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  • With the development of the recycling industry, more and more people tend to open waste paper Baler stations to earn

    profits. Of course, the production of waste paper Baler stations is inseparable from the waste paper balers. The

    waste paper balers are selected. Only the benefit of the paper Baler station can go up.

    Many people say that they have consulted several manufacturers in the market, and the prices vary greatly. Why is this?

    1. Different manufacturing processes

    The manufacturing process of each manufacturer is different, and the cost and quality of production materials are very

    different, so the quotations are naturally different. This is the so-called "you get what you pay for."

    2. Regional price levels

    Each region has different price levels and different populations. Therefore, the input of labor and accessories is large,

    which makes the quotations different. For example, the price level in Henan Province is relatively low, and the

    concentration of manufacturers is highly competitive, so the quotations here are low.

    3. Is there any after-sales service

    When comparing prices, the cost-effectiveness of the equipment reflects its after-sales service. If there is no guarantee

    in the later period, then the immediate benefits will be lost due to small losses.

    The NICKBALER carton Baler uses hydraulic drive, which is easy to operate, stable and reliable, and easy to

    maintain. https://www.nkbaler.net

  • For waste paper recycling stations, large quantities of waste paper must be recycled every day, and waste paper needs to be transported regularly.
    Using a waste paper baler to pack a large amount of waste paper, and then transport it, not only can reduce the number of transportation, but also increase the transportation volume and save transportation costs.
    NICKBALER introduces here in detail the application scope and precautions of the one-way valve, an important hydraulic component of the automatic waste paper baler.
    1. Applicable environment
    In the hydraulic system of the automatic waste paper baler, the one-way valve is widely used, and is often used at the outlet of the hydraulic pump to prevent the hydraulic oil from flowing back; it is used to isolate the connection between the oil circuits to prevent the oil circuits from interfering with each other; Used as a back pressure valve; used as a bypass valve.
    2. Precautions for selection and use:
    When selecting a one-way valve, in addition to selecting the opening pressure reasonably according to your needs, you should also pay attention to the operation. When the flow through the one-way valve is much smaller than the rated flow, the one-way valve sometimes vibrates. The smaller the flow, the greater the opening pressure. High, the more gas in the oil, the easier it is to produce vibration.

    Recognize the direction of the inlet and outlet when assembling, and do not install it wrong to prevent it from affecting the normal operation of the operating system. It is mainly the outlet of the pump to assemble the check valve. If the inlet and outlet of the check valve are installed reversely, the hydraulic pressure may be damaged. Pump or burn out motor.

    The NICKBALER waste paper baler has reliable performance, convenient operation and simple maintenance. Diesel engines can be used for power where there is no power supply. www.nkbaler.net
  • The carton Baler has developed rapidly in the mechanical packaging market in recent years. It has changed the traditional method of Baler, transporting and storing waste paper boxes, reducing the complicated manual work and improving production efficiency.
    The carton Baler has good operability and reliability, the production line has a unique design, the actual operation and maintenance are convenient, the safety is environmentally friendly and energy-saving, there is no noise, the equipment basic engineering projects are simple, and the engineering cost is low.

    The carton Baler is widely used in various waste paper factories, waste recycling companies and other enterprises. It is suitable for compressing and packaging waste paper, plastic straw, etc., reducing human resources and reducing transportation costs.

    The NICKBALER carton Baler has the characteristics of small footprint, simple operation, high work efficiency, mobile use, and compact bundling effect. www.nkbaler.net
  • The NICKBALER can Baler has reliability and stability, is widely used, stylish in appearance, and exquisite in

    workmanship. It can be equipped with anti-rebound barbs, with a stable switch and an open and stable interlocking


    Advantages of hydraulic can Baler:

    1. The hydraulic oil circuit power system is adopted to improve the Baler efficiency. It has the characteristics of fast

    Baler speed, high efficiency, energy saving and electricity saving, and stable performance.     

    2. A variety of cooling systems are available for users to choose (water cooling system, air cooling system and

    industrial air-conditioning cooling system).    

    3. Fast wire binding device, low failure rate and easy maintenance.    

    4. Adopting the principle of mechanics, 3 sets of tight-Baler oil cylinders make the compressed material more tightly

    compressed, and the packed bag has a more regular shape and a greater density.  

    The NICKBALER can Baler has the characteristics of beautiful bag shape, easy installation, simple operation,

    convenient maintenance, and small floor space. www.nkbaler.net

  • Semi-automatic waste paper baler is suitable for Baler and compressing waste materials, waste paper, plastic and other loose materials. It is fast and simple. It is a good equipment to improve labor efficiency, reduce labor intensity, save manpower, and reduce transportation costs.
    Advantages of semi-automatic waste paper baler:
    1. The copper wire has low resistivity, good thermal and electrical conductivity, and prolongs the service life of the motor.
    2. The copper wire is just oxidized, has strong corrosion resistance and stable performance, which can reduce the accident rate caused by harsh environment or overload use.
    3. Horizontal structure, feeding by conveyor belt, saving time, effort and convenience.

    The semi-automatic waste paper baler is beautiful in appearance and convenient in operation and maintenance. It is widely used in various waste paper factories, old waste recycling companies and other units and enterprises.

    The NICKBALER semi-automatic waste paper baler has leading equipment, reasonable planning, small space, and conforms to the concept of environmental protection. www.nkbaler.net
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