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  • The forage baler is used to squeeze forage and similar products under normal conditions and pack them into a special packaging belt to greatly reduce the volume, so as to reduce the transportation volume, save the freight, and increase the benefits for the enterprise. It can also be applied to crushed wheat straw, rice straw, cotton stalk, straw, corn cob, wheat stalk, sorghum stalk, corn stalk, hemp stalk, rice husk, sawdust, wood chips, wood chips, bamboo chips, cotton seed husks, tobacco leaves, peanut shells , Leaves, branches and other crops.
    Product advantages of forage balers:
    1. All models are hydraulically driven, manual or PLC automatic control operation can be selected   
    2. There are different ways of discharging, such as turning over the bag, pushing the bag (side pushing and forward pushing), or manually taking the bag (Baling). No foot screws are required for installation. Diesel engines can be used for power in places without power.   
    3. The size of the compression chamber and the size of the block can be customized according to customer requirements  
    4. Material box/size can be customized. The box size can be customized, and the feeding port is enlarged, which is convenient for discharging.  
    5. Humanized handle switch, push the lever inward to automatically press down, and the lever to outside automatically lift up to prevent accidental injury.  
    6. High-pressure oil cylinder tubing/durable year-round use does not release pressure, imported sealing ring does not leak oil, durable.  
    7. The gear pump can operate normally after high temperature test, low temperature test, overload test and impact test.

    Nick Machinery Factory directly sells forage balers at reasonable prices, and there are customers all over the country for visits. The output, efficiency, quality and after-sales service of the forage balers have been widely praised. People from all walks of life are welcome to visit the factory for consultation.

  • The Aiye baler equipment is divided into a variety of models, which are designed to compress products of different weights. The wormwood baler is mainly designed for plants such as wormwood and wormwood. It is designed with a larger feed inlet and pressure. The package box is divided into a feeding box and a compression box. Make the packaging beautiful and dense. The transportation cost is greatly reduced. Reliable hydraulic system performance: Imported parts are used for key components such as hydraulic pumps, solenoid valves and hydraulic cylinder oil seals, which make the packaging pressure high, fast, durable, and low noise. The overall structure is compact and reasonable, safe and reliable in operation, and convenient in operation and maintenance. The product is divided into three grades: high, medium and low, users can choose according to the different needs of the unit. The model and structure can also be customized according to customer needs.
    Features of Aiye Baler:
    1. Hydraulic configuration: The hydraulic circuit system with fast and low noise of regenerated oil adopts the combination of imported and domestic high-quality components, which not only guarantees the quality but also reduces the cost, and the performance of the whole machine is stable.  
    2. The size of the compression chamber and the size of the bale can be customized according to customer requirements.  
    3. Electrical equipment configuration: PLC control is selected to make the circuit simple, the failure rate is low, and the inspection and troubleshooting are simple and fast. 
    4. No foot screws are required for installation, and it can be used only when it is filled with hydraulic oil and connected to the power supply.  
    5. There are ten grades of pressure from 10 tons to 400 tons for users to choose.  
    6. Easy installation, simple foundation construction, no need for foundation reinforcement.

    If you have a lot of wormwood, straw and other plants that need to be processed, please choose the wormwood baler of Nick Machinery, which is reasonable in structure, simple in operation, beautiful in packaging, and high in density. It is a good helper for your production.

  • Advantages of waste paper baler 
    1. Product details: Strictly grasping product quality is our attitude.   
    2.Hydraulic transmission: hydraulic transmission, compact structure, convenient removal, simple operation and easy maintenance.   
    3. Customizable specifications: You can customize the Baling specifications and dimensions according to your needs, and cooperate with transportation or storage to the greatest extent.   
    4. Improve work efficiency: improve labor efficiency, reduce labor intensity, and save manpower.   
    5. Convenient transportation: Convenient transportation, which can fully reduce transportation costs and increase transportation efficiency.
    6. Reasonable design, simple structure, good rigidity and stability, beautiful appearance.
    7. High strength, strong load-bearing performance, and strong impact resistance.  
    8. The product quality is excellent and the service life is long. 
    Working principle of waste paper baler machine: waste paper baler is an environmental protection equipment that uses hydraulic principle to compress waste paper and waste cardboard into blocks, which is conducive to waste paper storage, transportation and utilization. It is now widely used in the waste collection station industry and has played a huge role in the protection of the environment and resources. It is widely used in various types of straw balers, waste paper factories, old waste recycling companies and other units and enterprises. It is suitable for the packaging and recycling of old waste paper, plastic straw, etc. It is to improve labor efficiency, reduce labor intensity, save manpower, and reduce transportation costs. Good equipment. The waste paper baler is used to squeeze the knots of waste paper and similar products under normal conditions, and package them with special packaging belts to greatly reduce the volume, thereby reducing transportation volume, saving freight, and increasing benefits for enterprises.

    Nick Machinery is a manufacturer specializing in the production of waste paper balers, providing more than 140 types of balers with high quality and low price, simple operation, welcome to buy.

  • 1. After the equipment is installed, the grounding protection terminal in the electric control box must be connected to the grounding angle iron with a wire diameter of no less than 16 square millimeters (the grounding protection angle iron is installed by the customer). If the grounding protection is not connected, the equipment is prohibited from running. Check whether the grounding protection wire is well connected.
    2. Non-personnel are forbidden to open the electric control box for maintenance.
    3. It is forbidden for users to modify the electrical system wiring by themselves.
    4. Users are forbidden to adjust the system pressure by themselves.
    5. It is forbidden for users to replace the original accessories on the equipment by themselves.
    6. The key parts of the equipment must be protected from rain above the hydraulic system and the electrical system.
    7. It is forbidden to operate the equipment under the age of 18.
    8. It is forbidden to operate the equipment by untrained personnel.
    9. It is forbidden to tear up, smear, and safety warning signs on the equipment.
    10. Please use a stable power supply with sufficient capacity. When it is far away from the transformer, consider the voltage attenuation caused by the long transmission distance, and use a power cable with sufficient wire diameter.
    11. Fire extinguishers and other fire-fighting equipment should be placed near the equipment, and operators should master the use of fire extinguishers.
    12. If smoke or other abnormal conditions occur on site or equipment, use fire-fighting equipment in time and call the fire alarm number.
    13. When the equipment is running, children and irrelevant persons are forbidden to be near the equipment to avoid accidents.
    14. Please turn off the main power switch before overhauling. Remember: All live wiring will accidentally damage the equipment or endanger personal safety.

    Nick reminds you that you must follow strict operating instructions during the use of the product, which can not only protect the safety of the operator, but also reduce the loss of equipment and extend the service life of the equipment.

  • A briquetting machine has five basic structures:
    1. Pressing part
    2. Scrap part
    3. Electrical control part
    4. Pressure control part
    5. Power part
    Use matters
    1. Please confirm the power source used by the machine.
    2. Do not extend your hands into the material box or transmission parts or heating parts during operation.
    3. Wear a tip-proof mask and ear protection during operation.
    4. Do not wash the machine with water. When the workplace is wet, the operator should not work barefoot.
    5. When the machine is not in use, please cover the material box to prevent other things from falling in
    6. Remember to unplug the power when the machine is not in use.
    7. Do not change the parts on the machine at will.
    8. The main parts should be lubricated with oil frequently

    Nick Machinery’s foam briquetting machine has simple structure, convenient operation and maintenance, high work efficiency, and low failure rate. Welcome to buy. 86-29-86031588

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