts that need to be lubricated. Maintaining good lubrication can make these parts work more smoothly, but in the process of use, workers often cannot take good care of the equipment, and equipment management personnel cannot maintain it in time. The end result is a high rate of equipment failure.
    3. The user lacks feelings. Although this work is not part of the maintenance work, it is an important factor that plays an intuitive role in the equipment. The love and care we often say lies not only in keeping it clean, but also in the user's operating standards. Many users often do not read the instructions when using the hydraulic baler, and think that the use is taken for granted. Unable to restore it.

    Here, Nick Machinery reminds you that doing the daily maintenance and repair of the waste carton Baler can extend the service life of the Baler and improve the working efficiency of the Baler.

  • With the continuous expansion of waste paper recycling scale, the horizontal waste paper baler in the waste paper baler is the mainstream equipment in the market. The baler with this structure has high efficiency, and the package shape after Baling Machine is uniform and beautiful. At the same time, the density of each package can reach 500 kilograms per cubic meter, which can ensure that there will be no loss of tons during the transportation process, thereby increasing the single transportation value of transportation and saving expenses. The horizontal waste paper baler produced by Nick today can achieve the following three aspects.
    1. Realize the scheduled function. The horizontal waste paper baler equipment designed by the designer can realize the predetermined function and efficiency under the specified working conditions and the specified life span, and can operate normally. Maximize the ratio of investment and income, create economic benefits for the Baling Machine station, and create environmental benefits for the society.
    2. Meet the reliability requirements. Reliability requirements refer to a certain probability that the horizontal waste paper baler can work normally within the specified use time and predetermined environmental conditions. After more than ten years of production development, the company has accumulated rich production experience and technical theories. The reliability of the waste paper baler is guaranteed, and the equipment failure rate is reduced to the lowest standard.
    3. Investment economy requirements, no matter what kind of investment. Skills to meet production needs and minimize investment are economic requirements. The semi-automatic horizontal waste paper baler can meet the daily waste paper baling volume of about 100 tons, which is much lower than the fully automatic waste paper baler. The investment cost is low, the production efficiency is high, the use process and the maintenance and repair are simple. It can enable customers to deal with faults very quickly during use and reduce downtime.

    NKBALER always takes quality as the main purpose of production to meet the different needs of customers and bring more benefits to the company and individuals.

  • The following functions must be paid attention to when selecting waste paper baler:
    1. The waste paper baler is easy to use: to evaluate the effectiveness of the waste paper baler, including high efficiency of the machine and equipment, repair rate, working time, maintenance and so on. Such a waste paper baler can carry out the amount of labor and make the production and manufacturing start again.
    2. Application field of waste paper baler: a wide variety of machinery and equipment. Generally, a waste paper baler can consider the manufacturing requirements of various packaging stations. However, fully considering the quantity and packaging of raw materials, equipment must be available. That can save project investment and get many benefits.
    The waste paper baler has good rigidity, flexibility and stability, beautiful appearance, convenient operation and maintenance, and low failure rate. It is widely used in various waste paper factories, waste paper recycling stations and other manufacturers. It is a good equipment for recycling and packaging straws, improving labor efficiency, reducing labor intensity, reducing floor space, and reducing transportation costs.

    NKBALER automatic waste paper baler has high automation, high efficiency and strong applicability. It is suitable for recycling and packaging of a variety of materials. Welcome new and old friends to visit and purchase.

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