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How many bales can a compactor produce?
Author : admin Time : 2021-12-22 AllPageView : 483
Coconut peat is a versatile growth medium made from coconut husks. They are usually shipped in bales or briquettes. Coconut chaff briquetting machine is specially designed for Baling Press such small and loose materials.
The horizontal weighing bagging machine has a built-in electronic scale, which is convenient for weighing before feeding and accurately controls the weight of the bale.
In addition, this bagging and Baling Press machine is also equipped with casters for easy movement of the machine. Compared with the weighing series bagging machine, the horizontal heavy-duty series bagging machine can produce larger and heavier bales.

In addition, the heavy-duty horizontal bagging machine with a hopper can also be matched with a conveyor to realize automatic and continuous feeding and improve production efficiency. But if the venue space is limited, the vertical bagging machine is the ideal choice. Compared with the horizontal machine, the vertical machine occupies a much smaller area.

The above three bagging machines compress the coconut chaff and put it into a plastic bag. If you make coconut chaff briquettes (without bagging), you can choose our coconut chaff briquetting machine.
This type of briquetting machine has compressive force, and the crushed material is compressed by the machine into a block-like object, which can be directly transported without bagging. According to the different needs of customers, there are a variety of models to choose from under each type of baler. Beller Machinery can help you choose a suitable waste recycling solution.
The bales packaged by the coconut chaff briquetting machine need to be bagged, and plastic bags or woven bags can be used for bagging. We also produce unbagging coconut chaff briquetting machine. The following unbagging briquetting machine requires less than 15% of the moisture content of the material.
The rigorous Nick Machinery will carry out strict inspections on every piece of equipment, Baling Press coconut chaff and rice husk, weighing 30-35KG per ton, the size of the block, length: 700mm, width 400mm, height 300mm.
The coconut chaff baler is equipped with a 22KW motor, and the main cylinder compression force is 63 tons. In addition, Nick Machinery adheres to the design concept of one-pack push, which solves the following major operational problems:
1. Feeding must be continuous to ensure that the hopper is full.
2. Complete lumps cannot be obtained. In the case of insufficient materials such as coconut bran, rice husk, etc., complete lumps cannot be produced.
3. The problem of different sizes and different weights of each bag.

Mainly used for Baling Press soft materials such as coconut chaff, bagged wood flowers, corn stalks, sawdust, rice husk and so on.

The operation is fully automatic operation (button operation): the conveyor automatically feeds, the baler automatically packs (by adjusting the counter in the electric control cabinet, the number of compressions of a block can be controlled, 1-5 times), and the bag is manually bagged out , Manual sealing. There is also a fully automatic line: Baling Press, bagging, sealing, and manipulator loading trays, saving labor and high efficiency.
The coconut chaff briquetting machine produced by Nick Machinery has one-key operation, compressing, unBaling Press and bagging continuously complete the whole process at one time, which improves the operation convenience and production efficiency. Welcome to our website: www.nkbaler.net
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