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Operation matters of Monaco gantry shearing machine
Author : admin Time : 2022-07-01 AllPageView : 198
The gantry shears are very sharp, so you must be very careful when operating them. Never touch the blades of the gantry shears when the gantry shears are in operation.
The blades of the gantry shearing machine are sharp enough to cut materials, but the material that needs to be cut should not exceed the model of the gantry shear itself, otherwise the desired effect cannot be achieved, and if a large amount of materials need to be cut at one time, do not let the materials overlap If the material is too high, the thickness will be too large, and the gantry shearing machine will not be able to cut.
After using the gantry shearing machine, there will be a lot of scraps left in the cutting part. It should be cleaned regularly and regularly, but the power supply must be cut off when cleaning. Make sure to clean up when the gantry shearing machine is not in operation. Remember to clean up. There are protective measures.
After using the gantry shearing machine for a certain period of time, check the blades of the gantry shearing machine to see if there is any wear, and clean the operation airport in time to ensure the normal operation of the gantry shearing machine.

The gantry shearing machine must have a dedicated operator to control it during use, and do not start the gantry shearing machine when there is no professional operator or no one.

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