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  • Hydraulic station, also known as hydraulic pump station, is an independent hydraulic device. It supplies oil according to the gradual requirements. It also controls the direction, pressure and flow of the hydraulic oil flow, which is suitable for various hydraulic machinery where the main engine and the hydraulic device can be separated. After the user purchases, as long as the hydraulic station is connected to the actuator (cylinder or oil motor) on the host with an oil pipe, the hydraulic machine can realize various prescribed actions and working cycles.
    The hydraulic station is a combination of pump device, integrated block or valve combination, oil tank, and electrical box. The functions of each component are:
    Pump device-equipped with a motor and an oil pump, it is the power source of the hydraulic station, which converts the mechanical energy into the pressure energy of the hydraulic oil.
    Manifold-assembled by hydraulic valve and channel body. Adjust the direction, pressure and flow of hydraulic oil.
    Valve combination-The plate valve is installed on the vertical plate, and the pipe behind the plate is connected, which has the same function as the manifold.
    Oil tank-a plate-welded semi-closed container, which is also equipped with an oil filter, an air filter, etc., used for oil storage, oil cooling and filtration.
    Electrical box-divided into two types. One is a terminal board with external leads; the other is equipped with a full set of control appliances.

    The working principle of the hydraulic station: the motor drives the oil pump to rotate, and the pump sucks oil from the tank to supply oil, and converts mechanical energy into pressure energy of the hydraulic station. Connect the pipeline to the oil cylinder or oil motor of the hydraulic machinery to control the change of the direction of the hydraulic motor, the size of the force and the speed of the speed, and promote the work of various hydraulic machinery.

    NKBALER is an enterprise specializing in the production of hydraulic machinery and accessories, allowing you to buy one-stop, worry-free after-sales. Welcome to buy: www.nkbaler.net
  • 1. Manual waste paper baler
    As the name suggests, the work is done through a lot of manual labor.
    First of all, before the machine runs, employees need to check the machine (for example, whether the power supply is safe) to ensure that it can work normally.
    Secondly, when the machine is running, it is necessary to artificially place the material in the corresponding position, and place the Baler belt, the automatic Baler machine, and let the machine compress it. When doing this step, the staff must pay great attention to safety.
    The final product must be handled manually.
    Two, semi-automatic waste paper baler
    In layman's terms, it is the combination of manpower and machine.
    Use the staff to put the waste paper into the corresponding position, and then wait for the machine to work, 
    compress the waste paper into pieces, and transport it out, and finally transport it out manually.
    Three, automatic waste paper baler
    This kind of work is even simpler, only need to provide waste paper, metal baler, but no need to put the Baler bag, 

    turn on the machine switch, the machine will work on its own, very convenient and fast.

    Nick Machinery's waste cardboard baler has the characteristics of high work efficiency, low energy consumption,
    easy installation and operation, safe and reliable use, strong workplace adaptability, and reasonable price. Free consultation hotline: 86-29-86031588

  • 1. The vertical baler is ready to pack the wire, open the small doors on the left and right sides and the front and rear doors, spread the woven bags on the bottom row, 
    then close the door and the small door, and pull the small door support rods on both sides (except the hydraulic door opening operation) Pull the switch handle), hold the small door firmly;
    2. Feed the material into the box. The feeding should be uniform and flat, not high on one side and low on the other, otherwise it will cause the pressure and discharge piston rod to tilt and bend and deform;
    3. Operate (pull outward) to step on the handle after filling the material box to lower the upper pressure row. 
    When it drops to the yellow mark line, push the step on the handle to make the upper pressure row rise and stop when it reaches the yellow mark line;
    4. The vertical baler feeds the material into the box again-presses down-rises, and repeats this several times until the material reaches a certain weight, 
    push the handle inward to make the upper press bar rise to the yellow marking line and stop;
    5. Install the woven bag on the upper presser row, and then manipulate (pull out) the pressurizing handle to make the stepping on the bag and the pressurizing cylinder simultaneously press down the pressurizing cylinder at the same time, and stop when the pressure reaches the yellow mark line;
    6. Open the small door support rod (push the door handle in the hydraulic door), open the small door and the gate, and wrap the woven bag for threading and threading;

    7. The vertical Baler machine is operated (inwardly pushed) to press the handle, so that the pressing row rises to the yellow mark line to stop, and then push out the bag, which completes a Baler operation process.

    NKBALER adheres to the "people-oriented" corporate philosophy, has a team of employees, and strives to provide good products and services to the society.www.nkbaler.net
  • 1. The gantry type shearing machine adopts hydraulic transmission. Compared with the mechanical transmission type shearing machine, 
    it has the advantages of small size, light weight, low inertia, low noise, stable action, convenient and flexible operation, large cutting section, 
    and not soft scissors mouth. It is not hard, there is no shortage and no explosion when cutting, long service life,
     no gaps and thinners are good for cutting, convenient adjustment and other advantages, safe operation and use.
    2. The machine has manual and automatic operation, convenient and simple operation and control. 
    The cutting mouth can start cutting and stopping at any position in the working process, 
    and the size of the cutting mouth can be controlled arbitrarily according to the size of the material to be cut to achieve the best High-quality work efficiency.

    3. The equipment adopts a fast and fast type, which can keep fast cutting without increasing the power of the motor and the displacement of the oil pump.

    Nick Machinery NKQ43 series shears have 8 grades of shearing force ranging from 63 tons to 400 tons. 
    Shearing machines with blades above 700mm are especially suitable for cutting scrapped cars. www.nkbaler.net

  • With the improvement of our living standards, people are becoming more and more aware of environmental protection, then the waste paper baler has played a great role, and some waste paper can be reused, and it is becoming more and more accepted by everyone.
    Nick Machinery has been continuously producing waste paper balers, and has continuously introduced some foreign technologies to make the products have good rigidity and stability, beautiful appearance, convenient operation and maintenance, safety and energy saving, and low equipment basic engineering investment costs. Features;

    The waste paper baler can be widely used in various waste paper factories, old waste recycling companies and other units and enterprises. It is more suitable for the compression and packaging of various waste paper, soft and hard plastics and other materials, which improves the work of these industries. Work efficiency.

    Nick Machinery keeps abreast of market development trends, continuously improves technical capabilities, and enhances innovation capabilities to meet the needs of the ever-changing market, and strive to launch more Balers that meet social needs.www.nkbaler.net
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